WWE Bragging Rights live PPV coverage from Minneapolis

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Welcome to our live coverage of tonight's Bragging Rights from the Target Center in Minneapolis.  We're looking for your thoughts on both this show and last night's UFC 121, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Daniel Bryan vs.  Dolph Ziggler with no titles at stake 

Long match with lots  of near falls ending when Bryan won with the LeBell lock.  Very good match, even eliciting a "This is awesome" chant late.  After the match, Vickie Guerrero and Ziggler were complaing to the ref who kicked Vickie out.  Yes, after the match was over.

Backstage, The Miz & Alex Riley & Sheamus were backstage. Sheamus said he wasn't going to listen to Miz.  Miz said he was the captain.  C.M. Punk said that Miz was Captain Crunch.  Santino Marella came in for the team meeting and was looking for snacks and beverages.  Punk said since he was with Smackdown for a year so everyone should listen to him.  Sheamus told Miz he'd kick his head off and Punk started laughing about it.  Miz told Punk that they needed to unite because they are fighting for the same cause and "We are awesome."  Punk said, "Well, some of us are awesome."  I hope to God they don't work the match wearing those T-shirts.   

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre came out.  McIntyre said all the boys in the back are scared to death of us.  The mystery General Manager's computer called and said there is a team that wants to face them.  Wade Barrett came out and said he was going to win the title (at some point this week that was the plan).  He announced David Otunga & John Cena would challenge them for the title.  That's smart, have Cena wrestle without being advertised.

Cena basically won the match by himself and made Rhodes submit to the STF, and then Otunga did this big celebration like he just won.  Cena gave Otunga the Attitude Adjustment after the match and held up both belts himself.  Cena laying out Otunga this early blew off heat way prematurely.  Match was nothing special.  Crowd wasn't into the match although Cena got the dueling chants. 

Perry Saturn, Greg Gagne and Bill Irwin are backstage at the show.  First time anyone has seen Saturn in years.

Goldust vs. Ted DiBiase

Maryse attacked Aksana, who started crying.  Maryse got the Million Dollar belt back.  Goldust was distracted by this and DiBiase got the pin with the DDT.  Aksana then attacked Maryse and took the belt back.  DiBiase confronted Aksana to get his belt back, but she came on to him.  They were about to kiss when Goldust attacked DiBiase and laid him out with final cut and left with the belt.  The wrestling good but crowd was dead until the women started fighting.

Layla vs. Natalya

Layla & Michelle McCool came out to insult Minnesotans.  Striker said the interview was "Shockmaster bad."

Layla retained.  The ref was distracted and McCool kicked Natalya in the head and Layla pinned her.  Bad match with a dead crowd.  

Kane vs. Undertaker in a buried alive match for the World title

Kane was a long match due to interference from Nexus.  Undertaker has a bad shoulder injury and needs to take some time off.  We had heard he may need surgery but that's not confirmed.  The match was all brawling, but not particularly good.  Kane choke slammed Undertaker a few times and destroyed him with chair shots.  They ended up fighting near the grave site.  Undertaker used the gogoplata and Kane passed out.  Undertaker rolled him into the grave.  Undertaker then set his sites on Paul Bearer and was about to choke slam him, when Nexus minus Cena attacked Undertaker.  They all beat him down until Kane revived and came out of the grave.  Kane hit Undertaker with the urn and Undertaker fell into the grave.  Nexus started shoveling the dirt on him until Kane told them to leave.  Kane then used his magical powers to get a bulldozer to dump dirt on Undertaker, who was buried.

Miz & C.M. Punk & John Morrison & Ezekiel Jackson & Santino Marella & R-Truth & Sheamus vs.

Big Show & Rey Mysterio & Edge & Kofi Kingston & Jack Swagger & Tyler Reks & Alberto Del Rio w/Hornswoggle in his Vikings outfit

Truth got all of 5% of his usual entrance reaction with the new song.

They're actually having to wrestle in their T-shirts.  God does this look low rent.

Long match, not particularly good.  Smackdown won with Edge & Mysterio winning.  The last few minutes were good but it mostly dragged and didn't have much heat until that point.  

1) Tyler Reks pinned Santino Marella with the torture rack into a fireman's carry slam

2) Sheamus pinned Kingston with the high cross

3) Morrison pinned Swagger with Starship pain

4) Sheamus pinned Reks with the Brogue kick

5) Show and Sheamus both counted out.  Sheamus threw down Hornswoggle on the floor so Show lost his temper and both fought until the count out.

6) Edge pinned R-Truth with a spear

7) Edge pinned Morrison with a spear

8) Punk pinned Del Rio with a backslide

9) Mysterio pinned Punk with a 619 and splash.  Earlier Del Rio had turned on Mysterio and injured his shoulder and Mysterio was carried to the back.  Mysterio came back several minutes later and made a comeback.

10) Mysterio pinned Ezekiel Jackson with a 619 and springboard splash.  Move was botched as Mysterio slipped on the ropes.  The ref counted three but it looked like Jackson kicked out.  Very weird looking.

11) Edge pinned Miz with the spear     

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett for the WWE title

Barrett announced that if he doesn't win, he's firing Cena.

The finish is that Cena attacked Barrett with the Attitude Adjustment at the end.  The deal is that because of that, Barrett won via DQ, so Cena outsmarted Barrett because Cena made him win, but he didn't get the title.  Earlier in the match, there was a ref bump and Nexus was beating up on on Orton.  Cena tackled Gabriel and Otunga while Orton used the RKO on Slater.  Barrett was mad at Cena but Cena explained that that Nexus was going to get Barrett DQ'd and he was saving him.  After the match, Orton gave Cena an RKO and later gave Barrett the RKO.

The only good match was the opener.  Crowd was dead throughout.  Bad finishes.  

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