CHIKARA Young Lions day three report

Chikara Young Lions Cup Night 3 Review
By: Rick Cambo

Hallowicked vs. Akira Tozawa – This match was one of the best opener in Chikara all year. There was so much action in only 9 minutes. Tozawa is making huge strides in this country and in Japan. CIMA even said that this guy was going to be the future of Dragon Gate. He was highlighted very well here doing his signature Dragon Gate spots with added twists, which made them more enjoyable. Hallowicked was also strong here. This was the best singles match from him all year (though he hasn’t been in many as he is usually tagging with Frightmare). He looked really good here in reversing most of Tozawa’s offense. It had good psychology to it and the men got a standing ovation after the match. Really fun match and I hope that Gabe puts a match between these two guys in DGUSA one day with more time. ***1/4

Mike Sydal vs. Obariyon – This match was decent. Mike Sydal is so much fun to watch in the ring as he is so athletic and very flexible. Obariyon did not have as great of a showing as he did in Night 2. I thought he was just in a bad situation as he had to work over Sydal and Sydal would then make a comeback. Usually that’s fine but in this match he was given so little time that he did not have time to cut Sydal off several times with cool maneuvers like he did yesterday with Dustin Rayz and in the 6-Man Elimination Match. So while I liked him in this match, I could see where others wouldn’t. The thing about it is that in this tournament people really only buy Night 3 because Nights 1 and 2 have bad reputations because the matches aren’t usually that good. Another factor is that Nights 1 and 2 usually only have matches with a bunch of wrestlers that people have never heard of and therefore they are not willing to drop $20 to see matches that they don’t know will be good or bad. So while Obariyon had a great showing in Night 2, here he did not and this is the match where people are going to refer to him when they talk about his abilities. That I think is unfair. This was still a decent match that could have been a lot better (for everyone involved) if given time. Mike Sydal did get a standing ovation and a “Thank You Mike” after the match so I think it was good for him. Obariyon got the victory with his DDT as he is coming off the top rope. **1/2

Green Ant vs. Keita Yano – This match was going along so well until the ending. Basically these guys were having a BattelArts Match in a Chikara ring. They were doing mat wrestling the whole match with legit submissions and reversals. It is a cool match to watch. The only problem was that Yano grabbed Green Ant and jump off the top rope while Green Ant was in the ring and Yano had his knee on Green Ant’s head. Green Ant landed awkwardly and seemed to really hurt his shoulder. Yano immediately covered him and Bryce counted to two and then he stopped. He thought Green Ant was going to kick out. When Green Ant didn’t Bryce immediately counted the three and called the doctor to the ring. The fans were silent and they didn’t really know what had happened. They applauded Green Ant at the end of it. The match was different and going along so well but unfortunately it got cut short. This whole show is Chikara’s shortest show of the year. For it to be on one of their biggest shows of the year is odd. So most likely this match was a lot shorter than what it was supposed to be. Don’t really know if I can rate this match. If you thought it was ok to rate Orton/Edge at Over The Limit, then you can rate it all you want. Me I will not rate it but I will still say it was good to watch. Good Segment

Tursas vs. Greg Iron – Another fun squash match from Tursas. Tursas would dominate him but everytime Tursas went for the elbow Iron would move out of the way and get some offense in. It was short but fun to watch. Tursas got the win the same way he got it yesterday with his jumping Cross Body. At the end of the match Tursas gave a splash to the injured hand of Iron. Fun match and Tursas looked great. Iron did not look as good as he did in Night 2 (another problem with people only buying Night 3) but as opposed to Obariyon, he still had a really good showing. Good little squash match and it added to the show. **1/4

3.0 vs. The House of Truth – Just like yesterday, House of Truth came out saying they were going to dominate Chikara and they wanted to know which team would come out to give them their first point. 3.0 answered the challenge because if 3.0 would win the match, they would have 3 points in total. This was another fun match with 3.0. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I thought they were just hilarious in this match. There was one point where Shane Matthews was clotheslining everyone even to the point where he attempted to clothesline Bryce but Bryce ducked. He then was giving both members of the House of Truth headscissors and in the heat of the moment he gave one to Bryce. Bryce got mad at him and told him he was not a wrestler. Shane apologized and went to shake Bryce’s hand. When Bryce shook his hand Shane grabbed him and used him to give Josh Raymond a double clothesline. 3.0 then did their Wheelbarrow/Gutbuster combination finisher for the win and for 3 points! They were overjoyed and the crowd celebrated and chanted their names. My only gripe would be that I wish the match was a bit more important. If they switched their matches on Night 2 with this one, it would have been better as this match was only 9 minutes and didn’t really feel like a match where if a team one, they would get a title shot to the most important belts in the company. But nonetheless it was still a good match and the comedy boosts up the rating a bit. ***

The Countdown Showdown – This match was awesome. I thought this was better than the WWE’s Royal Rumble and I thought this year’s was one of the better ones. Yes a Royal Rumble match should be used as a way to get someone over and give him something of value but in a company like Chikara (and the WWE really) I think this match should be used to develop storylines and introduce new ones. The WWE really doesn’t do that with their rumble. In this match we saw storyline progression with Grizzly Redwood and Brodie Lee, BDK and Chikara, Vokoder and Pinkie Sanchez, the F.I.S.T Gargano/Akuma swap, and they also planted the seeds for an UnStable break-up/Olsen Twins reunion. I really like that 3.0 eliminated Claudio because it help set up a match when 3.0 cashes in their 3 points. It was such a fun battle royal and I hope everyone sees this match. Gargano eventually won the match after eliminated Scott Parker from 3.0. I don’t really know what a “Golden Opportunity” means but I am assuming it is either a YLC or Campeones de Parejas title shot. After the match there were loud Gran Akuma chants and Gargano kept saying “Akuma is gone and Gargano is in”. ****

Young Lions Cup Finals
Fightmare vs. Lince Dorado – This match was a really good main event. This match was very important in the Chikara/BDK storyline because if Frightmare could win, it would be something Chikara could take away from the BDK. Frightmare is very athletic and he did his usual spots in this match and Lince had great counters. There was this one sick spot where Lince did some version of a Canadian Destroyer on the apron! Derek Zabato wasn’t as awesome as he was in Night 2, but he was still awesome. He would do the really slow count for Frightmare and the really fast one for Lince. When he was counting Frightmare out of the ring, he counted it extremely fast to the point where Frightmare was only out for like 4 seconds in reality but had to rush immediately to the ring. It was so dramatic and the finishing sequence is just great. Lince kicks Zabato by mistake and Bryce Remsburg sprints to the ring to be the ref while Zabato is out. Bryce knows that Frightmare has to get the pin before Zabato gets up or else Bryce will have to leave the match. While Bryce is their, Frightmare reverses a suplex/powerbomb combination by Lince into a hurricanrana for the win and the Young Lion’s Cup. The crowd EXPLODED in cheers and all of the Chikara Technicos came out to celebrate. Frightmare was cheered massively and he was given his chance to celebrate with the fans. Lince looked really pissed after the match. My only gripe is that I thought the match could have used a little more time. I also felt that Zabato should have done more heelish tactics. While he did do a good number, he did nowhere near as much as he did in Night 2 and I thought it could have helped the match a little. But besides that, the match was incredibly fun to watch and I hope everyone sees this match as it is a key match in the Chikara/BDK storyline. I give it an extra ¼* for its importance and drama. Congratulations to Frightmare as he definitely deserves the cup. ***3/4

Overall Thoughts: A really good show from Chikara. Not as good as Night 2, but that really isn’t there fault because of the Green Ant incident and the Countdown Show down took up a lot of time. This show is just so much fun to watch and it is incredibly easy to sit through as it is only 1 hour and 58 minutes long. Another Thumbs Up recommendation from me. Definitely cough up the $20 to get the show. What makes this show stand out is that what is not rated highly, is still good. The Greg Iron/Tursas match served its purpose and was fun to watch as was the Mike Sydal/Obariyon match. Chikara is on a roll this year and I can’t wait to see more shows from them. Thank you Chikara for another really good show.

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