UFC 125 Live Coverage from Las Vegas - Maynard vs. Edgar - all judges scores included

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Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 125 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  We're looking for your thoughts on both tonight's show as well as the Dynamite! New Year's Eve show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down, or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Antonio McKee vs. Jacob Volkmann

Two guys who are primarily wrestlers open the show. McKee hasn’t lost since the Roosevelt administration, but his reputation is of being the most boring fighter on the planet, which is saying something living on a planet with Hiroshi Izumi and Jon Madsen. The good news is Brittney Palmer is at ringside. Is this the only sport where the reputable media treats the ring girls as celebrities? Well, since we’re on that subject, no sign of Holly Madison. McKee got a decent reaction. Volkmann came out to some song that I remember from Memphis videos in the 80s. Unfortunately he’s not Jos LeDuc and isn’t slashing his wrist.

Round one: Vokmann is from White Bear Lake, Minn., which may mean he’s got the best dropkick in the business. Side kick by McKee. Low kick by Volkmann. Another low kick by Volkmann. Some dude in the crowd screaming leg kicks win fights. McKee tried a takedown but no luck, but he did knee Volkmann in the belly. McKee went for another takedown and Volkmann again stopped him. They are up against the cage. McKee is trying for a takedown and getting nowhere. Volkmann took McKee down. McKee up and threw a knee. A couple of knees in the clinch by McKee. Volkmann going for a takedown but couldn’t get it. McKee with a body kick and missed a few punches. Not much of a round. Really should be 10-10 but if you have to pick, I’d say edge to McKee.

Round two: McKee almost gets the takedown, but Volkmann sprawled and spun around to get his back. Volkmann is going for a choke but doesn’t have it. Now he thinks he has it but he still doesn’t. Suffice to say this fight is probably not airing on PPV. Volkmann held McKee in the non-sleeper hold for like two or three minutes. McKee is reaching around and punching Volkmann. Volkmann starting kicking McKee’s thigh still while holding the hold. McKee reversed with time running out. Volkmann 10-9. Palmer walking around to no reaction but this is Vegas, other than one guy screaming "You’re hotter than Arianny."

Round three: Crowd is quiet. Nothing happening for the first 90 seconds and finally the crowd started booing. McKee responded by missing a punch. And he missed another one. McKee connnected with a punch at 2:30 and then landed a side kick. These are two guys who appear to be bound and determined not to win the third round of a close fight and determined to also not come back. Volkmann is doing the worst job of it, or the best, depending on how you look at it. McKee threw a punch and got a takedown, while Volkmann is trying for a guillotine with 90 seconds left but doesn’t have anything. They stayed in that position against the fence until the end of the round. People aren’t booing but this is one of the more boring rounds of the year. Okay, the last 12 months. Now they’re booing. Both guys lost. Let’s move on. McKee should win 29-28 by ten point must, but with half points I’d have Volkmann 29.5 to 29, and it really doesn’t matter who wins this one anyway, except to these two's wives.

Three rounds: 29-28 McKee 29-28 Volkmann 29-28 Volkmann. Lots of booing.

Judge Junichiro Kamijo gave Volkmann the first two rounds.  Judge Glenn Trowbridge also gave Volkmann the first two rounds.  Judge Tony Weeks gave McKee rounds one and three.  All three cards are fine since the first round could have gone either way, but the only clear round was Volkmann in round two.  

Daniel Roberts vs. Greg Soto

Round one:  Soto rocked Roberts with a hard right and followed with a takedown. Soto tried a rolling guillotine. Soto rolled with it one more time and now throwing knees to the head from that position. Soto throwing a few more punches. Now Roberts moved in for the takedown. Roberts spun into a Kimura and got the submission. Cool finish.

Mike Thomas Brown vs Diego Nunes

´╗┐Brown got a nice reaction.  Not overwhelming, but minor star level.  Nunes firing all kinds of
kicks.  Brown moved in for a takedown.  Nunes blocking and Brown throwing hard knees to the
thigh trying to wear the left leg out.  Crowd loves this strategy.  He tried to lift Nunes but Nunes
blocked.  Brown grabbed a bearhug and just powered him down and throwing punches. .  Now he
has Nunes’ back.  Now some nasty crossfaces by Brown.  He tried for a takedown and Nunes
grabbed the fence but still went down.  Brown picked Nunes up and slammed him spinebuster
style.  Nunes up and Brown cracked him with a right and another one.  Nunes’ left eye looks
almost shut. Brown pounding him and Nunes back.  Nunes with a spin kick to the body.
Spinning backfist by Nunes.  Low kick and spin kick by Nunes.  Spinning backfirst by Nunes.
Nunes in with knees and Brown fired some punches.  Great first round.

Nunes out with low kicks.  Brown tried a takedown Nunes eveaded and they traded punches.
High kick by Nunes.  Trading again and Nunes got the best punches in.  Brown moved in for a
takedown, but not getting it, and Nunes escaped.  Nunes with knees to the body.  Brown has him
against the fence and threw two punches.  Nunes continues to land more but Brown doesn’t seem
fazed by anything Nunes does.  Good left by Nunes.  Lots of low kicks by Nunes.  Brown went
for a takedown, then a high slam that Nunes partially blocked.  Brown threw Nunes down.
Uppercut by Brown and knee by Nunes.  Nunes landed another spin kick and hard knees and the
ones to the face hurt Brown.  Big punches traded and spin kick to the body landed by Nunes.  Big
crowd reaction at the end of the round.  Nunes took the round, should be 19-19 right now.

Nunes throwing all kinds of spin kicks and an ax kick and a low kick.  Nunes landing low kicks
and punches.  Brown ducked for a takedown.  Knees to the left thigh by Brown as Nunes was
trying to get up.  Now a knee to the head and another knee to the head as Nunes got up and
Brown stayed behind him.  Nunes spun out of trouble.  Knee by Nunes and punches by Brown.
Trading knees in a clinch.  Now quick trade of punches and back into a clinch.  Nunes with
another ax kick.  Brown bleeding from the bridge of the nose.  Brown got another takedown.
That may win him the fight.  Nunes up but Brown is controlling him and throwing knees to the
left thigh.  Nunes with a knee to the body.  Brown going for another takedown but Nunes
sprawled out of trouble here.  Nunes with a knee and another knee in the clinch.  Brown tired.
Spin kick by Nunes.  Brown ducked a punch and got a hard takedown with 28 seconds left.
Nunes quickly out of trouble.  Both throwing as time ran out.  Very good fight.  Third was close
but I think the takedowns won it for Brown 29-28, but you’ll rarely see a guy with one eye doing
so well for three rounds.  Nunes definitely landed more.

29-28 Nuens 29-28 Brown 29-28 Nunes.  Lots of booing but it was close.

Crowd booed the hell out of Nunes when he did his interview.  That’s unfair after all the heart he

Judge Patricia Morse Jarmin had rounds two and three for Nunes.  Judge Glenn Trowbridge had rounds two and three for Nunes.  Judge Lester Griffin had rounds one and three for Brown.  Again, with the third round close, all cards are solid.


Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares

Baroni came out to a huge reaction. He really should be in pro wrestling. He’d walk in and be top 5% for charisma and top 5% for promo ability. He’s got Mark Coleman and Jon Fitch in his corner.

Round one: Tavares nailed himwith a low kick. And another. And another. Crowd booing as Baroni trying to pace himself instead of burn himself out in the first 2:00 like usual. Baroni rocked him with a left hook and now on top of him, tried a guillotine, let it go but on top. Baroni not going hog wild. I think he knows this isn’t about having a great fight but he’s got to win. Tavares up but Baroni controlling him against the fence. Tavares escaped. Baroni with a left. Tavares threw a knee and pushed Baroni into the fence. They were in a clinch and traded knees. Baroni’s was low. Low kick and Tavares nailed him with some hard punches and knees and lots of punches on the ground. Baroni is in lots of trouble and went down and it’s over as Josh Rosenthal waved it off. 4:20

Dustin Poirier vs. Josh Grispi 

Poirier with low kicks. Trading. Grispi jumped up in the air for something that wasn’t there. Knee by Poirier. Trading knees. Grispi hurt with a punch by Poirier. Poier hurting Grispi and Grispi went for a takedown but Poirier ended up on top. Now low kicks by Poirier and Grispi with a body kick. Front kick by Poirier and another knocked Grispi down. He went to go down but Grispi tripped him but Poirier decided to stand. Body kick, punches and knees, Poirier going to town on Grispi with punches, landing one after another. Grispi ducked for takedown but nothing here. Poirier now on top on the ground. Grispi thinking Kimura. He let it go as he didn’t have it. Time running out in the round. 10-9 Poirier, would be 10-8.5.

In a clinch. Grispi wants it on the ground but can’t get it there. Poirier landing punch after punch and a hard knee. Grispi ducked down for a takedown and finally got it and grabbed a guillotine but doesn’t have it and Poirier out and on top. Grispi tried a triangle but Poirier escaped and started throwing punches, and then backed off, making Grispi stand. Poirier with punches. Knees and punches by Poirier. Grispi shot for a takedown but Poirier sprawled. Grispi tried a triangle but Poirier power bombed his way out and now punching on the ground and backed off, wanting Grispi to stand. Grispi with a kick to the body. Knees standing from a Thai plumb by Poirier. . Now throwing more punches. Grispi was in a lot of trouble as the round ended. Would also be 10-8.5 but here Poirier should be up 20-18.

Poirier continues to punch. . Grispi wants it on the ground but Poirier backed out, grabbed a Thai plumb and threw more knees. As he threw a knee, Grispi took him down but ended up on his back. Poirier backed off and Grispi had to get up. Back to the Thai plumb and knees by Poirier. . Grispi timed a knee and ducked and got a double leg takedown and is on top with 2:15 left. He needs a finish here. Grispi hasn’t been able to get anything done from the top as time runs out. Should be 30-27 Poirier.

All three judges have it 30-27 for Poirier.  Real winner was Mark Hominick, who now looks first in line for a shot at Jose Aldo Jr. with Grispi being eliminated here.

Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round one:  Davis got the takedown. Crowd booing as nothing is happening on the ground. Stephens back to his feet. Davis connected and rocked Stephens and immediately wanted to get it to the ground. . Stephens recovered. Davis 10-9, not much of a round.

Round two:  Not much happening this round either. Stephens missed on a spinning back fist. Stephens moved in for a takedown. Crowd so quiet. Davis ended up getting the takedown but Stephens working for a Kimura. Davis throwing weak punches to the back just to stay busy I guess, figuring who knows how the round will be judged. Davis escaped the Kimura. Both throwing with Davis on top. Close round to Davis so I’ve got it 20-18 Davis.

Round three:  Stephens landed a good right. Stephens landed a few more. Stephens landed to the body. Stephens knocked Davis out cold with a right to the jaw and the last punch on the ground didn’t help any. Davis is really hurt. 2:33

He’s not going to be able to get up quickly. They’ve got him up and on his stool.

Clay Guida vs. Takanori Gomi 

Round one:  Let’s Go Guida chant. Gomi has no idea what to make of Guida’s movement. He’s moving all over the place with no rhyme nor reason other than perhaps memorizing a Billy Blanks tape. High kick by Guida, shot missed and threw and connected on some some punhches. Guida moved in quickly for a takedown and got it but Gomi right back up. Actaully this is a shitty round. Crowd staring to boo. Guida moved in for a takedown and they bonked heads. Guida looks like he’s running around doing a crazy cardio workout. Body kick by Guida and takedown and then a slam. He held him down the rest of the round. 10-9 Guida. Crowd cheered the end of the round. Guida’s one of the few guys who could have gotten away with that.

Round two:  Gomi trying to punch Guida but Guida staying out of range. Guida punching even though way out of range. Guida in for another takedown. Gomi sprawled but Guida relentlessly going for it. Gomi back up. Guida must have been hell to wrestle the way he keeps coming even when you’ve blocked him. Guida chant. Gomi staying outside. Guida with a high kick and punch. Gomi threw a left. Gomi now with a big miss and Guida landed two punches. Knee to the chin by Gomi and Guida grabbed that leg and took him down. Guida with a guillotine and Gomi tapped. 

Guida credited Joe Stevenson for teaching him the guillotine that he won. Then Guida tried to mention as many friends as possible before Joe Rogan became the Gene Okerlund of 2011 by pulling the mic from him in the middle of the interview.

They showed Gray Maynard entering the arean and Frankie Edgar. No reason like you’d expect for main events. Not even what you’d expect for third from the top guys.

Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim 

Round one:  Diaz landed to the body and is mouthing off to Kim. I don’t think he knows what Diaz is saying because he doesn’t know the language. Then again, it’s 50% if I heard I’d know what he’s saying. Kim with a takedown. Diaz thinking triangle from the bottom but Kim knows it. Kim dropped down with a punch but doesn’t want to get careless on the top. Diaz punching from the bottom and Kim nailed him with a punch from the top. Diaz working for an armbar but Kim cleared to get Diaz’s back. Now Diaz working for a leglock and Kim stepped out. Diaz nearly escaped but Kim rolled him and he’s back on top. Kim has his back. Diaz tried some kind of leg lock and Kim kicked him off. Both standing with time running out in the round and mouthing off to each other. If you like grappling, a hell of a round. This crowd liked grappling. Kim 10-9.

Round two:  Low kick by Kim. Trading punches and I think Diaz got the better of the exchagne. Good jab by Diaz. Kim went for a low single but Diaz danced away. Kim went for another power single and got it with 3:45 left. Diaz punching from the bottom, trying for a triangle and Kim moving out of trouble. Diaz throwing a lot of punches from the bottom. He kept working for submissions. Kim threw a hard punch from the top. Diaz kicked Kim off but Kim took him right back down. Diaz reversed Kim with 5 seconds left and had his back. But Kim escaped. Close round. I thik the judges will go for Kim and I’d really have it even. To me it’s Kim 20-19.

Round three:  High kick landed by Kim. Kim landed a counter right. Diaz went for apunch, Kim tried a takedown, Diaz evaded and got a takedown but Kim back up. Kim went for a takedown, Diaz kneed Kim. The ref stopped it saying Kim’s hand was down but the hand wasn’t dow n when the knee connected to the side of the head. Bad call and the time out got Kim out of trouble. Kim moved Diaz into the cage. Diaz with a knee. Kim tried a judo throw, but Diaz wound up on top. Kim reversed and is now on top with 2:36 left. Kim has Diaz’s back standing and then took Diaz down. Diaz going for an ankle lock but Kim escaped and got his back again. Diaz with punches and nailed a head kick. Knee to the body by Diaz and punches in the clinch go the body . Diaz landing punches from the clinch as time is running out. He’s throwing knees to the thigh. Diaz’s round. I’d have it 29-29 after three so it’ll be interesting how this is scored.

It all depends on how they judge the second round.

All three had it 29-28 Kim. Crowd booed but either way 29-28 was legit. Diaz stormed out without shaking Kim’s hand.

Kim said "My name is Stun Gun and I want GSP. I waned to stand with him but the way he was acting I just wanted to tackle him down, and that’s why it turned into a grappling match." Crowd booed Kim like he was some foreign heel.

Brandon Vera vs. Thiago Silva

Round one:  Both in the center throwing. Vera scored with low kicks. Silva landed a good punch but Vera with a knee. Vera had him against the cage. Silva got the single leg takedown and is on top. Silva moved to side control. Silva throwing punches but most blocked. He landed an elbow and a few body punches. Vera isn’t getting hurt on the bottom but is doing nothing offensively or to escape from there. Silva dropped for a heel hook but gave it up. He’s doing a few Mongolian chops from the top. Silva 10-9. Vera got up and in his face between rounds. Crowd got into that.

Round two:  Vera came out going crazy with punches and kicks. This has just turned into a brawl. High kick by Vera and punches Sila. Silva moved Vera into the cage. Vera turned him around. Vera with knees to the left leg but Silva tripped Vera down again. Vera with elbows from the bottom. Silva with punches from the top. Crowd booing as they want a standup and Mazzagatti is scratching his chest. Silva throwing elbows to Vera’s thigh trying to break his guard. Silva landed some lefts and now a right to the head on the ground. Vera needs to work on getting up from the bottom as he’s just doing nothing but getting punched here. Silva with short elbows and grinding the elbow into Vera’s cheek bone. Now he’s throwing punches. Silva’s round 10-9, so 20-18.

Round three:  Vera knocked Silva down with a body kick and Vera wouldn’t follow up. Vera needs to stay away from the cage and move. High kick and Silva pushed Vera into the cage. Crowd booing as they want Mazagatti to break them up. Silva got Vera’s back and took him down again. Silva throwing knees to Vera’s left thigh and now punches to the side of the head. Crowd booing and badly wanting a stand-up. Silva punching. Someone yelled Mazagatti sucks but Vera has to learn to get up on his own and Silva is working from the dominant position. Silva punching to the side of the head. Silva’s landed puches and a couple of chops. He’s slapping him around Hard punches to the face by Silva. Silva slapped his face and dared Vera to do something. He’s really humiliating Vera. Now he’s spanking Vera. More punches to the face as time runs out. This may be a 10-8 round except for the early knockdown by Vera, so I’d go 10-9 and 30-27 for Silva.

Looks like Vera has a broken nose. It’s all over his face. Crowd is giving Vera a huge ovation. They just like the guy but this is his third loss in a row and he really didn’t look good here.

30-26, 30-27, 30-27 for Silva.

Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann

Round one:  Stann landed a few punches. Body kick by Stann and Leben missed a punch. Stann landed a few and now they’re in a clinch against the cage. Leben tried a takedown but got punched a few times. Now they’re trading and Stann landed a knee and more punches. Leben tried for a takedown and couldn’t get it. Knee by Stann. Leben chant. Going toe-to-toe and Stann dropped him with a left to the jaw and is punching Leben on the ground. . Stann working a guillotine but let it go. Stan with hard lefts and Leben is hurt bad. Leben back to his feet. Stann working the body and dropped him with a knee to the head and more punches on the ground and ref Josh Rosenthal stopped it. Leben took a real beating. Stann made himself a star with this performance.

Stann dedicated the fight to a Marine he knew that died in Afghanistan. "I feel great. I asked for Chirs Leben because he’s the toughest guy on the UFC roster and I needed to challenge myself. I wanted to fight the best. It could have happened to either of us but it happened to be my night.". "I’m ecstatic but golly can this guy take some shots."

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard for the lightweight title

Edgar moving all over the place. Dueling chants. I hated that following me here. Gray dropped him with left and is beating on him. . Edgar tried to get up but Maynard is going wild on him. Edgar is in a ton of trouble here. But he is now defending himself. Maynard took Edgar down and is pounding on him. He’s cranked on a kravat. But Edgar got out. Edgar back to his feet and place is going crazy. Edgar bleeding and still wobbly. He shot for a takedown and didn’t get it. Edgar up but he’s hurt. He’s got enough to block a takedown by Maynard, though. Maynard caught him with two big punches and put him down again. Edgar up and was nailed with a hard right and and other right and he went down again. . Maynard scrambled for a takedown. Maynard has his back. Maynard with a right hook. Edgar’s legs are gone. Edgar with some body punches. Maynard whiffed on a punch that would have ended it. Edgar landed a left. Body punch by Maynard. Knee by Maynard. Give Edgar credit for lasting the round. 10-8 Maynard.

Body kick by Edgar. Low kick by Edgar. Edgar landed a big right. Edgar with more body punches. Trading punches. Maynard landed on the chin. Edgar hurt Maynard with a hell of a right. Maynard went for a takedown but Edgar blocked him. Edgar moving and landing. Frankie chant. Loud Frankie chants. They love that he came back. He landed a right and then did this awesome slam takedown on Maynard but Maynard back up. Now Edgar is darting away from Maynard’s punches. Good right by Edgar. Now Maynard chants. Traded punches. Edgar rocked Maynard with a right. Maynard shot in for a takedown and Edgar blocked. Edgar landing rights and Maynard is cut under his left eye. 10-9 Edgar to 19-18 right now for Maynard.

Edgar landing jabs. Edgar moving in and landing to the body. Edgar’s quickness is taking over. Low kick by Edgar. Edgar is fighting his fight completely now. Lots of movement, landing and getting out of the way. Hard right by Edgar. Maynard went for a takedown, Edgar punched him and got away. Edgar landing more punhes. Edgar keeping up a hell of pace. Maynard better be in shape or he’ll pay the priced late. Body kick by Edgar and then got away from the takedown attempt. Edgar slipped and Maynard tried to take advantage with a takedown but Edgar out of the way. Maynard landed a right. Both traded. Good body punch by Maynard and landed a head punch as well. Trading and both landed solidly. Good left by Maynard. Good left by Edgar and an attempt a high kick. Edgar with a kick. Maynard so badly wants the takedown and got it with 38 seconds left. Edgar back up with no damage. Edgar took him back down. Edgar went for a guillotine just as time expired. Even with the takedowns I’ve got the round for Edgar so I’ve got the score 28-28 now. But I can see this round going the other direction.

There are tons of people leaving between rounds. These two are having a hell of a fight and it’s anyone’s fight and the place is emptying out.

Edgar landed some punches. Takedown by Edgar and he’s got a tight guillotine on Maynard. Maynard powered out. But Edgar landed punches and Maynard came right back. This is an excellent fight. Left by Maynard and another takedown by Edgar. Maynard backup. Body kick by Edgar. Another body kick. Maynard tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. The pace is weakening Maynard at this point. Good left by Maynard. Maynard shot for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Left by Maynard. Maynard missing as Edgar keeps moving. Knee by Edgar and Maynard shook his head which means he nailed him. Edgar in for a takedown against the fence and threw a few good lefts in the clinch. Edgar moved away form the fence and landed a body punch. Edgar moved in for a takedown and Maynard blocked him. I go Edgar here so he’s now up 38-37.

Crowd gave both guys a huge ovation as the fifth round started. Low kick by Edgar. Edgar landed a few and moved. Edgar landing more and moving. Maynard with a hard left and right to the jaw. Edgar with a right to the jaw. Maynard wanted a takedown and couldn’t get it and a knee by Edgar. A takedown with some ground and pound may win him the round. Edgar landed punches and out of the way. Maynard moved in and got kneed again. Now Edgar went for a takedown and Maynard blocked him. Edgar landed a few more shots and Maynard missed. Maynard went for another takedown and couldn’t get it. Good left jab by Maynard. Two more punches landed by Edgar and Maynard shooting in and not getting anywhere. Crowd popped huge at the 1:00 left mark. Edgar with several punches and out of the way of Maynard with a left. Both in a clinch. Both feinting shots and now Maynard shot in but Edgar sprawled. Ten seconds left and both are swinging like crazy. Standing ovation. One hell of a fight. This round was very close. I’ve got Edgar but it could be a draw. I don’t see Maynard winning. My score is 48-46 for Edgar. There are people at press row for Maynard.

Scores: 48-46 Maynard 48-46 Edgar 47-47 a draw. I’ll tell you what. That’s not a bad call.

Patricia Morse Jarman had rounds two through four for Edgar and a draw with a 10-8 first for Maynard. Glenn Trowbridge had one three and five for Maynard with a 10-8 first. Marcos Rosales had rounds two through five for Edgar after a 10-8 first.

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