June 14 Bryan & Vinny Show: Granny returns to pick a contest where you can win Bryan Danielson vs. The World two-disc set, plus full Impact review with some great matches and two burials, more

The Bryan & Vinny Show returns tonight with our weekend episode and it's something to hear including a pretty amazing Granny segment as we attempt, fruitfully and then in a fruit-bearing manner, to come up with a contest for next week, where you can win a Bryan Danielson vs. The World DVD. Also, a full review of Impact from Thursday night which had some great wrestling on it and also two big burials. A fun show as always so check it out~!

What do you consider the main event for Sunday's WWE PPV?


Who is the biggest star of these people right now?


Who will be the next UFC champion to lose their title?


Will McGregor vs. Aldo top 800,000 buys?