Luna Vachon dead (updated)

Gertrude "Luna" Vachon, one of the better known U.S. woman wrestlers of the 90s, was found dead this morning at her mother's home in Florida.  She was 48.

Vachon was best known for her 90s work in the WWF, with roles such as being part of The Oddities, as well as her feud with Sable (now Rena Lesnar).

Details of her death are pending autopsy results that are expected to be released tomorrow.  She had suffered from bipolar issues and was twice in WWE sponsored rehab, most recedntly between April and June of 2009.

She had three different runs with WWE between 1993 and 2000, and had wrestled all over the world.

Vachon was the daughter of Paul "Butcher" Vachon, a well known wrestler from the famous Vachon family in Montreal.  Her uncle was Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon, a major star, and her aunt Vivian was considered the best of the early 70s woman wrestlers.

Luna Vachon was married in the past to former wrestler Tom Nash, and later to Nash's original tag team partner, David "Gangel" Heath.  Vachon and Heath split up a few years back.

Most recently, Vachon lost nearly everything she owned when her home in Florida burned down, and she had been staying with her mother since.


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