TNA star business on fire

Arson investigators are on the scene as of this afternoon at Black Widow Customs, a Louisville custom detail shop owned and operated by Lee Varon and wife Lisa Varon, who is Tara in TNA.

The shop was the subject of a Consumer Watch investigation last night on WHAS, Ch. 11 in Louisville.  Firefighters who put out the fire this morning termed the fire suspicious.

Firefighters were called this morning when an employee got to the shop, and saw it had been broken into and vandalized and found several small fires on the ground near a car inside the shop.  He attempted to put the fires out unsuccessfullly, and they spread, destroying the entire inside of the building.

Investigators are looking into the coincidence of the shop being featured on a television report last night and the fire this morning. 

A complete report is at in the news section.

The story last night regarded Antwane Glenn, a University of Kentucky football player, who brought his car to the shop and paid $2,000 to get it lifted claimed it is now un-driveable.  He contacted Andy Treinen, who does the Consumer Watch news stories on the station, who filed a report last night, noting many problems with the car.

Lee Varon responded, saying that the company's work has gotten awards on a regional and national level, but due to pending litigation, could not comment on the report.  The consumer story noted Glenn has not filed suit, and indicated it may have been  Black Widow Customs filing action.  Lee Varon said he is willing to fix all the problems and noted he's had that offer to Glenn from the start,but Glenn said he no longer trusts them to do it.

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