CHIKARA Young Lions Cup day two report

Chikara Young Lions Cup Night 2 Review
By: Rick Cambo

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
Ophidian vs. Skull – This was a solid opener just like Night 1. I was just mad at the time as this match could not have been longer than 5 minutes and it was going so well. I had read reports that Skull looked the least impressive of all the Young Lions Cup guys coming off the weekend. I would have to disagree because his offense was fine for someone who has only been wrestling for a year but the time just really hurt this match and hurt Skull’s chances of showcasing himself. I hope to see him back in Chikara’s Young Lions Cup in a few years. He and Ophidian had a solid 5-minute match which gets extra points for Gavin Loudspeaker singing Ophidian’s theme song when it didn’t play at the start of the match. Ophidian eventually won the match with his Ophidian Death Grip **1/2

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
Eric Ryan vs. “Ace High” Cameron Sky – This was one of my favorite matches of the whole tournament. It wasn’t the best one by any means, but for me it was one of the most enjoyable. Cameron Sky is a fun heel to watch and Eric Ryan in his comeback had some really good offense. He really impressed me in this match and was one of the most impressive guys in this whole tournament. Cameron Sky pulling cards out of his trunks and throwing them on the ground while hitting an elbow is cheesy, but cheesy in a good way. It was a really fun match to watch and it was one of the only matches that got a solid 10 minutes. Really enjoyable match and I was happy with it. Cameron Sky hooked one of Ryan’s arm and put his body weight on that side of Ryan’s body to force him down long enough for a 3 count and a spot in the 6-way elimination match later in the show. ***

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
Dustin Rayz vs. Obariyon – Another fun match. Both of these guys were really impressive in their match. Literally no one except Chikara knew who the hell Obariyon was and what promotion he worked for. This was his chance to get noticed and I thought he did a good job. He was a great heel as he stalled a lot and worked over Rayz really well. Rayz then came back with an impressive offense and Obariyon would cut him off with interesting moves that you don’t see very often. I see a lot of potential from both of these guys and I thought they put on one heck of a show. But again the rating isn’t as high as it should be purely because of the time. This was only around 8 minutes and I thought they could have gotten more time. It was still a very fun match where I left with a good taste in my mouth. The finish to this match was really good as Obariyon jumped off the top rope and DDT’d Rayz as he was coming down. **3/4

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
Mike Sydal vs. Keita Yano – This was my favorite match of the whole tournament thus far. A really fun match to watch as Yano would hit Sydal with interesting submissions that I have never seen before. One that involved placed a hold on Sydal, and Yano had to grab his ear for leverage. Mike Sydal reminds me a lot of his brother. He has a lot of the same moves and he moves really quickly. But don’t think he copies his brother as Mike brought a bunch of moves to the table that I did not see coming. Sydal countered Yano’s move very well and they had a really fun match. There is one spot in this match that people told me was disgusting but I didn’t think it was. If you have a problem with stretching the limbs to a large degree, then maybe the spot isn’t for you. Really fun match that Yano won after an Anaconda Vise/Northern Lights combination of sorts. Rating would be higher but this match was only 9 minutes. Even with the 9 minutes, it still delivered. ***

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
Lince Dorado vs. Greg Iron – Sindarin was supposed to fight Lince Dorado but supposedly he had some travel issues and he could not make the show. They did the “random drawing” and Greg Iron came out. This match became my new favorite match of the tournament and my second favorite match on both nights up to this point. I don’t know a lot about Sindarin and I presume that he is a good wrestler, but he would not have had a better match with Lince than Greg Iron did. It’s not that Greg was an amazing performer, but the story in the match was just phenomenal. Greg Iron apparently has cerebral palsy, which causes his right hand to be without function. His whole arm and hand bends in a different direction and he can’t change that. Lince worked over that arm the whole match and when Greg was making his comeback, not only did he do some cool spots, but also he did spots WITH his injured arm which were so amazing. He gave Lince a head over heels clothesline, which cause the crowd to chant, “That was Awesome”. He did several moves with the hurt arm. It was a fun match to watch and Lince eventually got the win by poking Iron in the eyes and rolling him up while using the ropes for the win. The crowd gave Iron a standing ovation and loud cheers. He looked like a million bucks in this match. ***1/4

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly – I promise that this is the last time I say this. THIS match was my favorite match of all the opening round matches. This match was basically an Evolve match with Chikara spots. There was a point where these two serious wrestlers actually did some comedy, which was very amusing. But when they got down to it they went out there and put on one hell of a match. From Cole working over O’Reilly very well throughout the match to O’Reilly trying to apply the ankle lock on Cole throughout the match just made this a really good match. It was also one of the stiffest Chikara matches that I have seen in a long time. These guys just blasted each other with chops and kicks. I remember seeing Kyle back in September of 2009 and thinking “This guy is going to dominate Indy Wrestling on the East Coast in 2010”. So far, he is doing a good job at following my prediction. He has made huge impacts in Evolve, got signed to a contract with ROH, and now looked really impressive with Chikara. His work rate is really good (Do you expect anything less from someone trained by Davey Richards?) and his kicks are incredible. Some of the best kicks not just in the American Indy Scene, but throughout the whole world as well. Cole also is a good talent. He also has made big impacts in Evolve, also got signed to an ROH contract, made a big impression with DGUSA, been with CZW for a while now, and now made an impression with this match. These guys are the future of the Indy Scene and I assume we will see them have a lot more matches in the future. Cole eventually got the win with a small package. ***1/2

3.0 vs. The Super Smash Brothers – Wow I really miss seeing the Super Smash Brothers on every show. That sentence is an indication that this match was really good. I really like Player Dos and I think Player Uno is very underrated. He is not just underrated in the sense that people underestimate his abilities, but because Dos is so good I think he overshadows Uno sometimes. This match was just a lot of fun to watch. 3.0 slowly but surely are becoming one of my favorite teams in Chikara and The Super Smash Brothers are a really good team in their own right. These two teams had a nice back and forth match. Shane Matthews did his head scissors spot where he would call for the head scissors and do like 4 of them. There were some really cool reversals and double team movies in this match that I do not want to give away. Your usual Chikara fun tag team match and it was really enjoyable. They got a lot of time and they were able to showcase their abilities. 3.0 eventually got the win with two straight wheelbarrow/lung blower combinations to get 2 points. ***1/2

The House of Truth vs. Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw – Seeing Quackenbush and Jigsaw have 2 tag matches on 2 straight shows really is a treasure. These two teams are probably the best team in Indy Wrestling right now behind the Kings of Wrestling, and even that is a debate because Quackenbush and Jigsaw are relevant in DGUSA, Evolve, and Chikara as opposed to the Kings who really only have tag matches in ROH. Christian Able came out to the ring and cut a really good promo on how the House of Truth came to make a name for themselves in Chikara and he called his partner Josh Raymond to the ring. They challenged any team to come to the ring and give the House of Truth their first point. Quackenbush and Jigsaw rushed down while adjusting their gear. They were trying to play it off like Quack and Jigsaw needed to win a point because they lost all their points in Night 1. So here they were hurrying to the ring because opportunities to get points don’t come very often. These two teams had a really fun tag team match and I thought the House of Truth made a good impression. Josh Raymond was good when it came to the double team moves, but for whatever reason when he did his single moves he was just off. Now I know most of his moves are hard to do, but he does them often enough that it shouldn’t happen frequently in a match. He botched the standing shooting star press off the top rope to Jigsaw and he also botched his Spiral Tap. Both botches were very minor so I won’t blame him too much. The match was fun as Able and Raymond would work over Quack and then Jigsaw would get the hot tag and go wild until he gets cut off worked over by Able and Raymond. The last few minutes of this match were really good. Wrestling-wise it was just as good if not better than the previous tag match, but the crowd wasn’t as into the ending as they should have been. I also felt the sloppiness hurt the match a little bit. I still thought it was a really good match and one of the best matches of the night. Jigsaw eventually got the win with the Jig-n-tonic to get him and Quack 1 point. ***1/2

Young Lion’s Cup 6-Way Elimination Semifinals Match
Lince Dorado vs. Ophidian vs. Obariyon vs. “Ace High” Cameron Skyy vs. Keita Yano vs. Adam Cole – Wow this match was great. This is one of the best Chikara matches of the year. Just everything in this match worked perfectly. At the beginning they were all pounding on Ophidian and then a few were eliminated little by little. Cameron Skyy, probably the least over guy of the 6, was eliminated quickly by Ophidian. Adam Cole was VERY over in this match and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back in Chikara very soon. The most impressive outsider of this whole tournament was Obariyon (sorry Greg Iron). HE looked amazing in this match and Chikara made him look really strong as he eliminated Adam Cole and Keita Yano within a few minutes. He looked really impressive and you can tell that Chikara is really high on him following this night. Then it came down to Ophidian and Lince Dorado. Let me say right now that if there was a “Referee of the Year” award in the Observer I would hands down give it to Derek Zabato. He is one of the best heel referee’s ever as he adds A LOT to every match he refs. All the Campeones De Parejas matches where he was doing slow counts, ignoring illegal shots, and pretty much doing everything to make sure the BDK would win their match. The tag match at Chikarasaurus Rex would be nowhere near as good as it was had it not been for Derek Zabato. This match he was a superstar. He did so many heel tactics that even in several parts I was mad and started to boo Zabato. Whenever Lince was on the floor, he would count VERY slowly (at one point, the crowd had counted to 18 and he was only at 4) and whenever Ophidian would tell him to count faster he would just start over. Then Ophidian put his submission hold on Lince and Zabato pulled Lince’s hand to the ropes to break the hold. Then at the very end of the match, Lince put Ophidian in the inverted Chikara Special and Zabato called for the bell even though he had only raised Ophidian’s hand once, as opposed to 3 times, for the submission. Ophidian got a nice ovation after the match. This match had so much drama and was so much fun to watch while the 6 men were in it. Easily one of my favorite Chikara matches of the year, probably my 2nd favorite behind the Colony vs. the BDK at King of Trios Night 2. It was such a great match and one of Chikara’s best matches of the year. ****

Overall Thoughts: Great, Great show. This show has a great match on it and has 4 really good matches as well. This is my sleeper show of the year for Chikara because more people will buy Night 3 than this and many will forget that this show was great. All the Opening Round matches were good and except for one that wasn’t only because it was 5 minutes. The two tag matches were both really good and the Main Event is a must-see. I thoroughly enjoyed this show from start to finish and I would recommend it for any wrestling fan. If you want to check out the Young Lion’s Cup Tournament but you do not want to get Night one, then just get this show to see how the tournament works. I got to give credit to these workers because most of the opening round matches were good, and they still delivered when they had to in the main event. This is a great Chikara show and I give it a Thumbs Up. I would definitely recommend coughing up the $20 to see this show as it is a must-have. Great job Chikara and thank you for putting on a great show.

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