TNA Bound for Glory live coverage from Daytona Beach

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Welcome to our live coverage of TNA's Bound for Glory PPV.

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We're getting what I believe is the German commentary.  What a start.  Let's see how long it is before it's fixed.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me for the tag titles.  Jeremy Borash is the only one speaking the English language in the first five minutes.

For the record, it was 16 minutes before they fixed the language issue on the commentary.  Excellent opener.  All kinds of spectacular moves and dives until Alex Shelley pinned Jeremy with the skull and bones, which was a splash off the top by Shelley and a neckbreaker by Chris Sabin.   Crowd loved the opener.

Madison Rayne called Christy Hemme a phony bitch, skank, Bozo the Clown.  Rayne said Tara is indebted to her for life.  Tara didn't seem happy with her.

Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara for the Knockouts title - Mickie James is referee.

Now we can hear the English commentary, but the Spanish is bleeding into the commentary.  I want to here the Japanese before the end of the show.

Bad match.  They did the spot where everyone does their finishers on each other, which is bad when most can't do their finishes credibly.  The finish was supposed to be Tara reversing an O'Connor roll on Sky, and hold the trunks for the win.  That isn't what happened, but Tara did pin Sky and become the champion.  Rayne was furious at Tara for winning the title and started yelling at her.  Then Rayne got mad at James for counting and took a swing at James.  James KO'd Rayne with one punch.  So now James vs. Tara is the Knockouts champion main match.  Tara may be the best wrestler to get a match out of James of the women they push, but it sends a bad message.

Eric Young thought he was a father figure to Orlando Jordan.  Young thought Jordan was bipolar instead of bisexual, and that everyone in his family disowned him for it.

Young & Jordan vs. Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal

Total comedy match.  Young kept screwing with Jordan, well, not exactly.  The highlight was Young going into the other corner, getting a hot tag from Moore and do a babyface comeback on Jordan with dropkicks and clotheslines.  It was actually funny.  Jordan was then double-teamed and pinned by Moore.  If you're into total serious wrestling, it was terrible, but if you look at it for what it was, it was 5:00 of mindless comedy.  The crowd was really into Young, so they enjoyed it.

Jay Lethal vs. Douglas Williams for the X title.  No Flair in the corner. 

Story of the match was Williams doing suplex after suplex, including the Chaos Theory suplex, but Lethal kept kicking out.  Then Williams reverted to high flying, doing a top rope Frankensteiner, but Lethal rolled through and got the pin.  Solid good match.

After the match, The Shore showed up.  Robbie, who Taz called Robbie G and who Robbie himself called Robbie E, laid out Lethal for being a disgrace to New Jersey.  I think he stole the belt.  That's never been done in TNA before.  Robbie used a diamond cutter for his finish and Cookie, who people chanted "Snookie" at her, used her catch phrase, "Jersey's in the house, bitches."

RVD vs. Abyss in a Monster's Ball match   

RVD got the pin using Janice to the gut.  Abyss bit the condom so he was bleeding from the mouth after the spot and RVD won with the frog splash.  This was good for what it was.  Lots of weapons used, including RVD taking a bump through a barbed wire board and cut up his face accidentally on that.  RVD also used a Rolling Thunder over the top rope on Abyss through the table.

Abyss vowed Here we come.

Sting & Kevin Nash & The Pope vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe

Nash pinned Joe clean with a jackknife power bomb after Jarrett walked out on Joe and wouldn't tag him in.  The match ended without anything more.  I guess the angle isn't happening until the end of the three-way match.  If Nash is really leaving, this made a lot of sense, so that would indicate Nash isn't leaving. 

Team 3-D is out.  The gist of the interview is that they claimed to be the greatest tag team of all-time, but they have nothing left to accomplish, so they are retiring.  As you can imagine, nobody bought that they were retiring.  They said they wanted one last match, a tag title match with the Machine Guns so they can retire as champions.

Lethal Lockdown:  A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Matt Morgan & Beer Money vs. Tommy Dreamer & Rhino & Stevie Richards & Sabu & Raven

This was a bloodbath, as in just about everyone bled, including Ric Flair, who wasn't even in the match.  he and Foley went at it a few times outside the ring.  Kazarian and Richards were the two who ended up on the top of the cage.  Brian Kendrick was hiding under a sheet on top so he knocked Kazarian off a ladder and put him through a table.  As far as Lethal Lockdown matches went, it wasn't the level of years past.  Kind of dragged in spots but there was probably enough blood and weapons to carry it through.  Unwieldy as well.  A surprise ending as Dreamer pinned Styles with a Death Valley driver off the top rope onto a chair.  

Kurt Angle dedicated his win inthe main event to Hulk Hogan, so he's getting screwed in some form, maybe after it's over if he actually wins the match as was the original plan.

Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA title plus the big angle at the end

The screwjob at the end was Hogan showing up when Bischoff was about to screw Angle, but then Hogan gave Hardy the crutch and he hit Angle and then hit Anderson with the crutch and Brian Hebner was revived (he had been screwed) to do the pin as Hardy pinned Anderson to win the title.  So the deal is Abyss, Jarrett, Bischoff and Hogan were "They" which pretty much everyone figured.  It was pretty clear either Hardy or RVD would be the other member.  Hardy laid out RVD with a belt shot when RVD tried to ask what happened and they ended the show like that.  So Angle has to do the retirement angle for a few weeks.  It was an attempt to redo the NWO angle.  They had an excellent match.  Angle's match layout was outstanding going into the final scene.



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