Jeff Hardy update

Jeff Hardy will not be appearing at the TNA TV tapings tonight or tomorrow night stemming from whatever it was that happened at last night's PPV.

Hardy and Sting's main event lasted 1:28 with Sting pinning Hardy.  Hardy, very subtly, acted as if he was surprised by the finish and attempted to kick out but Sting held him down and the ref counted three.  Given the people involved in TNA creative, a worked shoot to get attention has to always be considered a possibility, particularly since the last time this situation legitimately occurred, the plan at first was to change the main event. In fact, both Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo have long track records of this type of thing.

Reports from the show were that Hardy was in no condition to wrestle and that they decided to cut the match short.

If that is the case, the onus should be on TNA because it is not like the show a few months back when Hardy was nearly stripped of the title and they had planned to change the main event, only to have the decision changed back, wasn't a warning sign.  One has to seriously question management for not calling an audible on the main event, particularly since the show was already in the toilet by that point. 

If it is an attempt at an elaborately worked angle, thinking the fan outrage leads to more attention to the promotion, it is what it is, a creative decision.  In fact, either way, what happened at the end was a creative decision by management, because there are plenty of alternative things that could have been done what would have made it at least a slightly better show.

Hardy's next court date is Wednesday.  Both his lawyer and Moore County prosecutors said a plea bargain deal had been reached months ago, but one side or both pulled out and the case was continued for about the dozenth time until Wednesday.

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