TNA Lockdown PPV match-by-match coverage

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Welcome to our live coverage of TNA Lockdown from the Family Arena in St. Charles, MO.  We're looking for your thoughts on both tonight's show here as well as last night's Strikeforce show on CBS, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Douglas Williams is grounded in the U.K. and was unable to get out of the U.K.  He was stripped of the title and they are having a match to determine the new champion.  That so completely cheapens the title when you lose the title based on a genuine act of nature.  X-Pac is said to have no-showed.  They also claim Eric Bischoff isn't here, but that's clearly an angle.

All matches are cage matches.

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm with the winner giving their team the man advantage in the Lockdown match.    

Van Dam won with a frog splash in very good opener.  Hot crowd for this match as well.  Storm kicked out a split legged moonsault and RVD kicked out of beer being spit in his eyes.  The babyfaces having the man advantage in Lethal Lockdown presents psychology issues about the match.

Hulk Hogan interview talking about his team being beat up.  Hogan complained about Beer Money using beer bottles, spitting fire and then Desmond Wolfe run over Abyss with a car.  He said Team Hogan would tear down the house.  He said Ric Flair was on his game.  He said if Team Flair wins, then he will leave TNA.  Yes, let's do this kind of stipulation with no television build-up on a PPV after people have already bought the show.  He said he's done fighting with Eric Bischoff.

An X Division Escape the Cage.  The winner goes into the X division title match as the third man with Shannon Moore and Kazarian for the vacant title. 

Homicide vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley     

Homicide & Kendrick worked as a team until Homicide used the Gringo killa on Sabin, and the Kendrick set up the Sliced Bread on Shelley.  But as Kendrick was setting up the move, Homicide climbed over the top to win.  Quick match.  Kendrick bled.  All action but liked a rushed Impact match.

Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young 

Nash won with a power bomb in a short match.  Again, like an Impact match.  It wasn't good, but it could have been worse.  Young worked hard enough to make the match watachable and Nash didn't do much, but nothing looked too bad and the crowd seemed okay with it.  Nash then announced he would replace Sean Waltman as Scott Hall's tag team partner against Team 3-D later in the show.

Tara & Angelina Love (putting up the Knockouts title) vs. Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne (putting up the Knockouts tag team titles)

Tara used the Widow's Peak on Rayne, but Sky saved.  Then Lacey Von Erich hit Tara with a belt shot behind the refs back and Rayne pinned Tara.  So Love lost her title without getting pinned and was mad at Tara for costing her the title.  Love helped Tara up and then Tara turned heel on Love and threw her into the cage.  Crowd sort of booed Tara as she walked out.  So Rayne is the new Knockouts singles champion.  Bad match.

Ric Flair did an interview with Team Flair.  Flair called The Abyss the ugliest man in the world.  The other members of the team didn't talk.  Flair vowed to run Hogan out of TNA.  A.J. Styles noted he was the longest reigning world champion in TNA history.

Shannon Moore vs. Kazarian vs. Homicide for the vacant X title       

Homicide went for the Gringo Killa on Moore, but Kazarian broke it up and gave Homicide a backward Takao Omori style piledriver for the pin.  Very good match.  Crowd wasn't into it much early but the work was good enough to pull them into it and they were chanting "This is awesome" by about the 7:00 mark.  There was no belt presented since Douglas Williams had the belt in the U.K.  Obviously they are building to Kazarian vs. Williams as soon as Williams can get back to the country.  

Pope did an interview and called A.J. Styles "Arthur."  He did a very good promo.  Pope said this was the most important moment in his career and maybe his life.  

Team 3-D vs. Scott Hall & Kevin Nash 

Bubba did a promo saying for the ref to leave the door open and that they wanted a falls count anywhere St. Louis street fight.  Yes, a falls count anywhere cage match.  They brawled in the stands for a while.  Then they hurt Bubba and closed the cage door and held it shut while they destroyed Devon.  Bubba used a chair and hit Nash's hands with a chair as he was holding the door shot, and then threw the cage door into Nash.  3-D took over, Devon got the table and they did the 3-D on Hall through the table and Devon pinned Hall in another short match.  Bubba's promo that started the match got the crowd super hot and since it was a short brawl, they kept the crowd hot this ended up as a good match.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson with another escape the cage, this time through the door and Mr. Anderson having the key match

This was an incredible match of the year caliber bout.  Both bled.  The story was that Angle several times had destroyed Anderson and could have left the cage, but kept going back in.  Anderson would then make comebacks and have Angle just about beat, try to leave, and then Angle would stop him.  Angle said he was taking time off and will miss the fans.  He said when he comes back he wants to win the world title.  All kinds of crazy spots including Angle doing a moonsault off the top of the cage, which is the same move he used when he was a lot younger against Chris Benoit that resulted in him blowing out his knee.  At another point he did six straight German suplexes.  At another point Angle took the key to the cage lock and threw it into the crowd.  They ended up leaving the door open and Angle choked Anderson out with the chain with the medals that started this entire program.  He then walked over Anderson, stomping on his groin, and left the ring to win.  After the match, Angle said that he was taking time off for a while to regroup and when he comes back he's going to win the world title.  I'd recommend watching the replay just for this bout, it really was that dramatic.

A.J. Styles vs. The Pope for the TNA title  

Another strong match.  Styles did one of the best jobs he's ever done of carrying and working as a world champion here.  Crowd was super hot with dueling chants.  Earl Hebner kicked Ric Flair out early and the crowd responded with "We Want Flair" chants which was funny.  Trading all kinds of near falls.  The biggest spot was Styles missing a crossbody off the top of the cage.  Finish saw Styles reach through the opening of the cage to get a pen from the camera man and he jabbed the pen in Pope's eyes and pinned him after a Styles clash.     

Eric Bischoff showed up.  Well, you knew that was coming. 

Lethal Lockdown:  Abyss & Jeff Jarrett & RVD & Jeff Hardy vs. Beer Money & Desmond Wolfe & Sting with the babyfaces having the advantage.

Robert Roode vs. Abyss open.  After 5:00, entering in two minute intervals were RVD, Wolfe, Jeff Jarrett and James Storm.  Jeff Hardy was supposed to be in but Sting laid him out as they showed him knocked out while Sting had the bat.  Sting was in.  The heels destroyed the face team for a long time until Jeff Hardy came in.  Lots of weapons stuff like the garbage can lids and cookie sheets.  The big spot was Jeff Hardy and Beer Money on the top of the cage and Jeff doing a splash off the top of a ladder onto James Storm through the table.  In the ring, everyone was selling like they were dead when Flair came out and went after Abyss and tried to get the ring.  He was biting the fingers when Hulk Hogan came in.  Before Hogan did anything, Eric Bischoff came out and told Hogan that he had promised not to get involved physically.  They teased Hogan going after  Bischoff.  Bischoff then pulled out Brass Knux, teased giving them to Flair, but of course, gave them to Hogan, who nailed Flair, who juiced like crazy.  Hogan threw Flair into the cage several times.  Flair even took off his shirt and took a bump on the thumb tacks.  Abyss had earlier choke slammed Sting on the thumb tacks.  Match ending was Abyss pinning Wolfe with a black hole slam.  It was pretty much like Hogan & Bischoff had won the match and they paid tribute to Hardy on the top of the cage.  The match went more than 30:00.  The stuff where they were doing all the weapons shots to the head felt like that really dated 90s and early 00s hardcore stuff.  The first 20:00 lost the crowd because they had a hard time following the two great matches earlier, but the finish worked well.


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