Early notes from Dragon Gate in Philadelphia - 2 match of the year candidates already

Quick recap so far.

6 man opener was fantastic. Gran akuma gets the pin over gargano with the moonsault. Excellent.

Bb hulk over kendrick with a rollup. Ehh...little long for my taste. Nobody really worked the crowd.

After the match kendrick rips fans telling them they're lazy, he wrestles for himself because he's an artist. Fans do the austin"what" response. .....
Goes off about social security, paying high taxes...WTF? This dude is nuts.  Wrestlers and officials try to get him to leave. Kendrick stays...he is an artist! Moxley takes the mic, encourages BK and mox and BK clear the ring of babyfaces trying to get kendrick to leave.
This did not go over with the crowd and everyone basically thought it was horrible...I agree
Cima pins rivera witha nice funky pin. Rivera really slowed down the match. Fans loved crazy, quack was decent. Hate to say it but I think rivera slowed down the match.
After the match quack and cima shove eachother around arguing about the title.
Opener 6 way best match so far.

Yamato over richards in an amazing match. Wow 20 minute plus. Best match on the card.
Maybe best match out of the 2 and a half usa shows.
Announced jigsaw eddie k after intermission....which starts now!

Jigsaw pins eddie k. Top rop foot stomp. Nice match to come back from intermissiona. Eddie has a huuuge gut....

Shingo Takagi & Dragon Kid lose to Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi ....I thought richards match was best in company history...u might have match of the year in this one. Incredible

Bucks come out challenge  . Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi...anytime anyplace.
Match of the year candidate. Amazing

Main event next bb hulk vs gran akuma vs cima vs yamato. No time limit for the title.

Yamato rolls up cima....cima is out

Akuma gone bb pins. Down to bb hulk vs yamato for the title
Bb hulk gets the pin and is your new dragon gate champ. Solid main, but nothing will beat that tag match.
Richards comes out heel turns attacks bb with yamato d kid comes in to save. Bb dkid gauk at eachother setting up title defense. Crowd technos out to bbs song. That's all from philly! Great show. 2 moty candidates with richards yamato and the tag.

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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