March 1 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly w/special guest Nigel McGuinness~!

Les Thatcher is enjoying himself at the Gulf Coast Wrestler's Reunion, but one of his prized pupils sits in with Victor Sosa this week.  Nigel McGuinness joins the show to talk about his fantastic documentary, The Last of McGuinness.  We'll also talk about Nigel's roles in ROH, the 11th Anniversary show on iPPV this Saturday, similarities between standup comedy and wrestling, what it was like to train under Les and his current role in the new Wrestling Cares promotion as they get ready for their first show in April.  We hope you enjoy the show and have a great weekend~!


If you do get WWE network, besides PPVs, what are you most interested in?


If you have stopped subscribing to WWE network, why?


What was the best TV show of the week?