WWE Over the Limit live report

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE's Over the Limit from the Key Arena in Seattle.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth 

R-Truth won clean after crotching him on the banner around the ring, and then clotheslined him on the floor and pinned him after a downward spiral.  He also nailed Mysterio with a water bottle after the match.  R-Truth had very good heat for beating on Mysterio after the match.  Good opener. 

The Miz & Alex Riley in a backstage interview.  Miz said he is going to win in a manner that people have overlooked.  He said he's smarter than JBL, Randy Orton and Batista combined.  Those are the guys Cena beat in an I Quit match.  Miz said he's never quit at anything and that he has a game plan.   

Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson for the IC title

Jackson won via DQ when Justin Gabriel interfered as Jackson had Barrett in the torture rack.  Jackson bodyslammed Heath Slater and Gabriel a few times after until Barrett laid him out with a uranage and the was triple-teamed and left laying after Slater & Gabriel held him and Barrett laid him out with a big boot.  They did a good job hiding Jackson's limitations.  Basic match, nothing really wrong with it. 

Somebody laid out Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga.  Mason Ryan was mad, but C.M. Punk didn't care.  He said it showed they got under Big Show & Kane's skin.  Ryan thought Punk didn't care about them but Punk said he cared, but they have to keep their eye on the ball.  With McGillictty and Otunga selling on the floor, Punk told them to "walk it off."

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero

Not sure about the lighting.  Cara did some good flying moves but Chavo didn't prove to be the best opponent for him.  The finish was supposed to be Cara spinning around the body but not into a La Mistica, his finisher, but a slam of sorts.  Anyway, the finish was completely botched.  They should have gone to a plan B and didn't.  Chavo may have hurt his knee catching him on a dive midway through the match.

Christian and Randy Orton had a face-to-face interview.  Christian said he wasn't going to lose.  Orton said if Christian wins it's a feelgood story but when he's in a feelgood story match there is no happy ending.

Alberto Del Rio is making his presence felt.  His name is Alberto Del Rio, but we already know that.  He is getting the "What" treatment.  He needs to talk about Destiny.  He's find immigration problems in this part of the country disgusting.  You know, all the Canadians crossing the border for jobs.  You knew that was coming.  Michael Cole laughed but nobody else did.  He said it's their destiny to wind up in Seattle, working at a coffee house complaing about the weather and their miserable lives.  He's not upset because he knows he can make John Cena or The Miz quit with his cross-armbreaker.  If they were in the main event, they'd both be saying "No Mas."  The old Roberto Duran reference.  Del Rio said it's his destiny to be the next champion. 

Big Show & Kane came out in the middle of Del Rio's interview.  Kane is mad because the Rapture didn't come yesterday.  Kane said his destiny is to wind up like McGillicutty and Otunga if he doesn't leave the ring.  Show clenched his first and smiled.  Del Rio begged off and left.

Show & Kane vs. C.M. Punk & Mason Ryan

Kane & Show won cleanly with a double choke slam on Ryan.  Why they would pin Ryan and not Punk seems to indicate wanting to protect Punk.  Better match then you'd think since Ryan worked a good deal of the match and it was decent.  Punk missed an elbow off the top.  It didn't appear that much of the crowd got the significance.

They showed a mock press conference for the Capitol Punishment PPV.  They spliced real Barack Obama footage with a mock press conference.  They claimed the pentagon would be there since it's in DC.

Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly for the Divas title

They did the switch behind the refs back and Nikki snapped Kelly's neck on the ropes and did an X-factor for the pin with Nikki covering.  Michael Cole a second later said how Kharma wasn't there long before she would have come out to begin with.

Randy Orton vs. Christian for the World title  

These two need to have a great match because thus far it's been a nothing show.  Excellent match.  Lots of great spots and excellent wrestling by both people.  The crowd was split.  They seemed mnore for Christian early but nobody booed when Orton won.  There was a segment of the crowd mad when Christian speared Orton as Orton went for a punt, and Orton still kicked out.  Christian escaped the RKO twice but Orton finally hit it the third time and got the pin.  Orton helped Christian to his feet and Christian shoved him and walked off.  Crowd did get Christian going heel.  Christian then got back in and shook his hand like he had second thoughts.  For the direction of this story, Orton did have to win this one again to make him so frustrated he goes heel.  Well, he also could heel and win the title, but I don't sense Christian is beating Orton until it's fully established Orton is the better guy first, because Orton is in their minds the guy that has to be protected.

Jerry Lawler vs.  Michael Cole

This at least worked for what it was.  They did what they should have done, maybe a month earlier.  Lawler won in 3:00 with a fist drop.  Then Lawler called out Eve Torres who laid Cole out with a moonsault, and her knees crashed on Cole's chest.  Then he called out Jim Ross who poured barbecue sauce on him.  Then Cole said he was leaving and would never kiss Lawler's feet.  Bret Hart came out and threw Cole in the ring and put him in the sharpshooter and Lawler stuck his foot on Cole's mouth.

John Cena vs. The Miz ends the show.  Jim Ross will be announcing the main event.

A very different match.  Miz at the beginning said with no DQ that Alex Riley would be helping him.  Miz and Riley destroyed Cena for about 20:00 with kendo stick shots, belt shots, whipping him inot the guard rail and Cena never quit.  They had a plant in the front row, a kid who looked to be about ten and kept asking him if Cena should quit and he said No.  Then they put him in the barricade where he was supposedly stuck and Miz used a chair shot but then a tape played of Cena saying "I quit" from TV.  They played Miz's music and announced him as new champion, but the ref saw that  Riley's cell phone was left on the floor.  he saw it and heard it say "I Quit" and restarted the match.  Cena gave Riley an Attitude Adjustment through a table, taking him out, and whipped Miz to death with his belt.  He then put Miz in the STF on the stage and Miz said "I Quit" to end the match.


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