ECW PPV line-up, TNA invades WWE show, what "CM" in CM Punk stands for, Storm vs. Christian, more

The full line-up for the ECW PPV 36 hours before bell time (


- Smackdown did a 2.8 in the overnights.

- Don't Smack Me Down

- ECW PPV is tomorrow, and we'll have a complete rundown, as funny as that sounds, in Sunday's news update. As of last night, the page on had this big blank area underneath the TWO matches announced thus far. In the Who Will Win poll, immediately after I voted, Lashley was at 35.60% and Punk was at 35.59%. So I may have swung the vote.

- In the ECW PPV e-mail WWE sent out, under the TWO MATCHES announced, it reads, seriously: "All this and much more!" ALL THIS!

- Sports Illustrated honored Vince McMahon in the My Sportsman page of the website for his decision to take the WWE guys to Baghdad for a show again this year. That show should be taped sometime this week, to air on Christmas.

- CM Punk claims the "CM" stands for "Chick Magnet". More intrigue here.

- In a correction from yesterday, the winner of Keiji Muto & Toshiaki Kawada vs. Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan faces RO'Z & Suwama in the Real World Tag League Finals tonight. UPDATE! From Dr. Keith: 2006 Real World Tag League finals: Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Kohei Suwama & RO'Z (24:21) when Kojima used a lariat on RO'Z for the win.

- Lance Storm, who will be our guest on Figure Four Daily this coming Friday (this should be a fun one) will be wrestling Christian tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 at Club 107/8 in Mississauga, ON. More info is here.

- Vinny will be joining Buddy, Apostle Paul and I at Caden Mathews' show tonight in Everett. We will be in the crowd hopefully making fun of Caden the whole night, so stop by and say hi! More info here.

- Does anyone know if the generic blonde on TNA was actually Goldilocks?

- Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy is out today, and you can get more info here. It stars Don Frye, which means it can't go wrong.

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