Notes from ROH PPV

Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli won the ROH tag titles from Mark & Jay Briscoe in 30:00 when Hero KO'd Jay with the loaded elbow pad.

Cassandro suffered a reported broken leg in his match with Rhett Titus doing a tope con hilo, but he continued the match and won.

Christopher Daniels returned and set up a match with Davey Richards.  Daniels was announced for shows the first weekend of May.  The deal for Daniels was just put together in the last few days.  Based on Daniels' interview, using his old Fallen Angel name and talking about being held back, that would seem to indicate he's left TNA but that isn't confirmed at this moment.

Tyler Black retained the title in the three-way.  Aries pinned Strong first after Strong took one finishing move after another from both.  Black then pinned Aries after three superkicks and God's Last Gift ni 31 1/2 minutes.  This really was a fantastic match.  Athletically a lot better than anything at Mania and the crowd, which was tired since the show was three hours in before the match started, was super into it by the end.  Watching it on the Internet was difficult since it the picture was constantly buffering, but it was a hell of a performance by all three.


Phil Shatter b Zack Salvation with a spinebuster

Davey Richards b Kenny King to make the Pick Six with the Texas cloverleaf.  After the match, Christopher Daniels came out to challenge Richards

Necro Butcher pinned Erick Stevens in Butcher's rules with the O'Connor roll

Cassandro pinned Rhett Titus with a front rolling cradle

Colt Cabana & El Generico b Steve Corino & Kevin Steen via DQ

Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli won the ROH tag titles from Mark & Jay Briscoe when Hero pinned Jay after hitting him with a loaded elbow pad

Tyler Black won a three-way to keep the ROH title in an elimination match over Roderick Strong and Austin Aries

Blue Demon Jr. & Magno b Super Parka & Misterioso.  This match sucked but the crowd was very tolerant of it.  A lot of Lucha Libre fans were there because even though it started almost four hours into the show, they got a big reaction coming out.  Crowd was dead for most of it, but still chanted "This is awesome" even though it sucked, but did pop for a double dive sequence at the end.  Finish saw Magno pin Misterioso

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