TNA No Surrender live match-by-match coverage

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Welcome to our live coverage of TNA No Surrender from the Impact Zone in Orlando.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me for the tag titles

They didn't give a real explanation of the change other than saying that Magnus & Desmond Wolfe aren't there due to a personal issue.  The only thing we've heard is it was a disciplinary action which came down earlier this week.  

Good opener.  Some spots looked weird.  Mostly working on Shelley's neck, hot tag to Sabin.  Sabin & Shelley won with the skull and bones, which is the combination neckbreaker and crossbody off the top and Shelley pinned Jeremy.  

Generation Me jumped them after the match and did a double-team DDT off the apron on Shelley.  It was clearly a Generation Me heel turn.  The crowd picked up on this and booed Gen Me when it was over.  Jeremy was laughing at them when it was over.  They tried to push Gen Me as kids with a sense of entitlement and pushed the idea that Shelley suffered a neck injury.

Douglas Williams vs. Sabu for the X division title

Williams retained the title via pin.  Sabu continued to use a chair to springboard off during the match.  Williams went to use the chair, but ref Earl Hebner stopped him, and as he took the chair away, his back was turned.  Williams used a belt shot for the pin.  Match had several missed spots and Sabu did a lot of his usual spots.  

Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

Tara and Rayne kissed before the match.

Sky won clean with a DDT.  Bad match.  No heat.  At least it was short. 

Jeff Hardy said he was going to win in honor of RVD.

Rhino vs. Abyss falls count anywhere.

Abyss won after Rhino missed a gore and crashed into the barricades that Abyss put in the corner.  Abyss used the black hole slam for the win.  They did a lot of stuff including Rhino kicking out of a choke slam on a garbage can and the first black hole slam.  Abyss kicked out of the first gore.  They brawled in the back for a few minutes.  They also went through a wall, brawled under the stage and came out, knocking a hole from the inside out of under the cage.  At least no barbed wire or broken glass or thumb tacks in an Abyss match.  Kind of a mixed bag as a match. 

Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash & Sting

Sting & Nash came out to the Wolfpac music, an instrumental knockoff version.  They said Hulk Hogan wasn't there due to back problems.  

Quick match ending when Jeff hit Sting twice with the bat and Joe choked Sting out for a ref stoppage.  Sting and Nash did everthing they could to make Joe look good.  It sure seemed like the story here was Jeff was a double-crosser playing babyface but he used the bat.  Of course, that would make more sense if Sting hadn't used the bat on Jarrett 100 times.  But Jarrett's body language with the bat shot was like a guy hiding something and heeling.  Better than expected.

Tommy Dreamer vs. A.J. Styles in an I Quit match

Long match.  Styles stuck a fork in Dreamer's eye and Dreamer quit.  Dreamer was selling the eye big after the match.  Real good match.  A lot of weapons shots used on both sides.  Both sold the beatings.  Dreamer was crotched several times.  Styles had the crossface put on him with Dreamer used a cable around the mouth and another time using the kendo stick for pressure on the face.  They tried to put that it was an exampe of just how far Styles would go to win.  The finish was real graphic looking and was an acceptable finish for a guy like Dreamer to quit, which with his background, you can't make his qutting easy.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy Interesting they are putting this on before Pope vs. Anderson considering nobody sees Pope and Anderson as the real main event.  

A fantastic worked 30:00 match with the most ridiculous storyline.  Angle had the ankle lock on for a long time and Hardy refused to tap and then the bell rang.  They announced it had gone to a 20:00 draw.  Keep in mind they never announced a time limit, never did a countdown.  It was a complete insult to the audience to do it this way.  Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter talked.  Bischoff announced they were getting five more minutes.  That 5:00 ended with no finish.  They did a second 5:00 overtime.  This time Angle juiced heavy and Hardy had him in the Boston crab.  They teased Angle was going to pass out but instead Angle grabbed the ankle lock.  Once again, the time ran out with Hardy caught in the ankle lock.  They announced they had to look at the cut and sent trainers out.  They toweled off the cut, and the worst thing possible happened, the cut was small and didn't look dangerous at all.  Bischoff then said that they simply couldn't allow Angle to continue.  So..... he said it was a no contest.  Huh????  Anyway, this complete lack of logic will lead to a television rematch.  As for the match itself, hardy was rought in a few spots eaerly but when all was said and done, it was one of the best matches of the year.

The Pope vs. Mr. Anderson in the other semifinal

Anderson won with a second mic check after Pope missed the DDE into the corner.  Crowd was completely dead for probably 90% of the match.  Long match.  Okay bout.  There were roughy spots and it didn't feel like it was two main eventers out there.  But the guys had little chance of following the prior match.  Just a decent match anyway, but came off flat becaue of its positioning on the show.


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