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Jan. 26, 2015 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: 2014 awards issue w/ results & Dave’s commentary, Conor McGregor, and much more

One of the most anticipated issues of the year is here!

Dec. 1, 1997 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: World War III coverage, November to Remember preview, bait and switch on Raw, Stanley Blackburn passes away, and more

For a company with more talent depth than perhaps any wrestling company in history, there is really no excuse to present a line-up that appeared going in to be so weak on paper as WCW did for World War III on 11/23.

Jan 23 Figure Four Weekly: The homogeneity of WWE, NJPW World’s improbable lack of success, studio wrestling history, and more

How responsible is the WWE in-ring style for making their shows such a drag lately? Plus a look at why NJPW World is doing below expectations and a brief historical essay on the origins of studio wrestling.