Cody Runnels "To Do" list

Cody Runnels returns!

Cody Runnels seemingly announces his return date...

John Cena

Daily Update: Cena shirt cancelled, UFC FN 88, Omega vs. Elgin

A preview of UFC Fight Night 88, news on John Cena's beer related shirt, and a look at Omega vs. Elgin...

Why Seth Rollins staying heel is the right call for WWE

In the span of two nights, Seth Rollins went from returning hero to little brat to the chagrin of many. But why was keeping Rollins heel the right call?

F4W / Wrestling Observer annual VEGAS convention information

All the details of this year's annual convention...

latest newsletters
BACK ISSUE: April 19, 1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Davey Boy Smith hospitalized with spinal infection, WCW Spring Stampede

Davey Boy Smith in the ICU with a spinal infection, full review of WCW Spring Stampede.

Observer plug

WON Preview: May 30, 2016 Return of Seth Rollins and the WWE brand split, plus tons of news

Huge news this week as WWE announces Smackdown is moving live, plus a brand split...