DGUSA PPV taping report from Saturday night

By Bryan Alvarez
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Quick Dragon Gate results from Saturday night. Craig and I will be up Sunday morning with an audio report on both this show and Saturday's ROH show.

We estimated about 350 in the building. I talked to people who said it was a bigger crowd than Friday and others who said it was slightly smaller. I wasn't there Friday but the concensus seemed to be that Friday and Saturday crowds were within 100 fans or so of each other, meaning I guess DGUSA vs. ROH head-to-head wasn't as big a deal as I figured Friday.

1. TJP vs. Brad Allen. Good opener. TJP is a lot smaller in real life than he was on the last DVD I watched. Brad played large bully. This was a good opener and ended pretty much exactly when it should have. TJ put him in an armbar and when Brad escaped TJ turned it into a sharpshooter variation for the submission.

2. Jigsaw & Mike Quackenbush vs. Young Bucks. This was one of those matches that came off as one long highspot. I'm not a fan of that kind of match and the Bucks in particular always appeared to be most concerned about looking around to make sure they were in position for the next highspot. With all that said the fans went nuts for it and chanted "THIS IS AWESOME!", plus they gave it a standing ovation when it was over. The wrestlers do these matches for the fans, not me, so more power to them here.

There was a funny moment afterwards where the Bucks, who are done with DGUSA and going full-time with ROH, did a promo basically passing the torch to Jigsaw and Quack, which I found funny since Quack broke in when Nick Buck was 2 years old.

3. Shingo beat Genki Horiguchi. They had a great match for its place on the card in the sense that it was really good and Shingo did this killer lariat followed by his finish at the end, and Genki didn't kick out. It was a perfect finish. Crowd loved Shingo and didn't seem to care about Genki all that much. Good stuff.

4. Jimmy Jacobs & Jack Evans vs. Brian Kendrick & Paul London. London doesn't seem to have his heart in this and has put on a lot of weight. Teddy Hart, who was supposedly hurt the night before (he claimed he was injured but there were a few people in the company I talked to who were skeptical of that), did this long rambling promo before the match putting over all the guys in the match and talking about how he'd never been injured before in his career and had come out of retirement at 21 to wrestle for the fans he loved. He didn't mention being willing to die in the ring but he did say he was a Jedi master. London and Kendrick beat him up, Jack made the save and the match was on. The stips were whoever dropped the fall had to leave DGUSA. Kendrick, who is going full-time with TNA, lost. London went nuts after the match so Teddy came back out, gave him a low blow and then a piledriver.

5. Tommy Dreamer beat Jon Moxley in a hardcore match. Dreamer did a promo before the match and cried. No really. For a hardcore match this was fine. Dreamer gigged and they used all sorts of gimmicks. Christina Von Erie was there from AAA and Dreamer gave her the Beulah piledriver. Shingo ran in and laid out Dreamer, which I figured had to be the finish, but Dreamer kicked out, they did more spots, and then he got DDT'd on a chair for the pin. So I'm not quite sure why Shingo interfered.

6. Susumu Yokosuka vs. YAMATO for the Open the Dream Gate Title. Paul London was spotted at the bar during this match. In front of a different crowd this would have been great. It was still very good, certainly nothing wrong with it, but the crowd seemed totally burned out and their lack of crowd reactions hurt the match, plus I think it made it harder for the wrestlers to get into it. And it wasn't that they were burned out from this show, it was more that I think most everyone there went to at least this show and a show on Friday night, some went to DGUSA or ROH Friday, ROH on Saturday and then this show, and a few even went to all the shows plus the Hall of Fame. YAMATO got the pin to retain the title.

7. BxB Hulk & Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi vs. Gamma & CIMA & Dragon Kid. So with the above said, this match was so damn good that even this tired crowd got into it to a pretty good degree. Not blow-away reactons or anything, but they were really into it and super into the last eight minutes or so, which were fantastic. Probably the second best match of the weekend behind the American Wolves match Friday night, and I'm sure many would say best match. Amazing action. My only complaint was that there was a spot at the finish where BxB was sitting on someone's shoulders on the top rope and Kid did a super REVERSE frankensteiner on him, which was one of the craziest things I've ever seen, and followed it up with a WICKED springboard huracanrana. This was the craziest reaction of the weekend and would have been the finish of the year, but Hulk KICKED OUT. There was nothing on Earth they could do to top that spot and I think that was obvious to every person there. The eventual finish, Yoshino making Gamma submit, got an ovation, but it was a total letdown after what we'd seen two minutes earlier. But that criticism aside, one goddamn great match.

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