WWE Superstars TV report

by Ontonio Payne. modpayne on the board~! and twitter.com/opayne

Matches taped from Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland.

We've got some awesome matches this week, on paper and in the ring, so lets get to it.

John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd w/ The Hart Dynasty.

Jim Ross and Todd Grisham rundown Morrison vs. Hardy for Friday Night Smackdown. Todd Grisham says that his sources told him that Tyson Kidd spends an hour on his hair. Jim Ross says that him and his "sources" should find a better use of their time. Morrison and Kidd  start with a collar and elbow and some nice matt work from both. After some stalling from Kidd, Morrison gets a one count off a crucifix. Kidd gets the advantage off a kick to the gut after a knuckle lock. Off the ropes and Morrison comes back with leap frog and flapjack. Morrison knips up and hits a nice break dancing leg drop for a one count. Kidd to the apron and he counters a shoulder block with a knee lift. Kidd hits a innovative neck breaker from inside to the apron on Morrison. Morrison gets in after a the refs count reaches six. Kidd gets a two count. Kidd holds a headlock. Backup and Morrison counters a Kidd clothesline off the ropes with a crucifix and that gets a two count. Kidd throws Morrison out the ring and distracts the referee. DH Smith ambuses Morrison as we go to break.

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American Gladiators after Superstars~!

Back with Kidd holding a chinlock. Morrison reverses with a Saito suplex. Morrison with punches and a capoeira kick, clothesline, dropkick and a flying leg lariat for a two count. Back and forth action and then Morrison clotheslines over the top. Morrison goes to the top rope, and the Hart Dynasty stands in front of Kidd. The referee ejects the Hart Dynasty and they are irate. Morrison hits Kidd with a corkscrew plancha. Back in the ring and Morrison gets a two count. Morrison goes for the Moonlight Drive, but Kidd counters with an enzuigiri that gets a two count. Kidd works over Morrison's neck in the corner. Kidd whips Morrison into the corner. Morrison leapfrogs over the charging Kidd and they fight over a reverse rollup, Kidd misses the ropes and Morrison counters for a two count. Kidd with a reverse crescent kick and a low dropkick for a two count. Morrison reverses a whip. Kidd hooks the ropes and dropkicks Morrison and does a reverse skin the cat to the apron. Kidd with a shoulder block and sunset flip from the outside in. Morrison rolled through the sunset flip and hits Kidd with a running knee. Morrison then hits the Starship Pain for the three count. Your winner is John Morrison in roughly 12 minutes. *** 1/2. A really good match.

Ross and Grisham kick it to Ask a Diva. The question is "Is it OK to steal a Boyfriend?"
Katie Lea Burchill says they are fair game if they are not fully entertained. The Bella Twins and Maria are not down with that. Next question was what did the divas do on their days off? Natalya likes to go with the flow and have no schedule and Maria goes to couch island. Eve Torres and McCool workout on the beach and do nothing. These segments are crap.

Superstars Christian Promo. Expect everything!

Night of Champions replay promo.

William Regal vs. Yoshitatsu.

Matthews and Striker go over Regal and Yoshitatsu's last match saying Regal is looking for revenge. Indeed. Yamamoto's work name is clumsy so I will refer to him as Yoshi in this report. Knuckle lock take down from Regal. Roll through and key lock from Yoshi. Yoshi with some nice matt work. Yoshi into the corner and he kicks a charging Regal. Regal reverses a clothesline with a exploder. Yoshi goes to the outside. Regal with drop Yoshi with a firemans carry drop onto the apron. Regal back in and Yoshi gets in at a seven count. Regal working over Yoshi with kicks, punches, a European uppercut and back elbow. Regal holds a modified cross face chicken wing on Yoshi. Yoshi gets up and kicks Regal in the thigh and side. Regal cuts him off with a double under suplex for a two count. Regal working over Yoshi. Yoshi fights up with chops, kicks and a spin wheel kick. Yoshi kicks Regal in the back. Yoshi with chops in the corner, Regal pushes him off and delivers a forearm to the head. Regal whips Yoshi into the corner. Yoshi attempts a head scissor, but Regal drops him face first to the mat. Regal comes off the ropes with a knee trember for the win in 4 minutes. Your winner is William Regal. ** 3/4. Fun match.

Primo vs. Orton. TONIGHT. Orton's first appearance on Superstars. The third appearance of good wrestling in ring? Yes!

The gamut of replays/commercials gives us.

12 round commercial. I think I've seen so many commercials I should give it a look.

WWE DYK: more people watched Superstars than any program on SyFy, Discovery, E!, CMT, VH1 or ESPN.

MVP promo video. This video got him over way better than his recent push.

Raw Rebound. Shaquille O'neal as guest host. They show Sportscenter clips, none of the negative ones.

Orton interview with Josh Matthews. Orton says congrats to Cena for beating the clock, but at Summer Slam he is going to beat Cena. Again I say?

Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison on Friday Night Smackdown. More good non-PPV wrestling, shouldn't I be paying for this?

Randy Orton vs. Primo Colon.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler promote Orton vs. Cena for Summer Slam to begin, and do that through out the match. Orton out first as we go get a 7-11 spot as Orton awaits Primo. Primo enteres to little fanfare. They start with a collar and elbow and Orton gets a headlock. Primo whips Orton off and Orton delivers a hard shoulder block. Orton gets another shoulder block and poses. Deep arm drag from Primo. Headlock from Primo, head scissor counter from Orton. Primo kips up and delivers two arm drags to Orton. Orton stalls on the outside. Back in and Orton gets the advantage. Primo with a takedown and ground and pound. Two dropkicks delivered by Primo and a third is missed hard and Primo rolls outside as we go to break.

Summer Slaim commercial airs. I'm liking this spot.

Orton has the pattented chinlock on. Primo fights up and is cut off with a forearm. Orton with kicks and a choke in the ropes. Orton with kicks to the midsection and head for a two count. Orton sizes up Primo and drops a knee for a two count. Orton rakes Primo with his shoe laces and kicks Primo to the head. Orton with a punishing knee drop to the neck for a two count. Orton grabs another reverse chinlock~! Orton yells he's mine, as Michael Cole ponders is Orton speaking of Cena. Boo. Primo fights to his feet and counters a clothesline with a side russian leg sweep. Orton delivers a boot. Whip and back elbow by Primo. Clothesline, cartwheel and drop kick by Primo. Orton reverses a whip, Primo with a boot and a missle drop kick for a two count. Primo misses a spring board cross body. Orton coils up and delivered the RKO and gets the three count. Your winner is Randy Orton in nearly 10 minutes. ***

Randy Orton poses with the belt as we go to black.

But Dolph Ziggler Superstars commercial airs. His finish should be called the "Ziggy Ziggler," I coined it that a few weeks back. Check the archives.

In closing: Another good all wrestling show, though I still haven't check out Night of Champions yet, I'm pretty sure these matches would of helped that card. See you next week.

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