Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling TV report featuring John Cena among others

What: Memphis Championship Wrestling
When: June 5, 2010 (taped May 20, 2010) on WPXX 50 (Ion Network)
Where: Memphis, TN @ The Vine (free show)
Referee: Downtown Bruno (a.k.a Harvey Wippleman)
Color Commentary: Brandon Baxter, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock, Bert Prentice
By: George Wren - email: private
The show opened up with a freeze frame saying the following is a paid presentation for Jerry "The King" Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling.
The show had no opening montage whatsoever.
Brandon Baxter opened the show as the new color commentator with Laura Jenkins (which you could barely hear them because the PR was terrible). Baxter thanked everyone for tuning in, and stated Memphis Championship Wrestling is back. The third version of Memphis Wrestling (MCW, Memphis Wrestling, and now this brand) is being billed as "Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling."
BB ran down the card quickly
Jerry Lawler
Brian Christopher
Derrick King
John Cena hyped the new promotion. Cana states "You Are Watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling" (Cena's face impressions are priceless lookin all puzzled lol) we are calling this Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling?.. Is that what we are going with?... Who does this guy think he is?... Vince Mcmahon dosen't call WWE Vince Mcmahon's WWE... Cena walks off stating I'm done here.
Commerical Break:
After break "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock joins BB at the announcer's table. Blaylock ask BB who was he? BB responded by I have been around Memphis Wrestling for 15 years now. Blaylock said well know one has ever heard of you but the people knows who I am, and this is my territory now.
Matt Boyce's entrance music hit "Livin on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi... Boyce is from around Nashville and has worked for Bert Prentice in the past. Boyce cut a promo in the ring, and said it's a honor to be a part of the first show in Memphis. Boyce then plugged some of the legends from the Memphis era Jerry Lawler, Jackie Fargo, Bill Dundee, & Tojo Yamamoto
(1) Matt Boyce v. Max Steele w/ Luscious Elizabeth
It shows the talent walking down a flight of stairs to get to the ring. Steele gets on the mic and basically makes no sense (so it would have been better just to skip the little short promo)... The crowd you could tell was not excited about the product at all. Nothing really spectaculor so far in the match. Boyce finally throws a dropkick which Steele barely sold the dropkick. Throughout the match Baxter hyped that Boyce has did some work for WWE (short stints is all). Boyce goes to the top rope and nails a crossbody press on Steele but the two rolls around in the ring with Boyce on top going for the pin. Boyce goes for the pin but Elizabeth puts Steele's foot on the bottom rope to break the pin but Downtown Bruno dosen't see it, and counts Steele's shoulders to the mat. Elizabeth tells Bruno that Steele's foot was on the rope(which Steele's foot is still on the rope) Bruno restarts the match as Bruno is telling Boyce what happened Steele comes from behind Boyce, and whips him into the ropes and delivers a spear to Boyce(but takes forever as to say is this the finish or not?) Steele then finally goes for the pin but Boyce has his foot on the bottom rope, and Bruno made the pin once again. Bruno then noticed it after the pin, and reversed the decision, and raised Boyce's hand.
WINNER: Matt Boyce
After the match JB left with Steele, and Elizabeth (so I am pretty sure JB will be pieced with Steele soon)
The Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki) plugged MCW
Commerical Break:
Laura Jenkins hyped Lawler's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame (March 31, 2007) being inducted by William Shatner. Highlights was shown from the HOF where it showed highlights of his career in WWF/WWE, and in Memphis.
Laura interviews Lawler in the ring. Lawler cut a promo in the ring stating why the promotion is called "Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling". Lawler said the reason why is because he woke up one morning, and said there was no Memphis Wrestling on tv anymore, and it just didn't feel right. Lawler said I spared no expense (which why it shows the product is the way it is. You have to invest and put money into any kind of product to make it work, and to make it look presentable.You get what you put into anything, you don't put in then you don't get anything. You get what you see basically). Lawler said they are bringing back the original Southern Heavyweight Championship. Lawler then called out Buddy Wayne & Guy Coffey (who both have been around Memphis for many years) and stated they was on the wrestling committee. Guy Coffey came out with the Southern Heavyweight Championship in his hand. Lawler made jokes to Guy as far as saying hey where is your hair? one day Mr. Coffey had hair then it disappeared, to turn around to the camera as the camera seeing your back isn't good Mr. Coffey. Lawler said we are going to see if we can sign you up for Club Hair for Men. Buddy Wayne stated they are going to have a tournament to crown a new Southern Heavyweight Champion (but no date was even metioned). Lawler said many think he should step down and pass the torch, and not enter the tournament (I think there is a time in life it is time to pass the torch and to repackage another worker). They will have to claw their way through the tournament.
The Miz plugged MCW
Commerical Break:
A commerical aired plugging Ken Wayne's School of Wrestling in West Memphis, Ark. (901) 831-4198 or I highly recommend anyone wanting to break into the wrestling business to get professionally trained by "Nightmare" Ken Wayne or Harley Race ( these two legends have been all around the world and can train you to where you are successful.
Lawler and Jenkins are talking, and Lawler asked Jenkins does she ever watch Monday Night Raw? Jenkins says I watch it every week because you are on there.
Lawler and Jenkins shows the following match from Monday Night Raw
(2) WWE United States Championship: (vacated)
R-Truth v. The Miz
This match was from Monday Night Raw (May 24, 2010) where R-Truth beat The Miz with the Lie Decatur (a flying forearm)
WINNER: R-Truth and new United States Champion
Commerical Break:
Laura Jenkins plugged one of their sponsors Tax Solutions.. Laura then said Michael Cole had a few words to say.
Michael Cole cut a cheesy heel promo (looks like it was taken with a flip phone or some cheesy camcorder). Cole said he was preparing for Monday Night Raw (but Lawler is no where to be found) for later on in the evening. Cole said he has been working on NXT (where some of the developmental talent is being shown on tv). Cole then went into his boring promo about Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) working for the independent circuit, and not having the personality, or the it factor. Cole then went into details where the angle took place on NXT where Bryan attacked Cole. Cole said of all people who he thought would come to his safety was Jerry Lawler but he didn't he said of all people Matt Stryker came to my aid. Cole then went on and said he is the one that gives Lawler his notes, he writes Lawler's lines, and what to say on Raw.
Sheamus plugged MCW (I don't know why your watching it but you are.. LOL)
Commerical Break:
BB & LJ was in the ring plugging the main event with Jerry Lawler, and a matter of seconds it ran into Kevin White already out at the desk cutting a promo.
White cut a real cheesy promo on Brian Christopher (who was already in the ring and has dyed his hair completely blonde, and has put on some weight)
(3) Main Event:
Brian Christopher v. Kevin White w/ Su Yung/Max Steele
Looks like Christopher has moved completely away from the Grandmaster Sexay gimmick(he used in the WWE) and just going as Brian Christopher.
Before the match Kevin White said he had a speical enforcer to stand in his corner to make sure Christopher don't lay his hands on Su Yung. Bert Prentice now joins BB at the announcer's desk. Prentice says it's a rebirth of Memphis Wrestling, and said Memphis has went down down since no wrestling has been around. (Memphis Wrestling in general has been dead for years as far as I can remember to the dying days of the USWA it has hasen't or will never be the same but Prentice said one thing right it's dead alright). Nothing really spectacular in this match either. Christopher wins via DQ when Yung & Steele interfered. The heels (White, Yung, Steele) attack Christopher until Jerry Lawler made the save and brawled with the heels for a bit until the heels took a powder. I am pretty sure this will set up a match at the next tv tapings with Jerry Lawler/Brian Christopher v. Kevin White/ Max Steele w/ Su Yung
WINNER: Brian Christopher via DQ
Commerical Break:
Lawler in street clothes thanked everyone for tuning in, and to tune in next week at 11:00 a.m. with Brian Christopher, Matt Boyce, Eric Wayne(who is the son of "Nightmare" Ken Wayne), Kid Nikkels(who is a graduate from Ken Wayne's school), Koko B. Ware, and more WWE Superstars.
NOTES: A poor product from the word start..They could have put something together for a opening montage.. The venue looks like a strip club or bar. The venue looks like it can only sit about 20 people max if that..Max Steele has a nice physique but is "green" in the ring, and on the mic. Best to put him in the ring with someone like Lawler that can help him look half way decent in the ring... The match with Boyce v.Steele was a lame finish and looked like a total cluster. Not sure who Laura Jenkins is (possibly a friend of Baxter's never heard of her) but she is horrible. She would be better off standing in someone's corner not doing anything. She looks real lost for words on the mic. Baxter plugged Derrick King on the show and it never happened (don't plug anyone that's not going to be on your show if he is on the next set of tapings then plug him then)... They taped 3 hours worth of tv at The Vain.
The PR is terrible you can just barely understand what is being said. Jimmy Blaylock dosen't bring anything to the show(he is actually a friend of Lawler's so that's why he is on the show) he makes no sense, and just screams in the mic poor mic work. Putting Baxter by himself would be better... Blaylock and Baxter going back and forth aruging was pointless not unless your going to stick them in the ring. What happen to just color commentary? Matt Boyce looked pretty good and had a nice look I think he has alot of potential to possibly go somewhere. The segments with WWE was pointless not unless your going to bring them in it dosen't add anything to the show them just cutting DVR promos.... Hyping the tournament but no date what's the use for this segment? lol..They have alot to do as far as getting postive reviews and I think I would have worked on all the flaws first before pushing it on tv. Rumor has it that IWA who runs shows in Memphis, and in Southaven, MS is trying to get a timeslot on WPXX 50... Su Yung will be finishing up with her dates in the south as she works up til July where she will be sent to Florida for Florida Championship Wrestling(FCW) as she just recently signed a wwe developmental deal.... The next set of tapings is July 17th at The Vine. The Vine is located in Midtown on Madison Ave. two blocks from Overton Square.
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