Flair not at TNA show today in Germany

Ric Flair had a blow-up after the house show in Dublin, Ireland yesterday and did not appear at today's show in Berlin, Germany.

We don't have a lot of details but Flair was asking for an advanced draw (cash advance) on the road and was turned down.  At that point he refused to get on the bus to the airport, to fly to Germany.  The bus left without him.

It is not known if Flair will rejoin the tour tomorrow or if he will or has flown home.  If it's the latter, it could signal the end of him with the company. 

Situations between Flair and TNA management had built up in recent weeks although nobody could point to exact reasons why.  Flair was always described as "teflon man" in the sense he was able to get away with things that nobody else could because he was Ric Flair.


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