TNA TV report 11/1 - Aces and 8s dude unmasked

11.1 Impact Wrestling
by Jeff Hamlin ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Twitter: @hamlin37

The Big News: Drew Hankinson was unmasked as a member of Aces and Eights during an Open Fight Night that was heavy on challenges but low on clean finishes. The Turning Point card is rounding into form. The most interesting match was made tonight, a three-way with James Storm vs. A.J. Styles vs. Bobby Roode. The winner becomes the new number one contender. The loser doesn't get a shot at the TNA Heavyweight title until after Bound for Glory 2013.

The show was dedicated to Brad Armstrong.

Joseph Park was in the ring ready to wrestle. He still does this nervous attorney schtick to the bone, saying he wanted to challenge a member of Aces and Eights because of the civil rights violations committed against him. He explained that Hogan hasn't given him permission to wrestle, but his fellow attorneys at Park, Park & Park found a loophole since it's Open Fight Night. Four members of A&8s came out and surrounded the ring, then surrounded Park. But then Kurt Angle ran down and quickly put the punches to them before being ganged up on. The numbers game caught up to him, but Sting ran down to clear the ring with his baseball bat. Sting vowed that a member of A&8s would have their mask ripped off tonight.

Jesse complained to Tara that he had an ear infection and blamed it on ODB. Tara said he had his back, and Jesse said he needed to be sterilized, so she rubbed oil over him.

Magnus came out and challenged Samoa Joe for the TNA TV title, saying Joe wasn't the image that Impact Wrestling needed for their TV champion. He said Joe had a face for radio. That line should be buried right next to "Once you go black, you won't wanna go back."

1. Samoa Joe defeated Magnus via DQ to retain the TNA TV title in 3:43. Pretty good back-and-forth match where Magnus showed some solid offense and Joe knew how to sell for him effectively. Joe sent Magnus to the floor when Magnus pulled a wrench out from under the ring and hit Joe with it for the DQ. So the program continues. *1/2

Sting and Park talked to Hulk Hogan backstage when Angle barged in saying he wanted Devon tonight. But Hogan told him that Bully Ray has Devon tonight, but Angle could have him at Turning Point. Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff were with Angle.

Joe cut a fiery promo on Magnus challenging him to a no DQ match, presumably at Turning Point.

Another one of those weird Jeff Hardy segments with Hardy painting his face while we could hear his thoughts. He said that Austin Aries' overconfidence would kill him.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came down. Kazarian, who called Sting "Heath" again, said the biggest posers in the company are Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Daniels called down two men proud of their heritage, teasing Guerrero and Hernandez. But instead, he announced Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina. Guerrero had a Just for Men job for this segment alone. Daniels and Kazarian taunted him with some ethnic slurs, then Daniels pushed Urbina down. Guerrero decked Daniels, but Kazarian laid out Guerrero and the heels put the boots to them until Chavo and Hernandez showed up and chased the heels away. Daniels and Kazarian will face Chavo and Hernandez for the tag team titles at Turning Point.

Christian York, the Gut Check contestant for this week, talked about being 35-years-old. There was footage with York tag teaming with Joey Matthews at the first TNA PPV. Tonight was his 2nd TNA appearance.

ODB was on a cell phone looking for Eric Young again. She left a message for Young saying she was calling out Jesse tonight.

2. Zema Ion defeated Christian York in 4:20. York looked alarmingly like Mickey Rourke's character from the Wrestler, only with dreadlocks and better selling skills. Zema ion brought his hair spray to the ring, but York threw it into the crowd. Ion made his comeback with a Tornado DDT, but York got his knees up when ion tried a moonsault. York blocked a tope attempt with a clothesline, then hit the Mood Swing for a near fall. York hit Flying Head Scissors on the floor, but Ion crotched York getting back in the ring. Ion hit his double armbar, called Submission Impossible, for the tap out. Crowd was behind York as the grizzled veteran giving it his last chance for a slot in a major company. He looked much slower, as you would expect. Solid match. **1/2

Aries cut a promo saying he took the TNA Heavyweight title because he considers himself the champion, regardless of what happened at Bound for Glory. Then he said he has some business to take care of for tonight. He then stepped into the dressing room of Robbie E. and Robbie T.

Garrett Bischoff walked up to Ray. Remember when I said that Hardy was in the bottom 10% of TNA personalities in regards to promos. Bischoff's in there, too. No inflection in his voice at all. He claimed that he didn't know what Devon was going to do at Bound for Glory, and wanted Ray to know he had his back. Ray shook his hand, and then a stagehand walked up to Ray saying there was a disturbance outside. Before you knew it, four members of A&8s were set to square off with Sting and Angle. They had a brawl which featured Angle throwing the worst punches of his career. Wes Brisco even got involved helping the babyfaces, which was a noteworthy twist. Devon trailed the scene and taunted Ray, who ran after him. The heels were chased away and Sting screamed the night was still young.

3. Jesse defeated ODB in 3:54. Taryn Terrell was the referee again. ODB did a long promo that was painfully unfunny, running down Jesse. The match was pointless because of the man on woman violence ban. Plus, the Jesse-Tara act is already getting stale. They get no heat, and Jesse has the look, but no charisma. ODB gave him the Dirty Dozen, but she missed a Thesz Press. I'm sure Lou Thesz would be so honored to have his finisher mentioned in the scope of this match. ODB slammed Jesse, then gave him a spanking until Tara got up on the apron, which allowed Jesse to get the pin with a schoolboy cradle. Whole thing was a waste of time. DUD

Mike Tenay mentioned that Taz was absent from the broadcast booth tonight because he was still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, so Borash remained in the color position.

Robbie E. and Robbie T. came out. Robbie E. said the most memorable part of this year's Bound for Glory series was when he defeated Hardy. He forgot to mention he won by countout. So he called out Hardy again.

4. Jeff Hardy defeated Austin Aries in 7:37 of a nontitle match. Hardy hit the Poetry in Motion on Robbie E, but Robbie T interfered on the outside and threw him into the railing. Hardy gave Robbie E. a slingshot dropkick and attempted the Twist of Fate, but Robbie E. hit a Impaler for a near fall. Hardy hit the gourdbuster, then followed with the Twist of Fate. He pinned Robbie after a Swanton. *3/4

As Hardy celebrated, Aries came out and said the only thing that separated them was three seconds. He said he climbed up the company ladder to get to the top, and he will get to the top once again after Turning Point. Hardy responded that if they were going to have a match at Turning Point, they were going to do it right. Hardy pulled out a ladder and climbed to the top, challenging him to a ladder match. Aries was screaming about being a wrestler and said he didn't want to do it.

There was footage of Hogan's new Beach Wear Shop. Hogan was doing an interview with Borash when Matt Morgan walked uninvited. Morgan said he might have been missing once thing from a list of ingredients from success. Morgan took a robe that Hogan supposedly wore at Shea Stadium, apparently for his match against Andre the Giant on the undercard of the Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zbyszko steel cage match from 1980. Hogan implored him not to take it, but Morgan told him he just did and walked out.

Hogan watched this scene on a monitor and muttered "He's finally starting to get it." James Storm approached him and said that he had proven himself over the past six months and wanted to know what he needed to do to get a shot at the TNA title. Hogan asked him if he was a betting man. Storm said he was. Hogan said he had just the assignment for him.

Bobby Roode came to the ring upset that he wasn't one of the men under consideration for the title shot at Jeff Hardy last week. A.J. Styles came out and said he should be the TNA champion. Over the past year, Styles said Roode had been World Heavyweight Champion, while he had been dealing with someone else's problems. Styles called out Roode for a match for OFN, but Roode said he wasn't there to fight. He started to walk out, but then jumped Styles from behind. Styles made his comeback, and Hogan walked down with Storm by his side. Hogan said all three men deserved a title shot, so at Turning Point, it's Storm vs. Styles vs. Roode. The man who gets pinned wouldn't have another title shot until Bound for Glory next year. The winner is the number one contender. All sorts of ways to go with that one. It probably means either Styles or Storm will do the job and turn heel.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan were the next ones out to deliver a challenge.  Morgan was wearing Hogan's robe. Borash claimed it was Hogan and Andre that actually sold out Shea Stadium, conveniently forgetting Sammartino's role in all of it. Then again, it was probably wise considering the stormy history between those two. Morgan did a good promo saying he wasn't given the ball by the company. So he took the damn ball for himself, and said he was going to eliminate the competition in the company one by one. Ryan said he was one that usually strays from VD's, but tonight he was going to take one on. He called down Rob Van Dam.

5. Joey Ryan defeated Rob Van Dam in a nontitle match in 1:34. Van Dam got most of the offense and went for the Five Star Frog Splash, but Morgan rolled Ryan out of the way. Ryan got the pin with an Oklahoma Side Roll. Van Dam threw more punches at Ryan until Morgan flattened Van Dam with a Carbon Footprint. 1/2*

Ray showed up for the main event segment and sent best wishes to everyone in the northeast. He called out Devon, who did plenty of stalling, so Ray pulled out a table and set it up in the ring. Devon called down members of Aces and Eights, and this time there were ten of them. Ray held them all off with a chain until Styles, Angle, Guerrero and six others joined Ray. They all fought to ringside until Ray and Devon were alone in the ring. Ray decked Devon with one punch and tried to put Devon through the table until one member of Aces and Eights ran in to throw Ray out of the ring from behind. Then Park ran in the ring to go after the masked man, who had his way with him. But in the melee, Park pulled the mask off. Borash screamed "It was a big man with an even bigger reputation." Tenay boasted "He's an enforcer for some of the biggest names in the business."  Unfortunately, neither one could produce the man's name. It was Drew Hankinson. Crowd had no idea who it was. I mean none. Hankinson choke slammed Park through a table and left.

SUMMARY: It was a show.

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