OVW TV tapings 12-8 Louisville w/return of Haas & Benjamin

 Ohio Valley Wrestling taped it's weekly television show in Louisville, the first of four shows in four straight days at the Davis arena, being called "A December 2 remember" by OVW. The next two days, December 9th and 10th, are the ROH TV tapings for HDnet, then Saturday Dec. 11th is OVW Saturday Night Special. This Saturday Night Special has been a well built up card, but I'll be curious to see what the attendance is for the next few days. It was in the 80 range tonight, I was hoping it would be more, but it was a responsive crowd for most of the night. This TV taping featured the return of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin to OVW. Since RAW was in Louisville on Monday, I saw a few people wearing John Cena T-shirts tonight. There's no accounting for taste.

The TV announcers tonight were Jim Cornette, Dean Hill, and Kenny Bolin. They did the three man team for the entire TV taping. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers.

1.Rudy Switchblade & Ryan Nemeth w/Epiphany Jones beat Raul Lamotta & Jimbo Onoo

Dark Match. Black lady wrestler Epiphany Jones is now said to be the "cousin" of Rudy Switchblade, who's not Black...Or is he? Switchblade with some slick moves early. Nemeth, who took the heat, has a great look and body, but he has a long ways to go in the ring. I think his offense, both the timing and positioning, looks just atrocious, but he might be good someday. Switchblade pushed Lamotta into Onoo, then rolled Lamotta up for the win. Bad looking finish, so-so match at best. Switchblade and Jones take on Paredyse and CJ Lane in a mixed tag match this Saturday.

2. Lady JoJo w/Taryn Shay beat Taeler Hendrix

This was also a dark match. The redheaded Hendrix was billed as being from Seattle, Washington, but I believe was was one of several that came from the East coast with trainer/manager "Brutal" Bob Evans to this taping. The match opened with a really tight, and long collar and elbow hook up. Hendrix looked pretty rigid on a lot of the stuff she did. She's inexperienced, but interesting to watch, good potential there. Lady JoJo, the current OVW womens champion, had her butt hanging out of her pants for long stretches during this match. JoJo got up on the turnbuckle and lifted Hendrix off the ground with a choke/sleeper. Hendrix, however, did her impression of the Rockettes and kicked JoJo in the head a few times to break out of it. Hendrix slammed JoJo off the top rope in the corner ala Ric Flair. Taryn Shay got up on the apron and the ref argued with her for far too long. Meanwhile, JoJo got Hendrix up in a Firemans carry nd dropped her down for the win. Clunky sequence to the finish. Not a good match really, but oddly entertaining for some reason.

Jim Cornette came out to start the TV taping in the ring. Out came Charie Hass and Shelton Benjamin, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, to a huge pop, including a "Welcome home" chant. Hass and Benjamin look awesome in person physically. They look huge, in great shape, and they look tough, which is so greatly lacking in pro wrestling today. Guys that actually look rugged and tough. They just looked really big league. They weren't good on the mic here though, but the crowd was so into them they didn't care. As Hass & Benjamin chatted it up with Cornette, out came The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver), who sure looked small next to Hass & Benjamin, and Revolver isn't that small of a guy.

Cornette said The Elite was not scheduled to be out here. Revolver said all Cornette, Hass and Benjamin needed was some hot chocolate and a fireplace to complete their stroll down memory lane. Revolver said he and McNaler were on their way up the ladder, but Hass & Benjamin were on their way down. Cornette said Hass & Benjamin already had a match scheduled for tonight, and it's not against the Elite. McNaler challenged Hass & Benjamin to a match. Hass said he and Benjamin are not as great as we once were, but we're better than The Elite will ever be. He and Benjamin accepted the challenge, which will now be tonights TV main event.

3. "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett w/"Brutal" Bob Evans beat Matt Taven

This was the first match for the TV taping. I think both of these guys came with Bob Evans. Bennett has been appearing in ROH lately. He has a good look to him, as does Taven. Evans really has the look down of an old timey boxing trainer/cornerman. He looks a lot like Popeye too. Evans has good natural charisma, more than Bennett showed here really. Slow paced match early. It was good technically, above average really, but it was on the boring side, and the crowd wasn't into it. Part of it was the crowd didn't know these guys, but that wasn't all of it. Just wasn't exciting for whatever reason. Bennett missed a second rope leg drop, and Taven hit several leg lariats, and a nice spinning neck breaker. Taven has a lot of RVD influence in his style. Bennett got the win after slamming Taven off the top rope with something like a Michinoku Driver, but I don't think he hit it exactly like he wanted to.

They threw it to clips from last week where OVW TV champion Mohammad Ali Vaez was very upset that Alex Silva got involved in his "family business". Mr. B and Omar Akbar both work for Vaez, but they're not getting along, and Vaez had sided with B after Akbar lost a match, with both Vaez and B beating on Akbar, when Alex Silva made the save. Jim Cornette came out and added Vaez vs Silva for the OVW TV title at Saturday Night Special.

4. Alex Silva beat Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini

I was told that Elgin is a new member of the House Of Truth. Powerful looking guy, sort of in the vein of Rhino. I love Truth Martini's act, I think that guy is great. He forced ring announcer Ron Hed to re-do the introductions, and read a proclamation. Later, he read from the "Book Of Truth" during the match. Elgin showed his great strength early, tossing Silva around. Silva came back with a nice dropkick, and his unique running knee in the corner on Elgin. Silva went for a Tornado DDT, but the mighty Elgin cut him off, and gave Silva a powerslam. Elgin with clotheslines and chops in the corner on Silva. Silva later hit a somewhat sloppy Tornado DDT for a two count. They did a neat spot where Silva was on the apron, and twice Martini tried to grab him, but both times Silva jumped up and avoided it. Silva then missed a dive on Elgin in the ring. Silva came back though, and hit his running knee in the middle of the ring and got the win. This was a Hell of a good TV match. It clicked, and was exciting. Real nice stuff from everyone here. I'd love to see more of Elgin in OVW quite frankly, but he's just here for the ROH tapings most likely. Comical moment in the post match saw Elgin try to exit thru the babyface entrance by accident. Heh.

They threw it to clips from last week when the Blossom twins, Holly & Hannah, had cupcakes on a table in the ring they were going to auction off and give the proceeds to the Salvation Army. Lady JoJo and Taryn Shay came out to "taste test" the large cupcake, and Shay's face ended up going into it.

Back to now, Cornette was in the ring and called out the Blossom twins, and Lady JoJo & Taryn Shay. Cornette said strong stuff, with big repercussions, was said in private after the cupcake incident last week, and asked Lady JoJo if she still felt the same way a week later, and if she wanted to say it in public. JoJo said heck yeah she wanted to say it in public. She asked the Blossom's who they thought they were? JoJo said she is the OVW Womens champion, and has wrestled on Spike TV. She was Sojourner Bolt in TNA. Lady JoJo said her and Taryn Shay want a loser leaves OVW match against the Blossoms. The Blossoms said they can't let JoJo and Shay bully them any more, saying that they have to accept the match. The Blossoms said they can get vicious, nasty and mean. They then attacked JoJo & Shay, who bailed out. This match has been added to Saturday Night Special, with the loser leaves town stips. The Blossom's are legit from England, so the easy guess is they're leaving for awhile, but then again who knows.

They threw it to clips from last week where "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton got on the mic and said he was going to go to the home of OVW heavyweight champion "Lowrider" Matt Barela, find Barela's wife named Odessa, and strip her down to her bra and panties. Compton was angry because the week before Barela stripped him down to his underwear. When Compton made the threat against the wife, Barela ran out, and Cornette, several refs and the geek squad kept he and Compton separated.

5. "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton w/Mo Green & The Paparazzi guy beat Guy Alexander

Compton sprayed both Dean Hill and Cornette with Silly String on his way to the ring, really getting Hill good with it again. He did the same thing to Hill several weeks ago. Hill had Silly String all over his sport coat for the rest of this show. I think Guy Alexander is another who came down with Bob Evans. Compton just completely dominated Alexander. Alexander finally got a small comeback, but it didn't look any too devastating. Compton won with the "Media Blitz, aka Michinoku Driver. Just a squash.
Post match saw Matt Barela come out on the floor. Barela took the mic and said Compton is probably asking himself why Barela isn't in the ring kicking his a$$. Barela said after the verbal attacks Compton made on his family, and after Mike Mondo gave Barela a concussion with a chair shot at the November Saturday Night Special, that he Barela has been wanting to do a lot of bad things to Compton and Mondo. Barela said a few hours ago the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department was there, and told Barela if he followed thru, he would be arrested and taken to jail. Barela said he defends the OVW title against Mondo at Saturday Night Special, and cryptically warned Compton that if he, or anyone, gets involved in his match against Mondo, that he's going to hurt them, and a lot of bad, bad things are going to happen. He told Compton this was his last warning. A side note to this story is a few weeks ago Jim Cornette ordered Mike Mondo to not come back to Davis area until his December 11th match against Barela for his own safety due to the bad things Barela wanted to do to Mondo for giving him a concussion. Somehow, I don't think Cliff Compton is going to heed Barela's final warning to him.

6. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin beat The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver)

This was the TV main event. Hass and Benjamin just look so imposing and physically awesome that this looked like men against boys to a degree, but The Elite really hung in there with these guys match wise. Early on McNaler pulled the ropes open, causing Hass to fall out of the ring. Hass then took the heat, who The Elite beat on for several minutes on end. The match when right to the heat basically. Benjamin finally came in and ran wild, that guy is just insanely athletic. He gave both McNaler and Revolver big German Suplexes. At one point Hass threw Revolver, who is not a small guy, to Benjamin, who caught him in a firemans carry and dropped him with a Samoan drop. As Revolver was draped on the ropes, he was pulling out the 'Ol Tennessee chain. The OVW Southern tag team champs Fighting Spirit ran out, and got the chain away from Revolver. Meanwhile in the ring, Benjamin knocked McNaler out of the ring, and into the middle of next week, with a massive superkick. Benjamin then pinned Revolver with a pancake type of a move. Fighting Spirit celebrated with Hass and Benjamin post match. Fighting Spirit defends the tag titles against The Elite at Saturday Night Special, the first time the teams have faced each other in 90 days due to a stipulation of a match they had back in August.

7. Fighting Spirit(Raphael Constantine & Christopher Silvio) vs Mohammad Ali Vaez w/Mr B & Paredyse w/CJ Lane was ruled a double DQ

Dark match. Gilbert Corsey, a legit news reporter/anchor man living in West Virgina who Dean Hill introduced a few weeks ago, did the announcing here with Kenny Bolin and Ron Hed, but it won't be heard on TV. I don't think this was a title match, but the finish made it a moot point anyhow. Paredyse was sporting a sort of rainbow colored leather belt with his name on it. He hilariously had the ref hold it up in the air like it was a title belt. Vaez countered several side headlock takeover attempts by Silvio, but Silvio finally got him over. Nice stuff. Vaez is going "CM Punk" by the way, meaning he's letting his chest hair grow out. Fighting Spirit hit some nice double team moves on Vaez. Silvio gave Paredyse a flying head scissors to the floor, that took Vaez out as well, as Paredyse played the role of a bowling pin there for a second. Constantine hit a dive to the outside on both Vaez and Paredyse. Back in the ring, Constantine took the heat. Paredyse broke out the old abdominal stretch. Silvio came back in and unleashed his wicked kicks to the midsection of Vaez. Mr. B got up on the apron, but CJ Lane got up there as well, and B and Lane got into an argument over who was going to help Vaez. Meanwhile, this made Vaez a sitting duck in the corner, and Silvio blasted him with a sick running knee. Silvio went up top, but Paredyse pulled him down the apron. Paredyse then charged Silvio on the apron, but Silvio got out of the way and Paredyse went into the ringpost. Silvio then caught Vaez in the LeBell lock in mid ring, but Paredyse made the aave. Both Vaez and Silvio were down after knocking heads on a high spot. Mr. B and CJ Lane both got in the ring to help Vaez, and again got into an argument over who was going to help. Lane finally took out B with a spear, and the ref called for a double DQ. Lane, a lady wrestler who is now Paredyse' "Man-servant", and Mr. B then had a spirited cat fight, or maybe it was a dog fight, or maybe they were fighting like cats and dogs. Whatever it was, the crowd was really into it, chanting "Let them fight". Lane got the better of it, with her finally giving B a hard slap to the face. Vaez was unhappy with B afterwords, and shoved him to the back. Good match. lasted quite awhile, clicked really well, and was highly entertaining. I liked the idea of the fighting heel managers for the finish too.

Good show tonight, just wish there had been more here to see it live. I like how OVW and ROH work together, it's a good mix. I'm going to the ROH TV taping tonight(Thursday), and am going to try to go Friday too if I can work it out schedule wise. I won't be going to Saturday Night Special though, which kinda sucks because that should be a good show. Send any comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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