Debut of Evolve promotion notes 1-16 Rahway, NJ

By Anthony Morone



Ringside looked to sell out, and the bleachers were 80-85% full. I'm a bad attendance guess, but my friend guessed around 350. Commentary is by Lenny Leonard and Leeonard Chikarason. Both wrestlers or teams facing off come out one after the other to the same generic music as their opponent. There were three or four different songs that played throughout the night.
O'Reilly over Fish in about 6 minutes. Stiff as fuck. A lot like the DGUSA preshow match with O'Reilly and Cole, but more even.

Lenny Leonard is doing post-match interviews, like MMA. O'Reilly puts over Fish, but Davey Richards (his mentor) comes out and tells him it's just the beginning.

Chuck Taylor over Cheech in about 6 minutes with the Omega Driver. Match was okay. Taylor cuts a promo about Ricochet and and others getting in without needing a qualifier, and complains that he needed to win one.
Ricochet over Arik Cannon with a 630 in about 4 minutes. Really good while it lasted.

Chucky T comes out to talk trash. Says he's from below the mason dixon where they don't believe in evolution. Challenges Ricochet for the return date.

Dark City Fight Club over Aeroform with a Combo Cutter/Powerbomb in about 7 min. Tags not necessary, looks like texas tornado rules for the tag division. Match was good, but what you would expect.

Mercedes over someone named Nadia in about 2 minutes with a fisherman's buster. They acted like Nadia got hurt and Mercedes cut a short promo about needing real competition.

Brad Allen over Silas Young in 11 with an F5. Match was only okay. Big spot on the outside when Allen went for a moonsault off the top to the floor and Silas countered with a dropkick. Allen plants face-first. Refs run out, but Allen makes it in at the 19 count. People boo Allen during his promo but he thanks the fans so they applaud him.

Allen challenges Chris Hero who debuts in March.

Jimmy Jacobs comes out. Cuts a promo saying that if you support him, he'll die in the ring for you, but if you want to hate him go ahead and hate. He says Doan was handed everything he had, be that he (Jacobs) had to scratch and claw. He's the most over guy on the show until the main event. Jacobs vs Doan was slower, but good, but some fans were on Doan for the rest holds. Doan wins in 10 mins, but Jacobs' foot was on the ropes. Tommy Dreamer comes out, tells the ref, and the match is restarted. Jimmy puts Doan into the endtime really fast and the match is over.
Jacobs thanks Dreamer for advertising Evolve on his twitter, but says he won't thank him for his help tonight. Before he had Age of the Fall, but now he's on his own, and doesn't need Tommy's help. Says Tommy is back grasping for the spotlight as if crying on national TV wasn't enough. Then he burries Dreamer as being washed up. They're face to face and Jacobs says he won't punch Dreamer because Evolve would suspend him. There's banter, then Dreamer says "I'm not on the roster, I'm here to have fun." He decks Jacobs, they brawl, and Dreamer gets the better of it.
Gargano over Dickinson in another 6 minute match. Match was on the same level as everything else, but after intermission the crowd was dead for it. Gargano argues with a fat guy in crowd, may have been one of the guys from the Heartbreak Express in FIP.
Sawa over TJP in 9 minutes with the Octopus hold. Match was really over. 80% striking. This is awesome chant during the match. Lots of TJP chants after, but both guys were over. Best thing so far.
Team Lightning over Akumas Army in about 12 min. Really good match. About what you'd expect. Not as good as DGUSA's 8-man, but still really good. Match contested under Lucha rules, so it looks like that's how the trios division will work. Quack made some kind of challenge for a 4-corner, elimination trios match. Seems like a bad idea for record keeping to me.
Davey beats Ibushi in about 20 min with a hammerlock or a kimura or something. Amazing match, with an underwhelming finish, but it made sense with Davey working the left arm the entire match. Both guys were over huge, and the crowd was going bonkers most of the time. They both went balls out from the opening bell.
Dave tells O'Reilly that March is going to be a trial by fire and they will have a match against eachother.
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