WWE NXT TV report

November 1, 2012
LIVE! From Full Sail University

by Emerson “I am still here.” Witner

The Hurricane missed me and I haven't gone to sleep in the Haunted House I mentioned on the Halloween night episode of the Bryan & Vinny Show.

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NXT Champion: Seth Rollins (since August 30, 2012)

Previously on Drama Filled TV Show...

"Where is he, where is he? Where is he, where is he? Where is he, where is he?”
"Is he here yet?"
“Besides, he knows that if he runs there will be a whole room full of powerful people ready to kill him."
"I guess you're right. I'm just — what if — where he is? He could be hurt or worse…."
"You—You bastard! I'm going to kill you!"
"What's wrong with you guys?"
"Son, you're a responsible man. You protect the people that you love and you've turned into a very happy, successful young man. But you are an idiot…"

And now, NXT.....

-The Siva Tau opens us up and we go straight to the ring...

Match #1
The Uso's vs Johnny Curtis & Michael McGillicutty

Dirty Curty is here, as is the man who pinned Tensai on a house show last night. Mr. Regal lets us know that Curtis and MMG are travel partners and are always getting into fights. If that is the truth then why are they even teaming, much less traveling with one another?

Now that Kaitlyn finally got her Diva's Title shot on pay per view that she won on NXT 2 years ago, when is Johnny Curtis going to get his Tag Team Title shot? I mean even Kaval got his title shot before being fired.

Curtis might need a new partner, however, as he and MMG go down in defeat to the brothers Uso as Jimmy pinned McGillicutty with a Superfly Splash

Winners: The Uso's
Time: 4:18

The Uso's have a moment of celebration when we are joined by....gasp....The Ascension! The only other team on NXT appears to make their intentions clear! They want more Uso's!

Match #2
Xavier Woods vs Leo Kruger

Good to see Consequences Creed made the long transition from a Soundstage in Universal Studio's to a college studio in another part of town.

Pacman Jones' personal replacement in Team Pacman did not have the greatest NXT debut, as the smiling South African wins again.

Winner: Leo Kruger
Time: 4:01

-Byron Saxton is standing on stage behind a podium with the love child of Monty Brown and Bobby Lashley: Big E. Langston. Byron asks about his insistence on winning with a 5 count. Big talked about how much he loves the number five. He has 5 fingers on each hand, 5 toes on each foot, a high five, a low five and...

...Vickie Guerrero? Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero is here to collect men for her stable. Vickie is convinced that Big and her could make each other very happy. 

Big, instead of taking this chance to be called to the main roster, slapped his hands full of chalk in her face.

-Back from commercial we are joined by Serious Jinder Mahal. See NXT is alternate universe WWE where Jinder is not in a band.

Jinder says he is missing the NXT Championship. He lost the damn match 9 weeks ago and now he cares?

Jinder says it is his right to have a rematch with Seth Rollins for the championship. I don't see how that makes sense. He wasn't champion before. He demanded Dusty Rhodes comes out.

But instead out comes Justin Gabriel For Some Reason. Lance Storm is ripping his hair out.

Gabriel asks if the fans want Seth vs Jinder or Seth vs Justin and you can guess what they wanted.

Out comes Drew McIntyre, who in Alternate Universe WWE is not teaming with Jinder. Drew says Seth is the reason Drew has a broken hand and he once beat Seth, so he deserves the shot.

This brings out the first guy not already on Raw, Bo Dallas. Bo says he wants a title shot.

That brings out Dusty Rhodes who says he deserves a title shot against Seth Rollins. No, just kidding. He makes a 4-way match next week for the #1 Contender position. 

Match #3
CJ Parker vs Roman Reigns

Roman is the brother of former WWE Superstar Luther Reigns I guess. Actually he is the son of Sika. The announcers put over how this is the long awaited debut of Roman. It may have been long awaited had they built it up.

Anyhoo, Roman whooped Male Pam Anderson and finished him off with a Back Suplex.

Winner: Roman Reigns
Time: 3:37

Tony Luftman talks about how we will always remember the first time we saw Roman Reigns. Eh, I'd rather have Bronson.

-Before the main event, I should point out that before I was potentially going to be knocked out by a Hurricane, I did review NWA: TNA from December 11, 2002. You can go read about Jeff Jarrett's current rivalry with Vince Russo and so much more on AngryMarks.com.

Match #4
WWE United States Championship Match
Antonio Cesaro vs Tyson Kidd

Trivia Note: In the 2 ½ year history of NXT, this is the first time that there has ever been a championship match for a WWE Title.

Jim Ross is here, Lance Storm is probably angry and this is the....MAAAAAAAAIIINNNNNNNNNNN EVENT!

The guy from Switzerland vs the guy from Canada with the referee from Korea for the United States Championship in the main event of a show that only airs Internationally. 

Not surprisingly this was an excellent, excellent match with Kidd just a heart beat away on several occasions of being the new US Champion. Cesaro nails the huge uppercut after throwing Kidd into the air and then retained his title with the Neutralizer. 

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro
Time: 7:09

So that is it. The show was quicker paced than last week, but I loved Bronson too much last week.

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?