OVW TV taping for Saturday night's show taped last night in Louisville

By Trent Vandrisse


 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television taping report for May 18th, 2011, the show following their May 14th Saturday Night Special show, which was close to a sell out, in fact OVW did claim a sell out for it. I heard just a few seats left, but not many. It was an eventful Saturday Night Special too as "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton beat Mike Mondo in a Brass Knuckles on a pole match to win the held up OVW heavyweight championship. OVW owner Danny Davis was the special referee for that match. Also, Jamin Olivencia beat Mohammad Ali Vaez to win the OVW TV title, denying Vaez, at least for now, the chance to become the longest reigning television champion in OVW history. They have not yet announced the date for the next Saturday Night Special.
OVW received great publicity last week, running full blown pro wrestling angles on news shows on both the NBC and Fox affiliates in Louisville, and the crowd at the TV tapings tonight was again good, well up over 100 once again. This is a promotion with some momentum right now.
Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers for tonight show, and Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. Bolin looked like he was close to falling asleep at the desk a few times tonight. The past two weeks they haven't been showing the promos and backstage segments on the screens during the tapings. I'm going to assume some footage from the Saturday Night Special may be inserted when this show airs this Saturday in Louisville.
The Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway "Homecoming 4" show will be held this coming Tuesday, May 24th. And they announced tonight a benefit show next Friday, May 27th, at Davis arena for the family of a 14 year old OVW fan, Trey Zwicker, who was discovered dead behind a high school in Louisville.

1. "Smooth" Johnny Spade beat Lennox

Dark match. Pretty much all Spade here, who won with a Swanton. I guess Lennox has lost so many matches here that he's even lost his last name, which is Lightfoot.

2. Lady JoJo w/Taryn Shay beat Holly Blossom

Also a dark match. Holly's twin sister, Hannah Blossom, was conspicuous by her absence tonight. Very rare to not see both twins together. JoJo win a gauntlet match at Saturday Night Special to retain the OVW womens title, which she has held for quite a long time now. Holly with some offense early. Some very old school stuff like Holly using the hamstring stretcher. Can't remember the last time I saw that in a match, and it used to be a staple of AWA matches when I was a kid. Shay ran interference, and JoJo landed a dropkick. JoJo with a Sidewalk slam. This match is going longer than I thought it would. JoJo with a surfboard on Holly. JoJo tried another sidewalk slam, but Holly countered it into a 'Rana. Holly with a flying forearm. JoJo went up top, but Holly took her down with another 'Rana. Taryn Shay up on the apron, but Holly knocked her off. It ran enough distraction though for JoJo to hit a combination Sidewalk slam/Neckbreaker and get the win.

3. Asher Knight beat Ted McNaler w/Adam Revolver

This was the start of the TV taping. McNaler and Revolver are "The Elite", and are the current OVW Southern Tag Team champions, but they aren't getting along too well these days. Almost from the start here Revolver was getting real frustrated on the floor with McNaler's performance. Knight with a dropkick right on the button. Revolver repeatedly up on the apron, and the ref did nothing about it. Boo on that. McNaler stomped Knight, then gave Knight a butterfly suplex. Knight with a Thesz press. McNaler down in the corner. Knight pulled McNaler. who was hanging on to the ropes, out of the corner, and dropped him down into a pin attempt. Cool looking move. Knight finally got smart and knocked Revolver off the apron. Knight then hit a Diamond cutter, which I refuse to call the RKO, on McNaler and got the win.

Gilbert Corsey got in the ring about out came the new OVW TV champion, Jamin Olivencia. Olivencia demanded Rudy Switchblade to come out, because he had questions for him, and he wants answers, now. Switchblade came out. The question was why did Switchblade attack Olivencia after he won the title. Switchblade said for 4 years he has been in OVW always doing the right thing. He said he always stayed true, and made the save. Switchblade said when he got in trouble with Mohammad Ali Vaez, nobody made the save for him. Switchblade accused Olivencia of taking advantage of a situation to beat him in a number 1 contenders match on TV last week. Switchblade said at Saturday Night Special, he finally put himself first. Switchblade said he would put Olivencia down tonight. Out came Mohammad Ali Vaez, wearing a suit, and shoes, but no socks. Vaez said this was ridiculous. He said he should get the first rematch for the TV title, and that Switchblade still works for him. Vaez said tonight he would be taking Switchblade's spot, and taking on Olivencia. Dean Hill grabbed a mic on the floor and said he received word from the back that Vaez would not be screwing up the title match tonight, but that it would be a triple threat match, Olivencia vs Switchblade vs Vaez in tonights main event for the OVW TV title.

4. Raphael Constantine beat Shiloh Jonze

A battle of the losers here. Jonze is winless, I think like 0-9 since returning to OVW, Constantine has not won a match since being forced to split up his "Fighting Spirit" tag team with Christopher Silvio. Things opened up here with a "Hello pot, I'm kettle" spot, with both guys calling each other a loser. This was also a heel vs heel match. Jonze was again celebrating after getting the slightest bit of offense in. Constantine with a Victory roll. Jonze with a spin wheel kick. Jonze tried to win by grabbing the tights, but the ref caught it. Constantine then won it by grabbing Jonze' trunks, unseen by the ref. Jonze again went nuts during the post match and took his boots off, and threw a big tantrum in the ring. Jonze was wearing little footie socks. This match was quite bad.

5. Randy Terrez beat Tony Gunn

Ok, so they follow a heel vs heel match up with a face vs face match. Whatever. Not sure how, where, when or why Terrez turned babyface, but he did. Terrez is good, I enjoy watching him. Terrez with some Lucha like stuff early on. Terrez with a suicide Tope'. Terrez went on to get the win with the "Thrill Kill", which is a twisting corkscrew Moonsault.
Gilbert Corsey got back in the ring and out came the new, and once again, OVW Heavyweight champion, "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton, who is a full blown babyface here now. Compton talked about knocking Mike Mondo out to become the champion again. Mondo came out, in his wrestling gear. Compton said he's surprised Mondo's jaw isn't broken after he cracked Mondo in the mouth with brass knuckles. Mondo said Compton knows he never could have beaten him if Danny Davis wasn't the referee. Mondo said unlike Compton, he doesn't miss time from work, and the time for his rematch clause has not expired. Mondo demanded a rematch. Out came OVW owner Danny Davis. Davis said he had a special announcement for Mondo. Davis said he told Mondo there would be consequences for hitting him with brass knuckles some weeks ago. Davis said Mondo would not be getting a rematch for the title. Davis said that in fact Mondo would be going to the very back of the line, and will have to work his way back up. Davis said he had a surprise for Mondo as to who his next opponent would be. Davis said he was real, real disappointed in how Mondo was acting, and was going to make Mondo's life a living "nightmare". Davis said Mondo's worst nightmare tour begins on June 4th in London, Kentucky when he faces........Al Snow. Snow came out on the floor to a big pop. Snow was in street clothes, but looks to be in really good shape. Heck of a way to build up interest in a house show here. My guess is this is building up to a Mike Mondo vs Danny Davis match down the line, have to wait and see. Who will now step up and challenge Cliff Compton is another question.

6. Rudy Switchblade beat Jamin Olivencia and Mohammad Ali Vaez in a triple threat match to win the OVW TV title

TV main event time. Olivencia was the champion going into this match, winning the title just this past Saturday, so his reign this time was very short lived. It was every man for himself here early, no alliances at all. Vaez was very aggressive this match, no chicken shit heel type of stuff at all. The crowd was quiet during this match for some reason, but the story here is compelling. Switchblade is more heelish, but not really a full blown heel, who works for Vaez because he owns him money. Vaez with a double clothesline, rare to see a heel pull that move on. Vaez going to work on Olivencia. Switchblade and Olivencia, who do not like each other at all, taking turns teeing off on Vaez. Switchblade and Olivenca trading hard forearms, and then hard slaps across the face. Switchblade and Vaez going at it. Olivenca got knocked out of the ring, but came back in with a jumping forearm shiver to Vaez. Oliveincia knocks Switchblade off the top rope. Olivenca went for his clamping DDT on Vaez, but couldn't hit it. Switchblade with a brainbuster on Olivencia. Switchblade and Vaez reluctantly tried to work together to double suplex Olivencia, but he slipped out of it and Olivencia followed up with a double dropkick off the top. Olivencia with a wicked jumping knee lift to Switchblade, knocking him out of the ring. Olivencia hit his DDT finisher on Vaez, though not a great version of it. Weird looking really. Switchblade, still on the floor, grabbed Olivencia's legs and pulled him into the ring post crotch first. Switchblade then picked the bones and pinned Vaez to win the OVW TV title. The weak DDT hurt this finish some, plus the crowd was confused by the finish. I think they needed to explain to the crowd before the match that anyone making the pin would become the champion. Match was decent, had above average intensity to it, but also had some iffy moments, and like I said, the crowd was strangely quiet during it.
Brittany DeVore said Danny Davis would have another announcement about the "Mondo nightmare tour" next week. I don't know what the dark match main event was, as I had to amscray. Middle of the road show this week. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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