June 21 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly w/WWE Hall of Famer Gerry Brisco~!

You read it right.  Les and Vic are honored to chat with the great Gerry Brisco, who was kind enough to give us some time today to talk about the Mid Atlantic Legends Fanfest in Charlotte from August 1st-4th.  If you're an indy or aspiring wrestler who wants to make it to WWE, this is a must listen.  Gerry Brisco talks about what he's looking for on his scouting trips, at indy shows and what he wants to see from you when you send him DVD's of your matches~!  You'll also find out what he expects at the training camp that will take place at the Fanfest, a story about traveling the roads with Les and what made his days in the Mid Atlantic territory so special to him.  This is a rare opportunity to hear from someone responsible for scouting talent for WWE, and it's also great advice.  Once Gerry goes back to work, Les and Vic talk the week that was in WWE and a little Race for the Ring~!


What do you consider the main event for Sunday's WWE PPV?


Who is the biggest star of these people right now?


Who will be the next UFC champion to lose their title?


Will McGregor vs. Aldo top 800,000 buys?