Daniels update and other ROH iPPV notes -- updated

By Bryan Alvarez

Chris Daniels is OK after hitting his head and getting busted open at the ROH iPPV tonight. He is very sore, however, and will be seeing the doctor when he gets back home. The original finish was supposed to be pretty much what was shown on iPPV, that being him hitting his head on the guardrail after the match and using that as an excuse to turn down five more minutes after he and Eddie Edwards went to a 30-minute draw in a best-of-three-falls match. But he really hit his head and got knocked loopy, so they had to improvise a slightly different finish.

This was ROH's biggest crowd to date in Chicago, and live they were hot for more everything.

They announced Daniels vs. Roderick Strong for the title at the next iPPV, plus Kings of Wrestling vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin for the tag titles.

Haas and Benjamin beat the Briscoes in the main event. Took awhile to get the fans into it, likely because both teams were babyfaces, but the wrestling was great and the fans were chanting "THIS IS WRESTLING!" by the finish.

Kings of Wrestling beat All Night Express in a match where the crowd quite frankly didn't seem to believe the Kings had any chance of losing. But they tried to convince them otherwise.

Strong vs. Homicide went on before intermission. Strong retained the title in a streetfight after tons of interference.

Both of the WrestleMania weekend shows will air on iPPV at gofightlive.tv.

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