WWE Smackdown TV report - Miz & Show vs. Sheamus & Kingston

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MizTV was already set up in the ring when SmackDown opened. His guest was the loser of Hell in a Cell's title match Sheamus. Miz rubbed it in saying he must feel like a loser. Sheamus asked how Miz' rematch with Kofi went, and pointed out Miz didn't have a title either. Miz pointed out that Sheamus had never beaten Show. He then claimed responsibility for setting in a Rube Goldberg machine of events that ended in Show becoming refocused and better than Sheamus. Sheamus asked if Miz was the one he should be kicking in the face.

Miz said he knew once he got his hands on Kofi he would beat him, but that Sheamus doubts himself. Kofi came out as Miz tried to say he was awesome and joked with Sheamus. He asked how many times he'd have to kick Miz in the head before he knocked some sense into him. Miz said he would lead his team at Survivor Series and personally eliminate Kofi. Big Show's music cut him off again as he tried to say he was awesome. Show asked if Miz was trying to take credit for his victory.

Show stayed on the ramp and Miz asked how it felt to knock out the former champion. Sheamus told Show to come to the ring and fight him again. Show said he had nothing to prove and walked away. Miz tried to jump Kofi, but he dumped Miz out of the ring.

Booker congratulated Show backstage on his win. He said that as GM it was his job to give the WWE Universe what they want, so he maybe Show and Miz Vs Kofi and Sheamus.

Match Number One: Sin Cara w/ Rey Vs. Darren Young w/ Titus.

JBL and Josh were the commentators for the night. They were pretty infuriating with their bickering and trying to catch each other up. It's not endearing, and you don't really side with either.

Darren young actually won cleanly with his gut buster out of the fireman's carry. It was fine, messy in places, but the ending came from no where.

Winner: Darren Young, Pinfall.

Titus blew a whistle into a microphone after the match. He said just when you thought Halloween was over, Young busted a pinata in the ring. He said it was a case of a big dog fighting a little dog. He then challenged another little dog in Rey to get in the ring. Rey had been tending to Sin Cara but slid into the ring and threw his shirt down at O'Neil.

Match Number Two: Rey Mysterio w/ Sin Cara Vs. Titus O'Neil w/ Darren Young.

The match was made official during an ad break. Rey Mysterio won this one, so the two teams were split 1-1 for the night. O'Neil worked him over until it was time for Rey's comeback. Titus caught his legs though as he was swinging for the 619 and hit a spinebuster. He then tried for a charge into the corner but Rey moved aside and rolled him up for the pin. Rey and Sin Cara quickly got free up the ramp and did the Prime Time Players' little dance as Titus blew his whistle in anger.

Winner: Rey Mysterio, Pinfall.

Mathews and JBL recapped and discussed the Punk/Ryback Hell in a Cell match, then the announcement of Team Foley Vs Team Punk.

Long and Booker were talking about tension in the locker room over how Raw is run. Natalya came in and said Eve was on the European tour and she knew leadership, hoping she could fill Eve's position. Otunga then came in and said he knew how to help. Booker cut him off and booked him against the returning Khali. Otunga spat his coffee out on Beth. He said he was sorry and sipped again so Beth slapped him, meaning he spat it over Teddy.

Match Number Three: Wade Barrett Vs. Randy Orton w/ Alberto Del Rio on commentary.

Barrett and Orton had traded wins in the last week. The match didn't initially start as Del Rio ran into the ring as Orton posed on the buckle. Orton saw him coming and cut him off, but Ricardo drove Orton into the steel post to stop him. Del Rio then laid out Orton and left.

Barrett spent the time smiling in the ring. They cut to an ad and when they came back the scheduled match took place. Orton made several comebacks and Barrett could never keep him down for long. Orton then made his proper comeback, until Del Rio returned after the draping DDT. Orton saw him on the ramp, then saw Ricardo trying to sneak in the side of the ring, but not Barrett who rolled him up for the pinfall.

Winner: Wade Barrett, Pinfall.

Orton was in disbelief. He looked at Barrett who was smiling and stormed off.

Striker caught Del Rio and Ricardo in the halls and asked if he was wise. Orton appeared at the end of the hall behind them as Alberto talked about how Orton wasn't a viper. Orton grabbed him and hit him. They brawled into catering. Del Rio tried to pick up a pot of boiling water but it was too hot. Orton grabbed towels, picked up the pot and threw it at Del Rio, but drenched Ricardo in hot water. Ricardo screamed and cried in pain. Orton later poured a bowl of something, maybe chilli on him. He then tried to backdrop Del Rio through a table. He eventually kicked Alberto out of the room. Striker tried to get a comment from Orton, but instead had his face slammed into food. 3MB laughed from behind. It was so hokey.

Match Number Four: The Great Khali Vs. David Otunga.

Otunga tried to pose, then attacked the legs. He got Khali down with a dropkick to the knee but ran into a chop as Khali was on his knees. Natalya was shown watching in the back.

Otunga got out of the tree slam but ran right into the overhead chop for the pinfall. Khali moved no better here than when he left, and Natalya was very happy backstage.

Winner: The Great Khali, Pinfall.

Natalya told Khali how impressed she was in the back and said it meant a lot to her. She shook his hand and commented on how big they wow.

Match Number Five: R-Truth Vs. Justin Gabriel.

This came from no where. It just appeared in the ring, no entrances. Just a bell. But on this show, I'm not complaining to see these two in action.

Truth did some dancing to avoid to begin, then Gabriel somewhat mocked it. Gabriel did play slight heel, digging his elbow in during some stretches. Truth came back and hit the Little Jimmy for the pinfall after avoided a springboard from Gabriel.

Winner: R-Truth, Pinfall.

Gabriel did shake Truth's hand after the match, but he needed a moment to collect himself and wasn't overjoyed walking away.

Miz and Show were in the back, talking about how they used to tag. Show made it clear this time he wasn't his team mate but his leader. He said if Miz didn't do what he said when he said it he would knock him out too, then made Miz hand him his title.

Match Number Six: Sheamus & Kofi Kingston Vs. The Miz & The Big Show.

Sheamus wanted Show to start with him, but Show made Miz go. He and Kofi ended up having a sequence that was far more entertaining than anything during their match on the PPV. Kofi ended it with a dive onto Miz who was outside.

After an ad Show had cut off Miz and was happy to tag in as Kofi had been isolated. Sheamus got the hot tag but Show just stood on the outside fuming as Sheamus went through his routine on Miz. Sheamus tagged in Kofi who hit a springboard crossbody for what would have been three, but Show finally got in the ring to stop the cover. Sheamus charged him and sent Show through the ropes.

Kingston straddled the top rope over Miz to punch him as the ref tried to get Sheamus to his corner. Show got on the steps and hit the KO punch on Kofi. Sheamus ran at Show who dropped down and Miz covered for the pinfall. Sheamus then realised the pin was happening and that Show had one upped him. Show had already grabbed his title and started walking being the three count, having hit the KO punch he knew his job was done.

Winners: The Miz & The Big Show, Pinfall.

Sheamus was pissed off in the ring, yelling at Show who kept walking. Miz lingered too long and got the Brogue Kick for his trouble.

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