TNA Hard Justice PPV match-by-match live report

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We're opening with the Escape the cage match to become No. 1 contender for the X title

Suicide vs. Daniels vs. Consequences Creed vs. Amazing Red vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Pope D'Angelo Dinero (Elijah Burke)

Ridiculous among of great moves.  Crowd loved this match.  Great debut by Dinero.  Pretty much everyone looked great in a match filled with "This is Awesome" chant.  The story was that Dinero was on the top of the cage and ready to win, but came back down to attack Suicide, so that looks like a new program.  Daniels, who had been hanging upside off the side of the cage by his legs, was able to recover and climb through the hole at the top and win.  If another match tops this, then this will be a very good PPV.

Daniels did a promo saying that at No Surrender he's facing the winner of the Samoa Joe vs. Homicide match.  Daniels said he won the match for A.J. Styles.  Daniels also said that he hopes Joe wins but either won is okay.

Abyss vs. Jethro Holliday

Abyss ducked a shot with Brass Knux and won with the black hole slam

Kurt Angle did a promo.  They aren't acknowledging his arrest.  He vowed that Matt Morgan would help him win the match and join the Mafia. 

Rob Terry vs. Hernandez for the briefcase which means the winner gets a title shot.  So we could have Kurt Angle vs. Rob Terry  

Nine second match.  Hernandez threw Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams out of the ring, gave Terry a shoulderblock and pinned him.  Hernandez then left with the briefcase.  Nine seconds was just about the right length of this match. 

Magnus & Doug Williams vs. Beer Money for the IWGP tag team titles 

Crowd was into the match.  Eric Young was at ringside doing commentary.  They set up the DWI on Williams, but Young threw one of the belts into the ring.  Storm was distracted, and then Magnus gave Roode a low blow and Williams pinned Roode with an inside cradle.  Beer Money cleaned house on the Invasion after the match.  Short match but good.

Cody Deaner did a funny interview saying that every day he has to deal with sexual harassment from cougars wanting him. 

Angelina Love & Velvet Sky vs. ODB & Cody Deaner with the Knockouts title at stake 

Comedy match with Deaner mostly spanking Sky and kissing all three members of the Beautiful People.  ODB and Love were tied up.  Madison Rayne went to spray hair spray in Deaner's eyes but he ducked and it went into Sky's eyes.  Deaner schoolgirled Sky while spanking her for the three count.  At first they announced ODB was the new Knockouts champion, but Deaner said he wanted the belt for himself and ran off, with ODB chasing him and mad.  They teased a split up of the Beautiful People when Sky blamed Rayne for losing the belt for Love.  Wrestling ranged from so-so to putrid, but it was more spanking spots.   

Homicide vs. Samoa Joe for the X title

Joe won clean with a choke out of nowhere.  Good wrestling but the match was shorter than you'd think so it wasn't as good as it could have been with these two.  They are pushing the idea of the Mafia getting all the tiles, talking about Traci Brooks winning the Knockouts title.  Well, she's got to get through the Deaner to pull that off.

Kurt came into Matt Morgan's locker room.  Angle apologized for some of the things he said.  Angle said he can't change the past but he can change the future.  He offered Morgan a Mafia contract if the two of them work together.  He said if either wins, the Mafia wins.  They agreed to work together to beat Sting and shook hands.  I think that's carny for they are breaking up during the match.

Booker T & Scott Steiner vs. Team 3-D for TNA tag titles

They've added new stips, it's no DQ, falls count anywhere and two referees. 

Match had a ton of heat. This was an easy crowd because the crowd was chanting "This is awesome" while Scott Steiner was doing those weak stationary clotheslines.  Most of the match was outside.  Lots of brawling.  Booker put Bubba through the table.  Finish saw Booker missing an ax kick on Devon and they gave Booker a 3-D.  At the same time, Steiner schoolboyed Bubba.  Earl Hebner otuside the ring counted Bubba's shoulders down while Slick Johnson counted Booker's shoulders down.  The two then said they needed to watch the replay.  After watching the replay both refs ruled that Bubba was pinned a split second before Booker so Booker & Steiner kept the title. 

Mick Foley promo saying it's not about how many zero's you make but how many fans who excite.

Mick Foley vs. Kevin Nash for the Legends title  

Nash regained the title with help from Traci Brooks so this is another of those Mafia winning all the key matches show.  This was a slow moving kind of sad match particularly since these two did everything they could to get the match over.  Crowd wasn't that hot for them for most of it even with tons of blood until the end.  Foley bled first as he came off the apron with an elbow but Nash put up a chair.  Foley came back to a weak pop and slammed Nash's head on the steps.  Nash bled heavy.  They teased ref Andrew Thomas was going to stop it but he got bumped.  Foley brought a barbed wire bat from under the ring.  Brooks came out.  Brooks and Foley collided and Brooks fell off the apron and Nash then pinned Foley.  After the match, Nash hit Foley once with the barbed wire bat.  He went for a second shot with the bat when Abyss came out with his own barbed wire bat.  Crowd popped pretty big for Abyss coming out with the bat.  They teased the idea of a Foley & Abyss team, which theoretically should help Abyss.

Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. Matt Morgan for the TNA title

Pretty much how you'd figure it.  This wasn't anywhere close to a main event caliber match.  After Angle double-crossed Morgan, Morgan hip tossed him on the floor.  Angle was selling big.  They acted like he was hurt.  When Sting used the scorpion death drop on Morgan in the ring, Earl Hebner was out of the ring with Angle and by the time he got pin, Morgan kicked out.  Morgan used the carbon footprint on Sting and went for the pin, but Hebner got in late.  Angle then "recovered" and pulled Hebner out of the ring.  Angle, now recovered from his "injury" went for a chair shot on Sting, who moved and Angle hit Morgan instead and pinned him.

As a match story, it was good.  Shorter than most main events and nowhere close to the level you expect from a PPV main event.

I can't imagine many promotions in history not taking the title from Angle given the situation over the weekend.  He'd be suspended for sure from WWE, and very possibly fired.  In TNA, he's world champion.  Unfortunately this attitude doesn't guarantee, but does increase the odds of something bad on TNA's watch because of ignoring even the most blatant warning signs.



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