Chikara Pro results 9-12 West Springfield, MA

CHIKARA Pro Wrestling - "Man Makes Plans and God Laughs"
Sat. September 12, 2009
The Elks Lodge - West Springfield, MA
Estimated Attendance - 150
Ring Announcer - Louden Noxious of Kaiju Big Battel fame.
1. Frightmare b. Brendan Michael Thomas in 3:14 with a standing moonsault into a double knee drop.
2. Badd Boyz ( Chad & Brad) b. Fire Ant and Green Ant in 6:12. Finish saw the Badd Boyz use Demolition's old finisher to pin Green Ant.  
3. Steve "The Turtle" Weiner b. Grizzly Redwood via DQ in 1:51 after Redwood kicked the Turtle low. DUD.
4. Dasher Hatfield b. Colin Delaney in 10:24 with the Emerald Frosien off the middle rope. Hatfield does a baseball gimmick where he throws punches like a pitcher and does a sliding kick like he's stealing home plate. After the match, fans were slapping Hatfield on his ass just like they do in baseball. Funny Stuff.
5. Ultramantis Black & Delirious b. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) in 9:40 when Black pinned Player Uno with a sick sit out Jay Driller. Lots of spectacular high flying moves and innovative double teaming offence from the Super Smash Bros. SSB were over with the crowd.
6. Tim Donst b. Hydra in 16 seconds with a choke out submission. Before the match started, Donst attacked Hydra laying him out before tossing him in the ring and submitting him.
7. Stigma & Vin Gerard & Daizee Haze b. Mike Quackenbush & Lince Dorado & Equinox in 11:57 when Gerard submitted Equinox with the ankle lock. Before the match started, there was a random drawing to determine who the rudos would be teaming with. The first name picked was Angelina Love which got zero reaction from the audience. Love could not make the show for obvious reasons. The next name picked was "The Duke of Dorchester" Pete Doherty which got a huge reaction from the crowd but unfortunately the Duke couldn't be here tonight. So Daizee Haze got the nod. Entertaining match which saw lots of high flying including Quack executing a top rope superplex, bad back and all. At one point, Haze gave Quack a low blow. Later on, Quack slapped Daizee across the face as a receipt which got a huge pop from the crowd.
8. Icarus & Chuck Taylor b. Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) in 15:01 when Icarus pinned Ophidian after a running power slam into the turnbuckles. Gran Akuma was supposed to team with Icarus but couldn't wrestle due to an injury. Good match.
9. Claudio Castagnoli b. Hallowicked in 18:45 with the same finish from Wrestlemania X where Owen pinned Bret off the rolling cradle. Match of the night. I'd go ***1/2 to ***3/4. Reminiscent of a technical mat based match that you would see at Arena Mexico. Highlights included CC performing the Atlantis spinning torture rack while placing his hands on his hips. First time I'd seen that move done like that. Very Impressive.
Notes: I got a chance to meet Tom Burke, Board Member of the Cauliflower Alley Club who used to write for Ring Wrestling Magazine back in the 70's. He was talking about the upcoming Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions for the Amsterdam, NY HOF which are May 21-22, 2010. No names have been announced yet but he was telling me that everyone should check out the website at
Chris "Hick Dogg" Hickey

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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