Dragon Gate USA 1-29 Philadelphia

DGUSA United: Philly Results
Yamato def. Brodie Lee with a Choke Sleeper.
Rich Swann def. Jimmy Jacobs with a standing 450 splash
Sami Callihan def. Frightmare, Jigsaw, A.R. Fox, Cheech, and Rexx Reed when he pinned Fox with a shoulder-block.
Akira Tozawa def. Austin Aries with a bridging German suplex. 
BxB Hulk def. Jon Moxley with the First Flash
Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor def. CIMA and Dragon Kid with the Gargano Escape. 
Masato Yoshino and PAC def. Naruki Doi and Ricochet with Sol Naciente. 
Yoshino/PAC and Ronin both have 4 points and the other teams have none. 

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