WWE SummerSlam match-by-match coverage from Los Angeles

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There is a very interesting note regarding tonight's show in the front door story elsewhere on the site.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston for the IC title  

Ziggler had the sleeper on when Nexus interfered and attacked both guys for a no contest finish.  Nexus laid out Kingston with Darren Young doing his spinning full nelson drop finisher and Barrett using the forward fireman's carry finish.  Match was okay.  A surprise spot for the run-in with the heel champion on top and about to win.  Barrett did a promo saying WWE isn't united.  Nobody made the save. 

Chris Jericho was trying to recruit Miz for the main event.  Miz was in a tie holding his briefcase.  Edge was eating a Slim Jim and chewing it while talking.  Jericho said if Miz accepts it'll be bigger than Avatar.  Miz said he's got a lot on his plate and he doesn't know if he wants to make Nexus a priority.  Miz snapped the Slim Jim, took it and walked away.

Alicia Fox vs. Melina for the Divas title 

Melina sold like she reinjured her leg and used what would be best described as a face first snap mare and got the pin.  Nobody expected that to be the finish.  They gave them more time than usual.  Match wasn't good.  Melina then made a mistake jumping off the ropes and landing on her feet after without selling the knee.  Team LayCool is out in matching outfits and made fun of Melina.  Layla said Melina had cellulite. Melina shoved Layla.  , then she threw down McCoool, kicked Layalin the ribs and spearedd McCool.  Eventually Layla held her and McCool kicked her in the face and they beat her down.  Then they attacked Fox as well.  McCool did a running knee to Melina's face into the announcers table. 

Big Show vs. C.M. Punk & Joey Mercury & Luke Gallows

Basic match.  Show had his cast cut off so his hand is healed and used it.  Match was about what you'd expect.  A decent match with pretty much all the spots you'd expect.  The finish saw Punk take a bump outside the ring and walk off.  Show then choke slammed Mercury onto Gallows and pinned both.

Kane was talking to an empty cakset with the idea Undertaker was in the casket.  Sheamus showed up.  Sheamus said he'd like to borrow the casket for Randy Orton since it was far too big for Rey Mysterio.  Kane said No.  Sheamus said if we're on the same page, we'll be unstoppable.  Sheamus said that he's the real big red monster.  They were clearly teasing something with the two of them for down the line.  Kane threatened to spill Sheamus' guts if he ever interrupts him again.

Miz did a heel promo but said he was the 7th guy on the team.  The Miz's promo was tremendous, saying this decision was bigger than LeBron's decision and how because of that decision the Lakers can't win the NBA title this year.  When Miz said he was going to join the team, there were some boos, no cheers and really a surprisingly lacking crowd response.  Still this was a great promoo.  Michael Cole went crazy about Miz joining the team but Lawler said that he'd just as soon he didn't join.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton for WWE title 

Long match with the same finish as the house shows.  After a series of near falls, Sheamus brought in a chair. Ref Jack Doan tried to get it from him.  Sheamus pulled it away and Doan went flying and called for the title saving DQ.  After the match Sheamus went for a chair shot, but Orton kicked him low.  Orton ended up fighting with Sheamus outside the ring and gave him an RKO on the table, which didn't break.  This was the first good match on the show, but a pretty weak finish for SummerSlam.  Match was nothing special until the last five minutes but crowd was pretty hot for then reversing out of each others' trademark moves.

Even though Sheamus was knocked out, no Miz.  The crowd even chanted "We Want Miz" (only a few of them, nothing overwhelming).

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio for World title

So-so match.  Crowd wasn't into it to the point Lawler called it an uncomfortable hush.  Kane used a high kick and choke slam to get the pin.  Ken went to put Mysterio into the casket.  Mysterio got out but Kane choke slammed him two more times.  Kane then used a tombstone piledriver.  He went to put him in the casket and of course Undertaker was there and Kane freaked out.  He looks bigger but looks to have aged a lot in a few months.  Marriage can do that.  Undertaker teased going after Mysterio.  Undertaker asked Mysterio why he did it.  Mysterio swore he didn't do it.  Underaker told him he believed him, snatched his throat.  Kane smiled.  Undertaker slit his throat and looked at Kane and pointed to him and started choking.  Kane came back and snatched Undertaker.  Kane gave Undertaker a tombstone.  The idea is now that Undertaker was so beaten down that now Kane is more powerful than Undertaker.  That was an interesting twist.

Honestly, this show is really way below par with one match left, but the show was sold on the main event and it's really the main event story and how the surprise works that the show is built around.

Team  WWE (John Cena & Daniel Bryan & Chris Jericho & Edge & R-Truth & John Morrison & Bret Hart) vs. Nexus (David Otunga & Heath Slater & Michael Tarver & Justin Gabriel & Skip Sheffield & Wade Barrett & Darren Young) in an elimination match.

Daniel Bryan was announced as the 7th man when Miz came out.  Cena said they got themselves a new partner and they couldn't wait until the last minute so told Miz he was out.

Match went 35:00 with Team WWE winning.  Good match as far as storytelling, but not a great match.  It came down to Cena against Gabriel and Barrett.  Cena pinned Gabriel after a missed 450.  Then he immediately put Barrett in the STF for the submission.  Cena had been been getting killed by both of them as he was the last guy left on his team for several minutes.

Daniel beat Young with a crossface

Morrison pinned Tarver with Starship pain

Sheffield pinned Morrison with a clothesline

Sheffield pinned R-Truth with a clothesline

Bret Hart was in for about a minute destroying everyone.  All things considered, his stuff looked good.  He can't do a match but he did look better than Hogan.  He had Slater in the sharpshooter when Barrett threw in a chair.  Hart picked up the chair and hit Sheffied and was DQ'd.  Crowd not happy with this

Sheffield took the chair by Hart, a codebreaker by Jericho and was pinned by spear by Edge.  They seemed to want to protect Sheffield a little here.

Jericho beat Otunga by submission with the Walls of Jericho

Jericho collided with Cena and Slater pinned him

Edge and Cena argued about the collision and Slater used an O'Connor roll to pin Edge

Edge & Jericho beat up Cena and left

Daniel beat Slater with the crossface

Daniel was the star of the match for his 90 seconds of offense here with the crowd chanting his name.  Miz hit Daniel with a briefcase shot and Barrett pinned him,leaving Cena vs. Barrett & Gabriel


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