WWE Night of Champions live coverage from Philadelphia - new tag champ partner

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Welcome to our live coverage of WWE's Night of Champions from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Chris Jericho &  Big Show (new tag team champions) vs. Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes for the tag team title 

They were pushing Edge vs. Jericho, showing an Edge taped promo saying he'd come back to face Jericho and Jericho responded back. 

This match had almost no heat.  Jericho & Show worked as the faces but not overtly so as they were just doing it for psychological reasons to get the crowd with them, but not to be faces.  As for the match, it was like a continuation of last week's TNA PPV.  It just didn't work and nobody looked good.  Finish saw Jericho use a codebreaker behind the refs back on DiBiase and Show pinned DiBiase.

C.M. Punk did a backstage interview asking people if after all the facts are in, are they still going to cheer Jeff Hardy?  Punk then came out the entrance way and did the promo in front of fans, and asked for al the fans of Hardy to stand up and make some noise.  They found people with merch and Hardy face paint.  Punk said he doesn't blame anyone for supporting Hardy, but does blame their parents, or he should say, "parent," because they have to be single parent situations.  He blamed the parents for not having any discipline with their children and being enablers.  This isn't getting as much heat as you'd think, although there are chants for Hardy.  How can you enable your children to look up to Hardy.  Anyone under 17 who roots for Hardy are okay, but the problem is parents who aren't sitting down their children and teaching them the proper way to live.  It starts with wearing a Hardy shirt, then smoking, drinking beer, Jack Daniels (the gateway drug for marijuana) and he's the one telling the truth.  Then comes the old fashioned street drugs, then going through mom's purse because they're addicted to prescription medication.  He told all parents to talk to their children.  Tell them to "Just Say No."  "Yes to the future of a straight edge drug-free America."  Punk was very good on the promo, didn't get nearly the heat you'd think the promo would, and even got some cheers.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian for ECW title

Both worked as faces.  Crowd was dead here for the most part, aside from an ECW chant early.  They worked a solid match, but because they were just doing moves without crowd reactions and not changing the pace, it felt like choreographed spots.  A ton of reversals, ending whe Christian winning clean with killswitch.  The two hugged after the match.

Jericho & Show promo.  Show said they aren't friends.  Jericho said choosing him was his best business decision.  He said they would be a better tag team then the Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs and Road Warriors.  Show said they'd be the greatest tag team champions in history.  Jericho then thanked Edge for making all this possible.

U.S. title match is next, first pinfalls wins, Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger vs. MVP vs. Carlito Colon vs. The Miz (got the best reaction) vs. Primo (replacing Show) 

Good match.  They even got the crowd into it with isolation spots and fast action.  Carlito started working with Primo, making up with him.  When everyone was down and Carlito was working with Primo, Carlito double-crossed his brother using the back stabber.  However, Kingston made the save and pinned Carlito with the Trouble in Paradise to retain the title.

Michelle McCool vs. Melina for the women's title.

Melina used a Thesz press off the middle rope, but McCool reversed it with a folding press.  These two went out to do a wrestling match.  From a wrestling standpoint, well above what you'd expect from a women's match, and second best match so far this show.  Crowd didn't seem to really be into it, though.

Randy Orton vs. HHH vs. John Cena is next.  Normally that means Orton will go over because a new babyface champion usually ends the show.  But today, all bets are off.  It could be they expect Cena to be a heel since it's Philadelphia.  But this isn't that Philadelphia crowd at all.  Cena got heavily cheered.

During the match, the crowd changed and started turning on Cena, even once when there was a slugfest with Orton the crowd was completely with Orton.  Clever finish as far as building up a rematch.  HHH had Orton in the sharpshooter and then Cena put Orton in the STF.  Orton was tapping and the ref went to ring the bell, but didn't ring it because he didn't know who would win in this situation.  DiBiase and Rhodes came out to attack Cena and HHH.  Because there is no DQ in a three-way, the match continued.  Cena had Rhodes up for the Attitude Adjustment but then Orton used the RKO on Cena and got the pin, so Orton retained.  I wonder how they'll come back from this, because Orton vs. HHH at SummerSlam doesn't sound that enticing.  Good finish.  Not a great match, but a good title match. 

Maryse vs. Mickie James for the Divas title is next.   Miz was hitting on Maryse.  She blew him off because he didn't win the U.S. title match.  Miz shot back and said he's the Miz and can get any girl he want.  Miz said she's nothing but a tease and she's going to lose the title, said she always butchers the English language and will come begging at him and he'll have moved.  If this was TNA, it would guarantee Miz is helping Maryse keep the title.  

James won the title with a DDT.  The match killed the crowd.  Maryse, as talented as she is, can't wrestle and shouldn't be out there for much time.  They went too long, the match fell apart, and the last few minutes were painful to watch as you could tell James lost patience with Maryse when she was off on everything.

Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler for the IC title.  Maria came out with Ziggler 

Clean win by Mysterio with an enzuigiri,  619 and springboard splash.  They were put in a bad position on the show, since it wasn't a major match and followed such a bad match.  Plus, Ziggler has no credibility with the audience.  I can't say Ziggler made a statement with his performance in the biggest singles match of his career, but he did okay. 

C.M. Punk vs. Jeff Hardy for the world title headlines the show

They are way late right now.  I can't believe they are wasting time showing the prematch video.  A case of mistaken priorities

Jeff won the title with a twist of fate and swanton.  I guess this makes it a lock that he's staying through SummerSlam.  Good match, nothing out of the ordinary .  Crowd got into this when Hardy kicked out of a GTS in the middle.  Big crowd pop for the title change.  Shorter than most main events but it didn't fell rushed at all.

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