WWE Fatal Four Way match-by-match live coverage from the Nassau Coliseum

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Welcome to our live coverage of tonight's Fatal Four Way from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   We're also looking for feedback on last night's ROH iPPV, UFC's Ultimate Fighter finals and tonight's WEC show.  

Vince announced that Bret Hart wouldn't be there because of the NXT attack and they would be meeting with Bret's representatives about when he would return to duties.

Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre for IC title

Long match, length of a world title match.  McIntyre had more heat than I've ever seen him have.  Ref Charles Robinson was knocked down and McIntyre used the Future shock DDT, but no ref.  Teddy Long was at ringside and McIntyre told him to become the ref, pulling the shirt off Robinson and telling Long to put the shirt on.  Long went to make the count but held up at two.  McIntyre threatened to beat up Long and ordered him to count to three.  Matt Hardy then ran in and used a twist of fate on McIntyre, and Kingston followed with the Trouble in Paradise for the pin. 

They just announced Hart Dynasty & Natalaya vs. Usos & Tamina for later in the show. 

Eve Torres vs. Gail Kim vs. Maryse vs. Alicia Fox for Divas title

Fox won the title when Torres used a neckbreaker and a moonsault on Maryse.  Fox then made the save, threw Torres out of the ring and stole the pin.  Never seen that finish before, well, at least not in the last 24 hours.

Rey Mysterio and Big Show were doing an interview. Show showed his fist and it was almost as big as Rey's entire head.

Chris Jericho is showing up in a late addition.  He's wrestling Evan Bourne.  Jericho did a promo talking about his career and being unappreciated, saying how Wade Barrett gets more attention he does.

Evan Bourne pinned Jericho with the shooting star press to the back.  Excellent match, almost perfectly worked.  The interesting thing is the crowd was far more for Jericho.  There were dueling chants but the chants for Jericho were louder.  No bizarroworld comments from the announcers here.  Lots of good moves and near falls.  This was a cross between a Japanese match and a top level 90s WCW cruiserweight match. 

Jack Swagger vs. Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio vs. C.M. Punk     

Mysterio won the title.  Show was taken out with a 619 by Mysterio and plancha by Punk.  Punk used the GTS on Swagger.  Kane showed up with everyone down and went after Punk, and choke slammed him into the casket.  Luke Gallows attacked Kane, saved Punk, and when Kane recovered, Punk & Gallows ran to the back with Kane after them.  In the ring it was a 619 and springboard splash on Swagger for the title change.  Match was about what you'd expect, the trading injury spots and lots of near falls and saves.  Good overall.  Crowd cheered Myserio's title win, not that big, but in MSG last night they booed Mysterio heavily.  

John Cena promo.  He was mostly booed.  He pretty much said that the NXT guys were doing a run-in in the main event.  He said the guys had an unspoken agreement to work together if the NXT guys interfere.

The Miz vs. R-Truth for the U.S. title 

Miz won by blocking a front rolling a cradle and sitting back for the pin.  The match was decent, even good, but the crowd was not dead, but subdued so it made the match appear like it dragged.  Miz came out and did a Truth style rap, which ended up killing Truth's entrance when it followed.  Crowd was into it at first but they didn't want to see a long match from these two at this point in the show.

Edge promo said in Cena's head he has to know that every champion in a four-way so far tonight has lost his title.

Hart Dynasty & Natalya vs. Usos & Tamina

At this point in the show they must really have it out for these six because they aren't going to have a prayer getting over with this crowd. The crowd wasn't dead.  Good match.  Key spots where Kidd doing a springboard splash on both Usos, which left Tamina vs. Natalya.  Tamina did a Samoan drop, but missed the Superfly splash.  Natalya used the discus clothesline on Tamina for the pin.

John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton for the WWE title.  There is a ton of time left in the show with only the main event left.

They had a normal match most notable for the intense crowd reaction for Cena, both cheering by girls and booing by everyone else.  They did a spot where all the guys in the match took each other out with their finsihes.  The NXT guys attacked Evan Bourne and the Hart Dynasty watching on the monitor.  The NXT guys destroyed Cena, and Edge as well.  Sheamus snuck in the ring, pinned Cena to win the title and ran off.  The NXT guys continued to beat up Cena.  Funny spot is Tarver was supposed to throw a punch and hs was in the wrong position (too far away), tried to lunge and it looked like crap.  I mean, he can't even be in the right position for a punch.  Show ended with the NXT guys chasing Sheamus to the back. 



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