WrestleMania 27 live coverage from the Georgia Dome

Welcome to our live coverage of WrestleMania 27 from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On the pre-game show, they called this the biggest event in the history of entertainment.  Well, they did claim to be a bigger event than the Super Bowl.     

Rock opened the show with a long catch-phrase laden promo that pretty much tore down the house, saying that this would be the most memorable WrestleMania of all-time.  If that's the case, he really may be leaving with the belt. 

Should be noted they already did Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus in the pre-show.  It started as a lumberjack match, turned into a Battle Royal (which Khali won).

Then a video package for tonight's show.

Michael Cole is broadcasting, which is kind of silly if he's wrestling later.   Josh Matthews, Cole and Jerry Lawler announcing. 

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio opens the show for the world title. 

Christian and Brodus Clay in the respective corners.  

Edge retained his title with a spear.  They kind of gave away the finish by saying Edge had lost the title at the last three Manias.  Crowd was super hot for this, particularly in the last two minutes when Edge got out of the armbar.  Edge used his cloverleaf like submission near the finish.  Christian and Brodus Clay had two spots.  The first saw Clay use a fallaway slam on the floor.  The second saw Christian give Clay a tornado DDT on the floor. 

Edge was kicking Del Rio's car and gave the car an elbow drop on the roof.  Christian had a tire iron and Edge smashed up the car and the windows while Del Rio begged.  Edge then stood on the hood of the car posing with the belt.  Del Rio was crying looking at the shape of his car after they left.

Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes

This was not a show stealing match.  Nothing wrong with it, but crowd was flat compared to the first match.  Highlights were Rhodes doing a long delayed superplex, Rhodes undoing Rey's knee brace and then Mysterio took off Rhodes' mask.  Mysterio put the mask on and did flying cross chop head-butts while wearing the plastic match and a diving head-butt with the mask, but Rhodes kicked out.  Mysterio went for a tope but Rhodes hit him with the knee brace, and then used the Crossroads for the pin.

Snoop Dogg is with Teddy Long doing auditions to on on Snoop's tour.  William Regal did a rap.  Khali & Beth Phoenix did Travolta & Olivia Newton John in Grease.  Zack Ryder was singing and Roddy Piper did his cameo hitting Ryder with a coconut.  Chris Masters and Yoshi Tatsu, Tatsu sung "We Will  Rock You" while Masters bounced his pec.  Hornswoggle did a rap without speaking. Snoop Dogg liked it, but Teddy told him Hornswoggle couldn't talk so he didn't get the gig.  Hornswoggle then spoke English while the Bella Twins danced.

The Corre vs. Big Show & Kane & Kofi Kingston & Santino Marella

90 second match.  Marella used the cobra on Slater followed by Show doing the KO punch on Slater for the pin.   

Rock is hanging with Eve Torres, congratulating her on being Divas champion.  Rock has vowed to create an unforgettable moment with the next person who rounds the corner.  It was Mae Young.  He called her a Divasouras.  She wants the people's strudle.  Rock said she be craving Moses' strudle.  Introduced Mae to Eve and said she was named after Mae's old friends Adam & Eve.  Stone Cold Steve Austin then showed up.  Austin and Rock did the glare and a handshake spot.  That was pretty cool actually.   

Randy Orton vs. C.M. Punk

Slow deliberate match but good.  Mostly Punk working on the knee.  Orton tried the punt after the draping DDT but his knee gave out.  But Orton went for an RKO but Punk slipped out.  Punk then, while Orton was selling the knee, went to the top rope and came off but Orton landed the RKO for the pin.

Rock & Mean Gene were backstage.  John Cena's No. 1 fan came to confront Rock.  It was Pee Wee Herman.  Rock gave Pee Wee a pep talk and invited  him to leave the Fruit Loop troupoe and join Team Bring It.  Gene was wearing Cena stuff and Pee Wee said Gene looked looked like a tool.  Pee Wee said, "Do you smell what the pee is cooking."  Personally, I'd prefer Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus.

Hall of Fame.  Abdullah the  Butcher with a cane, got some response.  Sunny, The Road Warrrios (didn't intro Ellering although he was there), rushing through this, Drew Carey (heavily booed), Bob Armstrong (nice reacion), Jim Duggan (way bigger reaction than anyone so far including Warriors) and then a big pause for Shawn Michaels.  WAY TOO RUSHED, almost disrespectful feeling.  Didn't even have the inductors out.     

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

They brought out Jim Ross and Booker T out to announce. 

Pretty much what you'd expect.  A lot of stalling with Cole hiding in the Cole Mine.  Lawler got into the Cole Mine and pounded him for a while.  Jack Swagger took out Lawler's ankle with the ankle lock.  Cole got heat on Lawler.  Swagger threw in the towel when Lawler made his comeback but ref Steve Austin refused to allow it as they explained, "This isn't boxing.  It's sports entertainment.  It's acting."  Austin gave Swagger a stunner.  Lawler came back and used the fist drop, pulled Cole up at two and put on the ankle lock.  Cole was tapping and screaming.   It took Austin a long time to accept Cole's submission.  The match was what it was, certainly not much of a wrestling match but about as good as could be expected considering they did a long match.

They did a beer bash and Booker T came in.  Austin gave Booker a stunner.

The G.M. reversed the decision and said Cole was the winner via DQ because the referee overstepped his bounds.  Josh Matthews read it, so Lawler threw him in the ring for Austin to give him a stunner.  I think that's to allow Ross & Lawler to call the rest of the show. 

Undertaker vs. HHH - Snooki gets the semifinal

An amazing match.  They went 30:00, mainly kicking out of each others' big moves.  Undertaker kicked out of three pedigrees as well as a HHH tombstone piledriver.  HHH kicked out of the choke slam, last ride power bomb and tombstone piledrver.  Just they would do a finisher, a kick out.  Then both would sell for a long time, then another finisher.  Undertaker took a chair shot to the head, ten chair shots to the back and did a dive early where HHH was supposed to catch him and really didn't.  They also broke the Cal mine.  Also, one of those pedigrees looked like nasty landing on Undertaker's head.  HHH went for the sledge hammer and ws about to use it when Undertaker got him in the gogoplata.  HHH was in the move for a long time and then picked up the sledge hammer and was about to use it, but he dropped it.  He still stayed in the move a long time longer before tapping.  Undertaker worked this match like it was his last.  HHH may have hurt his wrist or forearm and that was early in the match as he's holding it.  Underaker is doing the sell job of the century after because if he was hurt as bad as he's selling they'd wouldn't let hijm move and instead he rolled to the floor but still not moving.  they did take himout ona stretcher on a cart but were moving him which you wouldn't do if he was really hurt bad. 

They need a buffer match here. 

Dolph Ziggler & LayCool vs. John Morrison & Trish Stratus & Snooki

Quick match.  One tease spot of Layla & McCool splitting.  Morrison gave Ziggler Starship pain to the floor.  Snooki did a double handspring elbow on McCool, then did another back flip and splash on her for the pin.  Crowd hated her but her two spots look good, she pulled out two old cheerleader moves and it was more than enough.

71,617 was the announced crowd and claimed a record for any "entertainment" event (several sports events have drawn more than that) for the building.  Interesting they didn't announce a fake 75,000 to break the building record as they have done in the past.

The Miz vs. John Cena ends the show

A gospel choir and a video package with Cena as a kid came out to get him cheered.  But he was still heavily booed.  Miz mostly booed as well, seemed to get more cheers than Cena.

Weak main event.  Not much heat until the last few minutes, then a crappy double count out finish as Cena clotheslined Miz over the barricade and neither could get up.

Rock came out and then the G.M. dinged.  Rock said it doesn't matter what the GM says, threw down the computer and ordered the match to continue, no DQ, no count out and no time limit.  It only went a few seconds and Cena got Miz up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Rock gave Cena a Rock bottom, left and Miz pinned Cena.  Crowd was real confused about that one.

After Miz celebrated, Rock went in and punched him around and gave him a people's elbow.

Undertaker vs. HHH stole the show.  Without it, there really wasn't memorable, although they got their clips with Rock and Snooki for tomorrow's pub.


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