Cena deemed sexy, Raw tonight, Survivor Series, Lita, DDP yoga review, IFL, more

This man is sexy, People Magazine reports (Shawn Garrett for F4Wonline.com)


- John Cena ended up on the People Magazine 100 Sexiest Men Alive list this year.

- Not sure what it means, if anything, but the crowd hated Cena passionately last night and there were a lot of people leaving as the main event was starting.

- Vinny and I will be back late tonight running down Raw and Guerreros del Ring. Apparently the Hogan show is a repeat this week. We did a Bryan & Vinny post-Survivor Series recap show last night which is up right now for members, and if you're not a member you can check out today's archived show, which is a look back at Survivor Series from last year.

- Pics of Lita's last day in WWE

- For those who listened to the DDP show a few months back, Ben sent in this review of Yoga for Regular Guys: Hey Bryan—I’m listening to your 11-22 show about holiday gift ideas for the wrestling fan and the guy you interviewed had not watched DDP’s Yoga for Regular Guys. I bought it after listening to him on your show. It was pricey, but I must say it is a good workout. I am in no way in great shape, but I do run/bike and going in had a decent level of fitness. It’s a combination of yoga and calisthentics and during the 40 minute workout my legs shake and I lose my breath from time to time. DDP using some inside wrestling references (“going home, the Road Warrior, Hulk it up, etc”) makes the workout fun. And don’t forget the hot yoga babes falling out of their tops. There is some wrestling carny thrown in. They have a guy on the 40 minute workout who had clearly never worked out before. They show his heart rate at 158 beats per minute and he’s dying. Meanwhile, my heart rate is about 110-115 and I am hardly in your kind of shape. They never show the heart rates of the fit people doing the exercises. A good cardio workout and I have improved my flexibility- no joint pains and very low impact. You can pick up the DVD here.

- IFL has added their 12th and final team: NEW YORK, November 27, 2006– The International Fight League (IFL) today announced that completion of its 12-team field for its 2007 season, adding a Chicago-based team of Russian fighters named the Red Bears. The inaugural IFL season will begin in the first quarter of 2007, with the 11 date full season schedule to be announced shortly. “We are very pleased that we have been able to add this group of up-and-coming athletes as the 12th team for our first full season,” said IFL Co-founder and Commissioner Kurt Otto. “Chicago is a hotbed for the sport and this will create a great natural rivalry with our Quad Cities team, as well as giving the strong Russian following of the sport a team to follow and connect with.” The Red Bears will be coached by MMA veteran Igor Zinoviev and will consist of a roster of athletes from Russia, who will live and train together in a renovated fire house in Chicago.

- The official Bryan vs. Vinny BATTEL OF THE EMPIRE t-shirt is here, and the Battel DVD itself is here. The DVD, which will be shipping December 8th, features all the original Youtube skits, an outtakes reel, full commentary with myself, Vinny, Admin Tony and Buddy Wayne, and more! Thanks to everyone for their support.

- Wrestlemag.com writes: Just a reminder for your readers in the UK who are wanting to watch next Sunday's PPV. With Sky Sports showing live coverage of the 2nd test of The Ashes next weekend on Sky Sports 1, December to Dismember will air live on Sky Sports 3.

- WWE: Hulk Hogan: The Ultimate Anthology is still number one on the Rec Sports Billboard DVD list.

- More on Trish's new gig

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