Dragon Gate USA weekend results

By Tim Kelly
real quick brief notes:
Chicago show:
 Soul Touchaz b Danny Duggan, Billy Rayz & Gringo Loco, match featured the best pounce/tackle I've ever seen. Dude just went flying if it wasn't for the ropes he would've been in the 2nd row. Arik Cannon b Kyle O'reily.  BB Hulk b Tozawa & Quackenbush in 3 way. Hulk's "dancer" turned on him & she came out w Mox later wearing a similar outfit cept it was all black. Moxley b Jacobs when he choked him out with Jacob's jacket with a chain. Jacobs brought back his little Bruiser Brody look for this match.  Cima/Ricochet b Doi/Yoshino. Cima put over Ricochet's flying after the match. Brodie Lee d all 3 Soul Touchaz in a hadicap match. Chuck Taylor b Rich Swan, Drake Younger & Johnny Gargano in a 4 Way. Shingo b d Dragon Kid. Danielson over Yamato via tap out. Danielson did come to "flight of the valkries" but left to "final countdown". I think that's everything from Chicago but I could have forgot something.

Milwaukee show:
The ring was over an hour late getting to the building.    Flip kenrick & Lewis lydon over zero gravity. Cima d Chuck Taylor. Gargano out for promo, then impromptu match w Drake Younger. Gargano b Younger. Brodie Lee won 6 way over  Jimmy Jacobs. Mike Quackenbush, Rich Swann, Silas Young & Kyle O’Reilly.  Dragon Kid b  Arik Cannon.  Richochet b Gran Akuma.  Danielson b Moxley via tap out.    BxB Hulk, Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi vs Shingo, YAMATO & Akira Tozawa, it was amazing. Everything you would want. Shingo pinned BB Hulk.          

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