OVW TV taping report from last night for Saturday's show

By Trent Vandrisse


 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV taping report for May 25th, 2011. And once again, OVW put on "quite a show" last night, even an amazing one at times. They tried some wild stuff. The night before, May 24th, was the OVW Homecoming 4 show, and it was said that drew another capacity crowd to the Davis arena. Tomorrow, Friday May 27th, will be a benefit show for the family of 14 year old Trey Zwicker, who was found dead behind a high school in Louisville. Surprisingly, to me at least, on Friday and Saturday, June 24th and 25th, will be the return of Mondo Wrestling A-Go-Go, this time for two nights in a row. I suspect there will be some tweaks from the first one, that was held on April 22nd. The May 14th Saturday Night Special show is already out on DVD, as well as a new best of Danny Davis DVD.
But as for tonight, they made some changes to the set up of the building. They moved the ring a few feet closer to the announce desk, and added two rows of chairs on the floor, with a guard rail in front of that. This was the type of set up used when ROH ran the Davis arena, except the desk is gone then. I'll be curious to see how it looks on TV. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers, Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 85, but this was on a night with a high threat of severe weather in the area.

1. Randy Terrez beat Raphael Constantine

Dark match. Both guys working on each others legs, even spreading each others legs. heh. While in that position, both ended up in a hand stand, and were slapping each other in the face while upside down. Cool spot. Terrez with some 'Rana's, on the sloppy side. Constantine missed a Moonsault. Terrez got the win with the "Thrill kill", a twisting corkscrew top rope Moonsault. I don't know, Constantine just doesn't look like the same level of a wrestler he was say a year ago. Like he's not firing on all cylinders or something.

2. "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Tony Gunn beat Crown Alexander & Raul Lamotta

Also a dark match. Not sure I have Alexander's first name right. I think he's a student here. In good shape, didn't get much of a read on him. Spade with a huge chop on Alexander. Later Spade with an Enziguri on Alexander. It was the Spade show with a double dropkick, followed by a superkick to Alexander. Spade got the win for his team with a Swanton on Alexander.

The TV taping opened with them showing clips from last weeks TV main event where Rudy Switchblade won the OVW TV title in a triple threat match over Mohamad Ali Vaez and Jamin Olivencia. Olivencia was the champion going into that match. They were back to showing the interviews and backstage segments on the screens this week, they haven't for the past few weeks. Plus this week, they actually showed the commercials on the screens too, so I guess this really was a "live to tape" taping.

3. Paredyse beat Shiloh Jonze

This was the first match of the TV taping. Jonze took the mic and said his losing streak ends tonight, as he's picked the perfect opponent. Jonze thought Paredyse would just lay down for him for a "cheap thrill". He was wrong once again as Paredyse came out, planted a kiss on Jonze, took him down with a Book end, and got the win in about 3 seconds.

4. Jason Wayne beat Shiloh Jonze

Jonze couldn't believe it, and demanded to meet someone else. Wayne came out, gave Jonze a full nelson slam, and got the win in about three seconds. Jonze threw another major tantrum in the ring.

Out came Mike Mondo, and Jonze bailed and left. This almost came off like the blow off for Jonze here, have to wait and see. Mondo was extremely irate, and demanded OVW owner Danny Davis come out right now. Davis came out. Mondo complained about having to face Al Snow in London, Kentucky on Saturday June 4th per Danny Davis, in what's being called "Mondo's worst "nightmare" tour. They announced last week on TV that Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey will be at that show, and Kenny Bolin might be there as well, plus the TV cameras will be in London, Kentucky on June 4th. Davis told Mondo he is going to be the special referee for the Mondo vs Snow match. Davis said he's going to systematically dismantle Mondo's career, and run him out of OVW. Mondo complained that Cliff Compton hasn't defended the OVW heavyweight title since winning it back on May 14th, and accused Compton of hiding behind Davis. Out came Compton, wearing a "Macho man" T-shirt, he later got in the "Ohhh yeah" line. Compton said he has no problem defending the title against anyone, but said Mondo was now at the very back of the line. Mondo had a proposition. Mondo said Compton should defend the title against the guy one rung above him tonight, and then Mondo should get the winner of that match next week. According to Mondo's convoluted logic, if the guy one rung above him in OVW gets a shot tonight, he should get the next shot. Davis wasn't down with this at all, but Mondo kept goading Compton, so Compton agreed to it. Between the two quick Shiloh Jonze losses, and going right into this segment, the TV taping got off to an exciting, action packed start.

Backstage interview with current OVW TV champion Rudy Switchblade. Switchblade said everyone wants answers from him for his recent actions. Switchblade said nobody questioned Jamin Olivencia when Olivencia took advantage of an opportunity and beat him, but when he Switchblade takes advantage of an opportunity, he gets criticized for it. Switchblade said he would face Olivencia tonight, and he'll be damned if he gets outdone by some hack with a rat tail.

Gilbert Corsey got in the ring, and brought out Michael Hayes, no not THAT Michael Hayes. This Michael Hayes is a rookie wrestler here, who also happens to be a wounded war hero. He lost his left leg in combat in Iraq in 2006. Corsey did a story on Hayes for Fox 41 news that aired in Louisville the other night. That piece can be seen at this link. http://www.fox41.com/story/14705751/wounded-soldier-turns-to-wrestling OVW has been getting tremendous coverage on news shows in Louisville lately. Hayes actually fell down coming out the entrance. The crowd chanted "Michael". Hayes told the crowd about himself, and what happened to him in Iraq. Hayes talked about his extensive rehab, and being able to continue his dream in OVW. Hayes talked about watching the old USWA on his Grandfathers knee at age 4. Hayes said in the military, when he had the uniform on, that's what he was supposed to be doing, and he hasn't had the feeling back since becoming a pro wrestler. Out came Mohamad Ali Vaez to interrupt Hayes. Vaez also interrupted Hayes while he was cutting a backstage promo last week, and MOHAMAD ALI Vaez got off a hilarious line about warning MICHAEL HAYES of the perils of having the same name as a famous person, even if it is your real name. Here tonight Vaez complained about a training student getting interview time. Vaez said what's important is he was robbed of becoming the longest reigning Television champion in OVW history, and told Hayes to beat it. Vaez said he would not just stand around and watch Rudy Switchblade defend the TV title against Jamin Olivencia tonight. Michael Hayes cut Vaez off, and said this was the second time Vaez has interrupted him, and asked Vaez to leave the ring and let him talk. Vaez took great exception to that, and told Hayes he was a four time OVW TV champion, and that Hayes needs to go get him a cup off coffee, with two Splenda's. Hayes again cut Vaez off, and asked Vaez to leave the ring and let him continue his interview with Gilbert Corsey. Vaez cut Hayes off and said Hayes has not paid his dues to be out here. Hayes said he hasn't paid his dues in wrestling yet, but he's paid his dues in life, more than Vaez will ever know. Hayes said he will be happy to have his first OVW TV match against Vaez next week, and Vaez agreed to it. I thought this segment worked pretty well.

The showed The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver), the current OVW Southern Tag team champions, in the locker room. McNaler was wearing sunglasses and yellow trunks, and Revolver was angry with him, saying he knew he was supposed to wear black tonight. McNaler announced he was going on vacation to Florida next week, and would come back a new man, and develop a new attitude. Revolver got in a hilarious crack at FCW by saying nothing is ever developed in Florida, much less in Tampa. LOL!

5. Asher Knight and Benjamin Bray beat The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) in a non-title match

Benny Bray got beaten down, but was able to make the tag because McNaler and Revolver continue to have problems, and were arguing with each other. In a funny spot, Asher Knight ran in, but the Elite knocked him down with a double elbow, then went right back to arguing with each other. McNaler when to the top rope, but Revolver got thrown in the corner, and McNaler got crotched on the top rope as a result. Benny Bray came back in and ran mild, but McNaler cut him off with a spear. The Elite started arguing yet again, so Bray knocked them together, then rolled up Revolver for a big, albeit non-title, victory for he and Asher Knight over the beleaguered OVW Southern tag team champions.

6. Trailer Park Trash beat Lennox

Trailer Park Trash also worked the OVW Homecoming 4 show the night before. He's not close to the same guy he was years ago, and the crowd kinda died here. Lennox with a bulldog on TPT, and then worked on his shoulder. Trash back with some chops. TPT looked to be limping a bit, and was clearly blown up. Trailer Park Trash got the win with a DDT, but wasn't impressive at all here.
Brittany DeVore with a backstage interview with Trina, I guess this is Trina Michaels. DeVore said Trina has been gone for awhile, but was at the last Saturday Night Special. DeVore asked Trina what she thought of the main event at the Saturday Night Special. Trina said there is a lot of good competition in OVW, and said she was coming back to challenge for Lady JoJo's OVW Womens title. Her delivery was pretty wooden here. DeVore also mentioned that Trina was just in a fitness competition, and indeed Trina does look to be in tremendous shape, but she also looks old for her years.

7. Elvis Pridemore beat Cliff Compton to win the OVW Heavyweight title

Yes, you read that right. Perennial jobber Elvis Pridemore is the new OVW heavyweight champion. Like I said, they did some wild stuff tonight. What happened was that dirty sneak Mike Mondo ran out and hit Compton with his trusty brass knuckles, and Elvis pinned Compton to win the title in about three seconds, shocking everyone in the arena. Except Elvis himself, he didn't seem that shocked, and placed the belt over his shoulder as if it was some natural order of things or something. Mondo was so sneaky about it, I didn't even see the brass knuckles shot he gave Compton. Danny Davis came out to the floor looking stunned and defeated. Davis just stood there with his hands on his hips, and couldn't believe it. The brass knuckles were actually laying on the ring apron for a bit, but Mondo got them back and hid it in his pocket. Mondo was thrilled of course, as this means next week he gets a shot at Elvis for the OVW heavyweight title as per the stipulations agreed to earlier this show. Davis just stayed on the floor, knowing there was nothing he could do about this, as a stunned Compton struggled to get to his feet. Davis finally just walked to the back, and the decision stands, Elvis Pridemore is the new champion. Wow. Compton has had problems with jobbers before, a few months ago when he was a heel champion here, Benjamin Bray beat him after "Lowrider" Matt Barela ran out and gave Compton his finisher.

8. Rudy Switchblade beat Jamin Olivencia to retain the OVW TV title

TV main event time. It has been a terrible night for champions here, so I wondered what would happen in this one. Switchblade did come out the babyface entrance, though he's acting quite heelish currently. Both guys wrestling cleanly with mat work early, the crowd doesn't know what to make of this, and are still stunned with the Elvis title win. Olivencia with a nice drop kick, Switchblade answered with one of his own. It became more heated with both guys standing there and taking chops for the other. As I've stated in previous recent reports, these guys don't like each other at all. The blows between these two became more and more stiff and intense until Switchblade leveled Olivencia with an incredible clothesline. I mean this was just a brutal shot. The whole crowd gasped, and this brought them back to life. With Olivencia on the apron, Switchblade jumped over the top rope, and gave Olivencia a DDT of sorts on the apron. Never seen that before, and it was a legit dangerous looking spot. Both guys badly shaken up on the floor, and both barely beat the count back in. Back in the ring, Olivencia went for his clamping DDT finisher, but Switchblade blocked it. Olivencia with a stiff knee. Hell, what isn't stiff this match, these guys are going at it balls to the wall. Olivencia with a running body block to the corner. Olivencia off the top with a splash, but Switchblade got his knees up. Mohamad Ali Vaez ran into the ring with the title belt, but both Switchblade and Olivencia took him down hard, and tossed him back out of the ring. The belt was laying on the mat. The ref did nothing about Vaez running in. Switchblade again took advantage of an opportunity and rolled Olivencia up for the win to retain the title.

I don't know what the post taping dark match was because I had to exit, stage right. Jessie Belle Smothers was there though, in her wrestling gear, so she may have been involved in that final dark match. OVW continues to have good momentum going for it, and the stories are really clicking. This is a promotion that's worth checking out these days. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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