Brock Lesnar's first public appearance signing at Tutscherer's gym opening

Brock was at training partner Chris Tuchscherer's, CrowBar MMA's, local
MMA event tonight in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He signed autographs
during a 20 minute intermission and later addressed the live crowd here
is a recap.

A Video montage was shown of Brock. Some UFC stuff and some stuff from
his first fight at the Coliseum. Brock came out to Enter the Sandman. He
was still rocking the beard. He hit the Mic a few times on his head. Mic
didn't work right away and he turned it on. Said it helps if you have
the Mic on Chris.(referring to UFC Fighter and tonight's promoter, Chris
Tuchscherer) He thanked the crowd for coming out and for the support. He
said he was looking forward to 2011. Said the last time he was in the
building (The Ralph) the Sioux (UND Hockey team whom play in the Ralph)
kicked the Gophers (Minnesota's Hockey teams) ass. Crowd popped for
there Hometown Fighting Sioux. Someone in the crowd yelled that he was
getting his belt back and Brock agreed. Brock yelled he was getting his
belt back a few times to a big crowd pop. Quick appearance maybe 2
minutes tops. Brock looked great and was in great spirits.

--Steven Voeller--

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