TNA Against All Odds PPV report

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Robbie E was awarded a forfeit victory to become the No. 1 contender to the X Division title.

Kazarian came out and announced he was defending against Robbie right now.
Good opener ending when Kazarian won clean with the Omori driver, which they are calling the "fade to black."  Fast paced and Kazarian as a face in this role came across as more of a star than ever before.

Beer Money & Scott Steiner vs. Gunner & Murphy & Rob Terry

Match  was a lot better than expected.  Beer Money worked most of the way, with Storm doing the selling and Roode getting the hot tag and cleaning house.  Gunner & Murphy, now wearing regulation gear, did just fine as Beer Money's foes.  Very judicious use of Terry and Steiner and the one confrontation was just Terry posing and then as he flexed, Steiner kicked him low.  Roode gave all three spinebusters, put Gunner on the top rope, tagged Steiner and Steiner gave Gunner a top rope Frankensteiner for the pin.  Crowd really into Beer Money & Steiner.

Devon said that he's turning down the challenge and told his sons they were staying backstage and will not be in the match.  Seems to be setting up his sons turning on him.

Samoa Joe vs. Pope

Crowd into this one as well.  Joe won the match with a choke out of nowhere.  Pope tapped immediately with the idea that he tapped to avoid getting put out by the hold or even being hurt by it.  Pope wanted to shake hands, and of course, when he did, Pope attacked Joe and threw Joe into an exposed turnbuckle and then gave him the DDE.  Joe came up bleeding.  Joe saw the blood, went wild but Pope ran away.  Kazuchika Okada was at ringside during this match with the new gimmick of wearing a Green Hornet mask as Okato.  After the match he tried to save Joe but Pope laid him out like it was nothing.

Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James for the title last knockout standing

James dressed as Pochantas.

Good match here as well.  Very physical.  Finish saw James with a Thesz press off the top rope, then pulled off Rayne's loaded glove.  Tara came out and James KO'd Tara with the glove.  However, Rayne pulled Brass Knux out of her boot, hit James with it and went for the pin.  She forgot it was  ten count and not a pinfall, which was kind of funny.  James couldn't beat the count.

Matt Morgan coming out in his clothes for an interview.  Morgan told Hernandez to come out.  Hernandez did as requested.  Hernandez called him the "Great White Hype."  Said America is looking for the next great white hope.  That's why he went to Mexico.  Said they loved him in Mexico and treated him like a star.  Actually he was in the heel Foreign Legion.  Hernandez said they treat him like a second class citizen here.  Hernandez said this is now Hispanic America and the white people like Morgan are the minority now.  Morgan acted all confused.  This is an interersting gimmick but it needs someone who is better ont he mic to pull it off.  Hernandez attacked Morgan with a knee to the groin.  Hernandez laid Morgan out with the Attitude Adjustment, which obviously wasn't called that.  Mike Tenay told the story that Hernandez went to Mexico and dominated in AAA for hte past year.    

Cold Blood Matt Hardy vs. RVD

Matt Hardy did an interview, said he always tried to do the right thing.  But in the last year he survived a possible career ending injury, then his brother left and he was punished for it and it made him cold blooded.

Another good match.  RVD won with the five star frog splash after Hardy missed a moonsault.  Matt wasn't at the level of what he was in WWE, but hye's getting into his new character a lot better.  This was easily his best perforjance since coming to TNA.

Story they've pushed is that Immortal is losing every match, which makes me think Jeff wins at the end.

Bubba interview bullying Christy Hemme.  Bubba wants him to bring his two bastard sons because he can make a man out of them.  If they follow in their father's footsteps they'll always be sidekicks.

Bully Ray vs. Devon in a street fight

The match had great heat and they worked the crowd well.  Terrell and Tyrell came out and didn't turn on Devon.  But Ray handcuffed Devon to the corner.  Bubba beat up one son and the other tried to save but the other attacked Bubba.  But Bubba laid him out and pinned him while Devon was still handcuffed to the corner.  Bubba went to hit Devon with a chair.  Bubba dropped the chair and instead deicded to attack his sons.  Bubba screamed they should hhave never kicked out of the 3-D but Devon was weak.  Bubba then put one of the sons through a table.  There were fans saying "One More time" while Devon was really freaking out  and practically in tears in the corner.  If this was like 12 years ago this would have been an incredible angle.  Finally they unlocked Devon who was checkingon his kids.  They are going to bring in a stretcher for Devon's kids.  They put one son in a neckbrace and brought out a stretcher.  Taz did the hushed voice and Mike Tenay said nothing while they put him on the stretcher.  Taz talked about how Bubba was an uncle and like a second father to the kids.  Devon carried one son out on his shoulder and the other went out on a stretcher.  Put it this way, the context of pro wrestling for the past few years hurt the effectiveness of this, but they did a great job with the angle.

Jeff Jarrett is guaranteeing a victory and he said on March 3rd in Fayetteville Kurt will walk the aisle with his princess.  Kind of weird giving the date of TV, because if you're in Fayetteville, it's not taking place of that.  Jarrett said he'd never put his kids in harms way.

Kurt said he wanted to win custody of his kids.  He sees Jeff using his kids as pawns.  They really shouldn't have done this last angle directly before this angle.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

Excellent match with super heat.  It was the usual Jeff Jarrett match with both guys kicking out of everything.  Karen kept interfering and distracting.  Kurt had the match won with the ankle lock and Jeff tapped while Karen distracted ref Brian Hebner at one point.  Kurt kicked out of the stroke and the stroke off the middle rope.  After all that, the finish was Jarrett winning clean as Kurt tried a sunset flip, then grabbed the ankle for the ankle lock and Jarrett cradled him.  Kurt took his boots off and put them in the middle of the ring, which for amateur wrestling is what you do when you're retired.  How can they do another retirement angle with Kurt so close to the last time they did it.  Taz brought it up right away.  Taz was pushing that Kurt has retired.  They said how they didn't know Kurt was going to do it if he lost the match. 

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy in a ladder match for the TNA title

They announced two referees, Earl Hebner and Jackson James if that plays into it.

Nothing played into it, as Hardy regained the title.  Both guys took a lot of punishment with ladder bumps, notably a back drop by Hardy on Anderson the ladder and Jeff taking a Lambeau plunge onto a ladder.  Jeff also took a bump onto an upside down ladder that looked scary.  Both ended up on top  and were fighting over the belt.  Anderson took the bump, Hardy grabbed the belt slipped of and fell to the ground.  that may have been the finish screwed up as Jeff then got up and grabbed the ladder to win which was kind of anti-climactic.  So the story was Immortal lost everything until the most important match.  Good match.  They gave it all they had, which was pretty much the story of everyone up and down the show.  Not a classic ladder match and they had a problesm following the previous match but still good.


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