CMLL TV report

Artillero/Super Commando vs Sensei/Molotov
Technicos won the first fall when Molotov pinned Artilllero with a huracanranna & Sensei made Super Commando tap to an armbar.  In the second fall Sensei used a few cool lucha armdrags.  Rudos took the second fall when Super Commando had Sensei up in a wheelbarrow position and Artellero delivered a Koji cutter for the pin and Super Commando had Molotov in a no hands tapatia and Artillero hit him with a codebreaker and a senton for the  win.  In the third fall Molotiv pinned Super Commando with a sunset flipt, then Artillero pinned Molotov with a powerbomb.  Sensei then made Artillero tap to a la pesta negro for the win.
Winners:  Sensei/Molotov
Final thoughts:  Match was ok and a little sloppy in spots.  Crowd really didn't seem into the match at all.  Sensei looked really good though.
Seductora/Princesa Blanca/Princesa Sugehit vs Silueta/marcela/Dallys.
Tecnicos won the first fall when Marcela made Sughit tap to an inverted Gory special and Silueta made Blanca tap with a seated armbar/leg grapevine submission, almost a version of the El Amarre.  In the second fall Sughehit made Dallys tap she reversed an armbar and held her over her knee while standing and Princesa Blanca made Silueta tap to a seated armlock/leg grapevine hold.  In the third fall, Silueta pinned Seductora with a rolling reverse cardle into a bridge.   Marcela came off the top rope but Blanca got her knees up and she used a sitout powerbomb for the win.
Winners:  Princesa Sugehit/Princesa Blanca/Seductora
Final Thoughts.  The match was really good and the crowd seemed to come alive for it.
Ultimo Guerrero/Nakamura/Comandante Pierroth vs La Mascara/Atlantis/Sombra
Technicos took the first fall when Atlantis made Guerrero tap to his La Atlántida and La Mascar pinned Comandante Pierroth what started as a camel clutch and he rolled over and cradled his legs.  IN the the second fall Atlantis hit Guerrero with a quebradora backbreaker and went for his mask.  Both Atlantis & La Mascara hit tpe suicidas onto the floor onto Ultimo Guerrero and Pierroth.  Technicos won the second fall and the match when Nakamura missed his Boma Ye on Sombra and Sombra pinned him with a German suplex.  After match Sombra challenged Nakamura for his IWGP IC Title.
Winners:  Atlantis/La Mascara/Sombra
Final thoughts.  Really just too quick of a match but the interaction between  Sombra & Nakamura is always good.  They seemed to be building to a singles match between the two.  Crowd really was into the match.
Mark Black
Pittsburgh PA

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