Apr 30 Bryan & Vinny Show: Full reviews of Smackdown with Undertaker vs. Ambrose, Raw with great wrestling, a Big Show vs. Giant Haystacks play-by-play, Monsters and Mysteries of America review, tons more!

The Bryan & Vinny Show returns tonight with a full review of last week's Smackdown with the Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose in the main event, a Raw show with some great wrestling that Vinny called one of the best in months, play-by-play of a BIG SHOW VS. GIANT HAYSTACKS MATCH, plus a review of Monsters and Mysteries of America on the Destination America channel. Black-eyed kids, haunted semi-trucks, more! A fun show as always so check it out~!

Best TV show of the week?


Who leaves the show with the title?


Who wins the Rumble tonight?


How many buys does Silva vs. Diaz do?


Who do you think won this fight?