WWE Elimination Chamber live coverage from Oakland

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Tonight's announcing team is Michael Cole, Josh Matthews and Booker T with Jerry Lawler wrestling for the title.

Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Not only was this non-title but they never even acknowledged the title other than Kingston bringing the belt to the ring and being announced as champion.  Good match, particularly from Kingston's side getting a lot of near falls.  Once, when Kingston had a near fall, Ricardo Rodriguez distracted the ref giving Del Rio the time to kick out. Finish saw Kingston missed a move in the corner, Del Rio used a hangman style neckbreaker on Kingston, who was sitting on the top and took a bump to the mat.  Del Rio with an armbar and tap out for the win.

Edge interview.  Drew McIntyre confronted him.  Blamed Edge for Kelly Kelly being fired and said he took something from him so he's going to take Edge's prize possession.  Is there a rule that if someone is fired from WWE that you're not allowed to date them?  Oh yeah, there is, silly me.

Smackdown chamber match - Edge vs. Kane vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Wade Barrett for the World title.

Teddy Long came out before the match and announced a replacement-- Big Show.  Okay, given that Big Show lost to Wade Barrett in the qualifying round and is now in the finals, that means WWE has joined K-1 and Dream in setting the precedent to allow Fedor back into the tournament.

Edge pinned Mysterio to win and keep the title.  Edge & Rey were the first two and the last two, going 10:00 after everyone else was eliminated in a 32:00 match.  The finish saw Rey come off the top into an Edge spear.  Rey kicked out of a spear and Edge kicked out of a springboard splash among the tons of near falls.  Excellent match.  One of the best chamber matches so far.

After the match Del Rio attacked Edge and put on the armbar until Christian made the save and attacked Del Rio was beating on  himn until the refs pulled Christian off.  Christian laid Del Rio out with the killswitch.

Falls went like this:

Show pinned Barrett

Everyone did their finishes on Show and he kicked out until Kane choke slammed him

Kane pinned McIntyre with a choke slam

Kane had Mysterio up for the tombstone and Edge speared both and pinned Kane.  Kane choke slammed Mysterio and Edge leaving both battered when they were the last two.

Eric the midget from the Howard Stern show is here as are a lot of 49ers.  

Matt Striker interviewed Jerry Lawler.  Pushed that his mom passed away and he can't think of anything else.  Said he has a chance to accomplish both of his goals, win the title and go to Mania.  Striker said he was rooting for Lawler.

Booker T is about to introduce Trish Stratus.  They are making the announcement of Stratus as a Tough Enough trainer.  She did a Rock catch phrase.  Really lame and people reacted like it was really lame.  Booker saved it and pushed the premiere of the show.  Stratus seemd really nervous.  Stratus said she was there to see Lawler win the title.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov defend the tag titles against Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel 

Kozlov powerslammed Gabrlel, but Slater tagged in.  Slater attacked Kozlov from behind, used a reverse DDT and tagged Gabriel who pinned Kozlov after a 450 to win the title. 

vickie Guerrero is out.  She admitted that Ziggler did attack Teddy Long.  Crowd booing the hell out of Guerrero.  Ziggler was confused and was just showing Vickie how much he loved her and committed a crime of passion.  But he is sorry.  Asked everyone to convince Teddy Long to hire Ziggler back.  Long is back out.  Vickie said she and Ziggler are so sorry.  Teddy said he's in a hiring mood, and she got excited.  Brought Kelly Kelly back.  Vickei ran away with Kelly chasing.  Kelly beating on vickie.  LayCool out attackiong Kelly.  McCool with a knee drove her to the boards.  Trish Stratus made hte save  doing a Thesz press while wearing huge heels which can't be easy.  Trying to work in those  shoes which must have been beyond tough.  Trish botched a huraracana which Layla sold anyway and got booed but then bulldogged both of them.  So they are building Stratus & Kelly vs. LayCool.

The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler for WWE title

Lawler got a standing ovation coming out.

Miz won clean with the skull crushing finale.  Really good match.  I know why they did this finish but this was the night to call an audible.  Michael Cole didn't interfere but did celebrate.

They set up the G.M. stage.

Cole going crazy ripping on Lawler, saying he's an embarrassment to the company saying he doesn't even want him announcing.

John Cena was eating fruity pebbles cereal. 

Raw chamber match with Cena vs. C.M. Punk vs. Randy Orton vs. R-Truth vs. John Morrison vs. King Sheamus 

Cena won an excellent main event.

Orton pinned Punk with the RKO attacking him before he could get out of the pod.  The G.M. overruled the finish.'

Sheamus pinned R-Truth with the brogue kick

Punk pinned Orton with the GTS

Morrison pinned Sheamus by climbing upside down on the domed part of the cage and fell off onto Sheamus for the pin

Morrison was the star of the match doing all kinds of cool stuff, but was selling a knee injury from missing a shining wizard on Cena and putting his knee through the glass.  He went several more  minutes before missing Starship pain on Punk and Punk pinned him with the GTS.

Immediately Cena gave Punk the Attitude Adjustment over the top rope onto the metal grating and pinned him on the grating to win the match.

They went about five minutes long.

Crowd was super into Punk and Del Rio and Cena had his fans but was booed a lot more than cheered.  

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