SmackDown spoilers for April 28, from London with Ian Hamilton



- Chris Benoit beat Vito via submission with the Crossface

- Matt Hardy beat Andy Simmons with a Twist of Fate

- Paul Burchill made his introduction swinging on a rope from the top of a London Bus (~!~!~!) to take on Nunzio. Burchill won with the C4.

- Orlando Jordan beat Scotty 2 Hotty via Fameasser


- JBL b. Regal to retain US title...

- The Hooligans (Brian Kendrick & Paul London) and Super Crazy (another non-appearance at the house shows) beat MNM&GH (Gregory Helms) in a six man

- Jillian Hall was offered a job as MNM's make-up artist, but she had a fight with Melina shortly after taking the spot

- Lashley promo (dear God), leading to Lashley beating Mark Henry BY COUNTOUT in the King of the Ring tourney. Mizark got his heat back afterwards...

- Finlay beat Gunner Scott (another fly-in-just-for-TV) after a Booker T run in. Booker and Finlay attacked Brent afterwards until Benoit ran in.

- Kristal was in the ring before being interrupted by Khali and Daivari.

- Rey v Angle was a non finish

- Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Title went to a no-contest after Mark Henry interfered. He laid Angle out on a table and hit a running splash on it to close the show.

Any idea in what the thinking was in flying over Super Crazy, Brent Albright, Scotty 2 Hotty and Vito if they weren't going to do the house shows?

Ian Hamilton -

ian [at] onesunderland [dot] com

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