Jan 19 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Te'o, Armstrong, Rock/Punk, TNA Wedding, Your Questions, more~!

The weekend is here which means Les Thatcher & Victor Sosa bring Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly to the Empire airwaves!  Our two cents on the Manti Te'o story as well as Lance Armstrong before we get to the rasslin' stuff.  We'll talk week 2 of Rock/Punk, Miz as the new Flair and who might have been better served with that angle, the wedding of Mizz Brooke and Mr. Bully Ray, answer your questions from the board and talk some NFL playoff football~!


What do you consider the main event for Sunday's WWE PPV?


Who is the biggest star of these people right now?


Who will be the next UFC champion to lose their title?


Will McGregor vs. Aldo top 800,000 buys?