ROH Boiling Point PPV report

by James Brown
ROH made a very successful debut in Providence, RI tonight for their Boiling Point iPPV before an estimated crowd of 850. 
I showed up at 7:25, hearing Bobby Cruise announce the Bravados as the winner of the dark match before making it to the box office.  Literally, there were 3 second row tickets left for $50 each.  Seeing as I drove an hour from north of Boston and that I was with my girlfriend and a friend, we bit the bullet not to be shut out.
Match 1:  Roderick Strong defeated Mike Mondo in a really good opener by pinfall after hitting his finish (Fireman's carry into a gut buster).  Roderick's nose got busted open pretty good, I believe it was a cut and not a broken nose.  Both guys worked their asses off.  Lots of stiff chops, kicks, and brawling around ringside.  ***1/4
Match 2:  QT Marshall won a ROH contract in a 4-way vs. Antonio Thomas, Vinny Marseglia, and Matt Taven.  Insane spot where Thomas had a leg lock on one guy and while putting the pressure on, fisherman suplexed another, only to have Taven come flying off the top to break up the pinfall.  Good recovery by Taven after botching a kip up.  Looked absolutely painful for Thomas's leg.  I believe the wrong guy won as Marshall did not stand out or have a break through performance.  Granted, this was my first time seeing him.  **1/2
Match 3:  Adam Cole submitted "Brutal" Bob Evans.  Bob cut a whacky promo before Cole entered.  OK match.  Bob looked good here while Cole let him get a lot of offense.  Bob was entertaining, crisp, and very solid in the ring.    **1/4
Match 4:  Charlie Haas pinned "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin by school boy after being distracted by Roderick Strong.  Before the match, there was dissension within the House of Truth during an in ring interview where there was dispute about a future title shot between Elgin and Strong.  I'm not following ROH storylines closely, but apparently Truth Martini promised both a World Title shot in the future.  Roderick got pissed and said he was effectively on strike from the House of Truth.  He later returned with a shitty 12 pack of Natty Ice to drink at ringside.  Match was very by the book, with Roderick obviously getting involved causing the finish.  Elgin sold the leg throughout the match.  Obvious beer spots on the outside involving Haas, Elgin, and Strong with one guy spitting beer into Truth's eyes.  Elgin slammed the Book of Truth in the aisle on the ground after the match.  **
Match 5:  #DEMBOYS The Briscoes defeated Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs after hitting the Doomsday Device on Jacobs.  Good match.  ***
Match 6:  Jay Lethal defeated Tommasso Ciampa in the third fall in a 2/3 falls match with a backspring Lethal Injection.  Ciampa appeared to injure his leg at the start of the match and the first fall came out of nowhere.  After stalling slightly, Ciampa made a great recovery and both guys turned in a hell of a final 2 falls.  RD Evans was great at ringside.  Prince Nana got involved taking out RD Evans a second time after Lethal did first with a dive thru the ropes.  Evans recovered and clotheslined Nana into the first row.  Great performance by all involved.  ***
Match 7:  Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Ray defeated "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett and Maria when Edwards submitted Bennett with a half crab.  Fun match.  Edwards was the most solid performer of the night.  Bennett has improved tremendously since I've seen him last.  Another great send off for Sara after the match.  **3/4
Match 8:  Kevin Steen retained the ROH World Championship defeating CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston after an F-5 thru 3 chairs. Wild, wild brawl with the usual:  chairs, tables, head drops, etc.  A table was placed bottom side up between the ring and guardrails that saw Steen powerbomb Kingston thru it.  Eddie was down and out before being temporarily stretchered out, before grabbing a mic and making a classless comment not worth mentioning regarding Larry Sweeney.  My friend says Kingston dedicated the match to Sweeney on TV, so I do not know the particulars surrounding it.  Kingston got off the stretcher and returned.  Steen took two crazy back drops on a table and folded chair, kicking out.  Corino, Jacobs, and Rhett Titus all got involved...too crazy and late for me to remember the exact order of all this chaos.  Finally Steen hit one F-5 that Kingston kicked out of before eating a second F-5 thru the chairs.  CHIKARA can't catch a break.  After the match Steen had a weird encounter with some guy at ringside that saw Steen punch the fan out.  Not sure the whole deal there.  ***1/2
This was my first ROH show since December 2010.  Overall, a very solid and very good show from ROH.  Everyone should be happy including the fans and performers.  Excited about their return to New England.
James Brown

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