Deep South TV Taping Report for August 17

By Larry Goodman

Deep South Wrestling returned to the friendly confines of the Deep South Arena in McDonough, Georgia with a strong showing for their television taping Thursday night. It came on the heels of the announcement of another big show at Six Flags over Georgia, and a shift that pushes the television air dates to a mere 10 days after each taping.

Ring announcer Ted Guinness hyped the September 9 Six Flags show headlined by Ric Flair.

They did a “Whoo” contest for the kids with Miz t-shirts (hoo-rah) for the winners.

The team of Nigel Sherrod and “Brooklyn’s Finest” Kevin Matthews served as the announce team for the dark matches.

(A) Lawrence Tyler pinned Biohazard in 5:32 with a reverse DVD. The fans greeted Tyler with a dose of his own medicine, a gargantuan “shut up” chant. Biohazard executed an up and over and caught Tyler with a sweep kick for a two count. Tyler answered with an axe bomber lariat. Tyler swarmed all over Biohazard with boots and headbutts. Tyler used the Rude Awakening and made a lazy back cover. Tyler grounded Bio with a submission. Comeback time – Biohazard with a double underhook suplex for a near fall. Tyler’s finisher got a reaction. Good opener.

(B) Bradley Jay beat Damien Steele in 7:27 with the Finlay Roll. Crowd wasn’t into this one. Jay did a lot taunting. Steele responded with deep arm drags and Jay backed off. Jay caught Steele with a thrust to the throat on the break. Jay went to work, but Steele kept kicking out at the count of one. Jay hit a high kneelift. Jay didn’t sell much for Steele’s punches to the gut, but he did when he ate an elbow charging in. Jay cut off Steele’s comeback with a jawbreaker and hit a Harley Race knee for a near fall. Steele connected with a dropkick and went to the top. Jay shook the ropes to crotch him and set up the finisher.

(C) Tony Santarelli beat Cru Jones in 4:50 with a Mafia kick followed by a discus forearm. Great pop for Santarelli. The crowd tortured Jones with a plethora of nasty chants including “Rainbow Warrior.” Jones decked Santarelli and yelled “get up punk.” Santarelli tripped Jones (nice bump on his face), kipped up and scored the takedown with an arm drag. Crowd liked that sequence. Jones nailed Santarelli with a forearm shot for a one count and got two with a legdrop. One of the little things that the talent here has picked up on is gradually kicking out closer to the three count as the match progresses. Jones grabbed Santarelli by the Mohawk and slammed the back of his head into the mat to cut off a comeback. Awkward moments at the end, as Jones planted Santarelli on the top rope, things got weird and it looked like there was some confusion as to whether the finish was really the finish.

(D) Majors Brothers (Brian & Brett) defeated Urban Assault (Cocky Siaki & Eric Perez) via DQ in 10:13. Scrappy McGowan was out the referee this match. Urban Assault get the best pure heel heat in DSW. Majors have added the dreaded Ultimate Warrior fringe to their gear. Majors on top early. Brian is the more advanced of the Majors, and he’s looking quite impressive these days. Brett thwarted interference by Perez, but he was a sitting duck for Siaki’s superkick. Brett got mugged by the Assault. Big collision and both men down to set up the hot tag. Brian hit a spinebuster on Siaki for a near fall. Brian whipped Siaki into Brett’s missile dropkick for another near fall. But Perez smoked Brett with a spiral slam. Siaki covered and Brett kicked out. Perez then broke up the Majors’ Big Finish, and Assault hit the powerbomb/neckbreaker combo on Brett. Assault doubled up on Brett and shoved Scrappy. DQ time. Brian made the save. Good stuff.

“Queen Diva” Angel Williams and Luscious came out to do the merchandise drawing. Williams told Guinness to “git” and sunk her teeth into the juicy role of the total bitch from hell.

Bill DeMott joined Sherrod on commentary for the television taping. Promos were not shown on the big screen tonight.

(1) Oleg Prudius squashed Kenny Omega in 1:50. Omega came out wearing a Mardi Gras mask and looked ridiculous doing so. Prudius got the usual “my ears are killing me” heat for his rendition of the Russian national anthem. Prudius won it with a variation of the torture rack drop.

(2) Matt Striker beat Ray Geezy in 4:23. Geezy got a decent pop. Striker got a mixed response. Striker told Geezy he needed to learn a lesson and slapped him across the face. Geezy roared back with a vengeance. Striker begged for mercy, but the scum bucket poked Geezy in the eyes. Striker’s offense looks so much better when he’s working against an opponent his own size. Geezy caught Striker with the RG Spot and hit the ATL legdrop, but Striker was too close to the ropes. Ref Rob Russo caught Striker using the ropes. Striker complained and Russo shoved him into Geezy’s roll up. Striker kicked out and kicked Gordy right in the face. Postmatch, Striker held up a sign that said “Striker is DSW” and then tore it to shreds.

(3) Montel Vontavious Porter beat Tommy Suede via submission with a crossface at 5:41. Not a lot of heat for MVP’s entrance, but once the bell rang, he was such an arrogant bastard that it brought out some hate. Some cool offense from MVP in this match. Suede avoided blowing any spots, which has been an issue at times, but there was something missing when he launched the comeback. Suede hit a nice german suplex for a near fall. MVP countered Suede’s huracanrana attempt with a powerbomb into the turnbuckles and got the tap out victory.

(4) In a non-title match, Rough House O’Reilly beat Danny Gimundo in 5:58 with an Oklahoma Roll. O’Reilly’s pop was second only to Knox. Gimundo broke cleanly the first time, but you knew that wasn’t going to last long. Gimundo cheated to take over. O’Reilly rammed Gimundo into the buckles to break a rear naked choke and “roughed up,” but it was Gimundo then hitting O’Reilly with his own finisher. Gimundo gloated before making the cover and O’Reilly kicked out. O’Reilly blocked a bulldog and caught Gimundo for the 1-2-3. Gimundo threw a hissy fit in the postmatch.

(5) Mike Knox versus Derrick Neikirk went to a double count out (7:24). Knox has is clearly the most popular wrestler in DSW, garnering chants of “we want Knox,” “ECW” and “Knox, Knox, Knox.” The former partners in Team Elite had a heated brawl here, and the fans were eating it up. The action spilled to ringside, and Nick Patrick was forced to call for the bell. Postmatch, Niekirk went for a chair (that got a pop) and Knox tried to use the ringsteps. Neither succeded. Neikirk pulled the pads up to expose the concrete floor, but help from dressing room (including Daniel Rodimer and Jake Hager) intervened. Neikirk managed to break free and leave Knox laying with a DDT. Knox was down for a long time but was able to make it to the back under his own power.

NOTES: Attendance was 180… A note on the attendance at the 8/11 Six Flags event: My report listed 400 based on my count of the stands at the start of the main event (Big Show vs. Van Dam). According to DSW, Six Flags credited the show with drawing 2000 people based on the attendance at the pre-show autograph session and the turnover of fans while the matches were in progress… Deep South has their debut show in Griffin at Rushton Mills on 9/23… Bill DeMott will be a guest on the 8/30 edition of Wrestling Informer Weekly (live broadcast 8-10pm at Hager is an All-American wrestler from Oklahoma, who is said to have a great attitude for the pro game.

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