Queens Of Chaos 2, Show One review

Queens Of Chaos 2, Show One
by Stewart Allen
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The original Queens Of Chaos show took place on May 13, 2005 in Toulouse, France. Queens Of Chaos is a women’s promotion spin off from the Fighting Spirit Federation (FSF). On that first standalone show, the UK’s Nikita became the first Queen Of Chaos, winning a Royal Rumble style match, last eliminating current ECW vixen Trinity. Nikita would go on to stay undefeated as QOC champion until signing with WWE and heading off to OVW to compete as Katie Lea. At that point, the title was picked up by SHIMMER regular Rebecca Knox in Summer 2006, who eventually dropped the title belt to UK legend, Sweet Saraya in September of last year (in a match which was criminally never taped for DVD consumption) on a WAW event in Great Yarmouth, England.

While QOC branded matches still took place on FSF shows, it took until November 12, 2006 before the official “Queens Of Chaos 2” event in Paris. Perhaps taking its lead from the SHIMMER template, Queens Of Chaos 2 was split into two separate tapings. The afternoon show featured a “Princess Of Chaos” tournament to crown a top contender to Sweet Saraya’s title belt, with the winner getting the title shot on the evening show. Meanwhile, Saraya would defend the QOC title in the afternoon show against Sumie Sakai of Japan in a rematch from the best match from the first Queens Of Chaos show

Princess of Chaos tournament
Round One: Minx vs Roxi

Minx and Roxi are two of the UK girls that I’ve yet to see in action, so this is my first taster of both. Both work in the North of England for various promotions, and both have begun to get noticed not only in the UK but overseas. As a keen follower of the Brit scene, this is one of the matches I’ve been looking forward to most of all on this disc. Minx is already in the ring as the footage starts, and her mouthing off at the crowd casts her as the heel. If I had been in any doubt about that before, I wouldn’t have been after watching Roxi come to the ring, as she appears to be very over with this French audience, with big “Roxi” chants. First impressions of the venue are that it looks like a club, and it’s quite small – but it is atmospheric, which is the main thing. Just like the first DVD, there is no commentary track, which is just fine. I do speak some French, but I doubt I’d be able to keep up for very long. Back at the match, Roxi & Minx have a pretty basic encounter, involving all the usual competently applied moves. Nothing really stands out apart from Minx’s heel personality. It’s funny – I notice this more in some women’s matches than I ever do with the men, but I got the impression that both the girls were trying hard not to screw anything up, and by doing that they never really looked like they were completely comfortable in the ring. You see, especially with the top level girls from SHIMMER and the like, that they’re completely at ease doing what they do, which allows them to improvise stuff and play to the audience. These two clearly aren’t at that level yet (which is hardly a criticism by any means), but it means that the match never really rises above “decent”. The highlight of the match was an absolutely beautiful forward roll from Minx, which took down Roxi from behind and rolled into a Cattle Mutilation. Roxi didn’t submit, and came back soon after to win with a Stunner. There is potential with these two, without doubt. Minx displays more personality (as she would, playing heel), but both girls looked fine.

Princess of Chaos tournament
Round One: Maya vs Lacrima

This is a battle of Italian girls, neither of whom I’ve ever seen or heard of. Maya is a tall girl, playing heel… and in the words of the fans… “Maya ugly”. Lacrima, the prettier of the two, plays face. Pretty she may be, but she starts out the match with some ugly, ugly armdrags and horrific forearms. In fact, as the match progresses, it becomes clear that Lacrima’s not much good at anything. The crowd, so hot for Roxi in the opener, are absolutely dead for this. Well, they’re dead when they’re not chanting “Boring”, at any rate. Maya is trying to lead the match, but she doesn’t appear to be doing a great job. The fans actually start clapping out of nowhere, I assume under the impression that if they encourage one girl to win, they might actually win and the match will end. Dear God, Lacrima is awful. She hits the worst spinning kick in recorded history, then does the set up for MsChif’s Desecrator finisher… and lets go for no reason, other than to let Maya chokeslam her. After an attempt at another chokeslam, Lacrima slips behind and actually does use a Desecrator DDT for the pin. Clearly she went to the finish, then realised that they had another spot to do. This was horrid.

Princess of Chaos tournament
Round One: Pandora Boxxx vs Jazzy Bi

Pandora is a British girl, but interestingly, I have no knowledge of her at all. She’s never even come across my radar before now. A bit of research says that while she’s British alright, she’s actually spent much of the last five years working indies in the US in the Nashville and Mid-South territories. Fair enough. Her opponent is Jazzy-Bi from Germany. I’ve never seen her before either, so I do not know if she is either Jazzy, or indeed, Bi. Pandora is a heavyset gothic girl with a semi scowl, wearing what might be termed as big underwear. Pandora starts quickly as Jazzy does some cheerleading. Interestingly, they do the spot where Jazzy can’t suplex the larger girl, but yet they do shoulderblocks where neither girl goes down. The match is fairly short, at about five minutes, so there’s not a lot to say. The finish comes when Pandora manages to manoeuvre herself to the position where she’s sitting on the top turnbuckle, and Jazzy cuts her off and delivers a sick DDT from the middle rope for the three.

Princess of Chaos tournament
Round One: Jennidee vs Jade

Two UK girls in this one, although Jennidee is credited as being from Ireland, having moved there last year and become a fixture on Irish Whip Wrestling shows. Speaking of Irish Whip Wrestling – I was in attendance for an IWW show in Belfast late last year where these two were on the opposite sides of a six person match. Rather worryingly, the match was pretty bad when these two were in the ring together. On more recent form, Jade did a great job at Chick Fight 7 in the UK, but I understand Jennidee had a horrid match with Lacey from a recent IWW taping in Dublin – so I really have no clue what to expect, quality wise. Actually it turns out alright. The action is a bit rough around the edges, and Jade’s armdrags are nearly as bad as Lacrima’s – but what I liked was that the intensity was turned up a bit in this one, and they tried some more stuff. Finish came when Jade slithered down Jennidee’s back on a back bodydrop attempt and gets the win with a sunset flip. Eh, it was OK.

Princess of Chaos tournament
Round One: Portia Perez vs Jersey

This one features Canada’s well travelled Portia Perez versus Germany’s Jersey in a battle of two of wrestling’s cutest wrestlers. Fact. Jersey has changed her look since last time I saw her, now sporting a red-streaked bob. She is also so pale she’s practically transparent. Perez works heel, which suggests she’s doomed, as the babyfaces have gone 4-0 in this show so far. Jersey has progressed since last time I saw her work, where, if I remember, she could do the flying headscissors and little else. Match was alright, and again seemed to finish pretty quickly out of nowhere. Perez tries the Kosher Pickle (kind of a tornado Tomikaze from the middle rope), but Jersey simply slips out and hits a bridging cradle for the three.

Princess of Chaos tournament
Round One: April Hunter vs Christy Hemme

Well, this is another of the things I was most looking forward to on this disc – getting to see Christy Hemme wrestle for the first time. Yeah, I know she fought for the WWE Women’s Title at WrestleMania a couple of years back, but let’s forget about the WWE run, shall we? I know that since her WWE release, Christy has been training really hard and working various indy shows around the World to improve herself as an in-ring competitor, so I’m keen to see whether she’s actually managed to make anything of herself. Please excuse the crudity, but April Hunter’s chest is frankly astounding… and the cameraman tries his best to jam his camera right into them on her entrance. She’s working heel, although she takes time out to hold up a pro-April sign from a ringsider, gyrate her ass in his face and give him a kiss. Fair enough. Christy comes out to “Walk, Idiot, Walk” (her WWE theme), and she still hasn’t discovered decaf. I’ve never considered myself a huge fan of Hunter, but she knows what she’s doing, and she positively takes the match to young Christy. She throws her to the outside and proceeds to throw her into the laps of most of the ringside fans and proceeding to chop her. When she is berated by a ringsider to “play by the rules”, she replies “I’m American, I make the fuckin’ rules”. Christy makes a fine face in peril, but on comeback… not so much. Hunter breaks the babyface dominance by sitting down on a corner sunset flip attempt. Well, the scouting report on Hemme is that there’s nothing much to see yet. As far as selling and such, she’s fine – but her one spurt on offence looked poor. Hunter, on the other hand, looked a class above most of the rest of the competitors in this first round as far as looking comfortable in the ring.

Queens Of Chaos World Championship
Sweet Saraya (Champion) vs Sumie Sakai (Challenger)

These two fought on the first QOC show, in what was the best match of the show. Saraya is the champ, and she looks the business, except for the fault that QOC hadn’t gotten around to getting their new belt made yet, so the title belt is a slightly altered WWE Women’s Title belt. Nevertheless, Saraya has them eating out of her hand with her arrogant heel schtick. Some of the fans are split for the match, so Saraya cuts a promo on them, threatens to walk out and generally acts like a bitch. By this time the fans are solidly bellowing “Let’s go Sumie, let’s go” – which only angers Saraya even more. Genius~! Sumie Sakai has one match, and I’m always interested to see how far she ever strays from her routine. Camel clutch with hair pulling? Check. Biting? Check. Thankfully it’s Saraya that brings the intensity. Meanwhile, the fans appear to be supporting Sumie by chanting “Pikachu”. In her home promotion in the UK, WAW, Saraya is a beloved heroine to the fanbase, but it’s really refreshing to see her play heel again, because she’s so good at it – even going so far as to punt the referee in the hamstring for not counting to three on a cover. Saraya gets the schoolgirl rollup to pick up the win out of nowhere as Sumie attended to the fallen ref. Finishes coming out of nowhere seem to be a common occurrence on this show. Not as good as their match on QOC 1, but there is entertainment to be gleaned from watching a pro like Saraya heel it up.

Princess of Chaos tournament
Final: Roxi vs Lacrima vs Jazzy Bi vs Jade vs Jersey vs April Hunter

It amused me as all the girls made their entrance, they had an inset video clip from each girl saying “I’m the Queen Of Chaos”. You wouldn’t necessarily think that you could tell that much from a five word promo, and I know that for half of these girls, English isn’t even their first language… but (Hunter aside) I don’t think I believed a single one of them. Also interesting to note that no matter who was coming out, there were chants of “Roxi, Roxi”, much to the amusement of Roxi herself.

So, this is a six way match to determine the #1 contender for Saraya’s QOC World Title in the evening show. We start with two in the ring and a girl in each corner, and anyone can tag anyone. We start off with the all German combination of Jazzy Bi and Jersey, who – I kid you not – even do some MMA style stuff. Jersey and Roxi go at it, and Jersey escapes a headlock by smacking Roxi on the ass. Never seen that escape before. It became clear as the show wore on that the opening match featuring Roxi vs Minx was the best match of the first round, and Roxi is the class of the field in the final – looking great wrestling rings around Jade, and eventually pinning her with a schoolgirl. The high standard continues with some Roxi vs April Hunter action (I think I’d like to see a singles match with those two, actually), and Jersey comes in to keep the action moving along nicely. Then all of a sudden, Lacrima tags in. Damn, I forgot about her. Lacrima doesn’t get up for a suplex from Jersey, which looked to annoy the German… then Lacrima doesn’t bump for a Jersey clothesline. I don’t think this was Lacrima deliberately trying to play off the size difference – I think she just forgot to bump. Jersey looks confused for a moment, then takes Lacrima’s head off with another clothesline. This only gets two, which is unacceptable. Lacrima then whiffs up a sunset flip attempt by Jersey by failing to flip backwards properly. This girl is absolutely clueless. Jersey mercifully ends it for Lacrima by pinning her with a cross body off the top. Thank the LORD. Now we’re down to Jersey, Roxi, April and Jazzy. Jazzy goes all heel on Jersey, before locking her in a headscissors. They do the wacky spot where Roxi then puts Jazzy in a headscissors and April puts Roxi in a headscissors – but at one point, Jersey anxiously taps. As the ref extricates her from Jazzy’s legs, it appears that she has submitted. Actually, I wonder whether Jersey might be really hurt, because after the ref calls it off, she rolls out and Roxi immediately rolls out to check on her while April and Jazzy take turns throwing each other into the laps of ringsiders. I take it Jersey was alright after all, because as she walks to the back, she stops to pose for a photograph. Back in the ring, Jazzy goes for a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex, but Roxi counters with a victory roll for the three~! Hey – now we’re down to Roxi vs April Hunter. Looks like I get my singles match wish after all! The size difference is pretty amazing, as Roxi looks tiny in comparison to Hunter’s Amazonian physique. “Don’t be afraid, Roxi” yells a ringsider. Easy for him to say, as Hunter takes pleasure in stretching and punishing young Roxi with a number of manoeuvres. Roxi fires back, spitfire esque, but she can’t do enough. Hunter finishes her with the spinning uranage. Hunter goes on to face Sweet Saraya at Queens Of Chaos 2, Show 2.

Final thoughts

Well, it was a mixed bag, really. Some of the girls on display didn’t have much to offer. I guess it’s hard to find good female wrestlers from all over the continent, but I know for a fact that there are a few British girls who would have added to the show immensely. Some of the first round Princess Of Chaos tournament matches were poor, but overall I came away with a positive feeling from the show. It was nice to see Sweet Saraya work heel. Roxi was a real eye opener in my first experience of seeing her. Minx too, in fact. Jersey has progressed well since I last saw her, and April Hunter was magnificent as the bitchy Amazonian. There weren’t any blow away matches on the event – not by a long shot – but the main event six way and the Roxi/Minx match are worth seeing for fans of women’s wrestling, and the roster is such that you’re likely to be able to see people work that you’ve never seen before.

All in all, a mild recommendation. Don’t go in with huge expectations and there should be enough to get your money’s worth. You can order the DVD and get more info on the promotion at www.queensofchaoswrestling.com, which takes payment via paypal and ships internationally. The MySpace is www.myspace.com/queens_of_chaos

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